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The world is divided up into those who believe people are basically good by nature while the rest believe people are selfish by nature This book is certainly going to appeal to the first group and challenge the second Like most successful strategies in business it is something that requires investment in both time and effort to be successful, so too with getting on board with the Thank You Economy.The book certainly has many illustrations and conclusions as to why focusing on helping other is good business The challenge is that getting a return on investment for such a strategy can take time However, there seems little doubt that most people these days are hesitant to commit to a product or service without some sort of free sample or strong endorsement This book encourages the reader to go and develop these means and focus them on driving business.The book is well written and easy to read It does not perhaps provide anything startling for those already in the Thanks You Economy but it does provides a few examples and suggestions where a strategy could be tweaked and enhanced Those that have their doubts about the Thank You Economy are probably going to dismiss the books as fantasy I would encourage those people to try and keep and open mind and at least try some of the suggestions from the book In most cases they won t cost you anything and you might be surprises at the results that ensue.There is certainly enough evidence out there to suggest that, done correctly, the techniques of the Thank You Economy can benefit any business The greatest challenge for the sceptics is probably just being willing enough to give it a go So, even if you have your doubts, I d encourage you to read this book with an open mind and perhaps try a few of the suggestions For those who have already embraces the ideals championed in the book it is still a worthwhile read in the quest to refine that way that you go about thanking people for interacting with your business. DOWNLOAD EBOOK ♠ The Thank You Economy ☪ Gary Vaynerchuk Has Seen The Future Of Marketing The Thank You Economy Shows How It S Built On Both The Time Honored Techniques Of Listening To And Appreciating Customers And Newer Services Like Twitter That Allow You To Engage Directly With Customers At Unprecedented Scale And Speed The Book, Like Gary, Is Also A Lot Of Fun And Full Of Passion Dick Costolo, Chief Executive Officer, TwitterGary Vaynerchuk, The New York Times Bestselling Author And Creator Of Wine Library TV, Is Back With A Bold And Expansive Look At The Evolution Of Today S Marketplace, Revealing The Essential Factors Defining And Driving Successful Relationships Between Businesses And Consumers In This Groundbreaking Follow Up To The Bestselling Crush It , Vaynerchukone Of Bloomberg BusinessweeksPeople Every Entrepreneur Should Followlooks Beyond A Numbers Based Analysis To Explore The Value Of Social Interactions In Building Our EconomyIf This Were , This Book Would Have Been Called Why Radio Is Going To Change The Game If It Were , It Would Be Why Is Going To Take Over The Retailing World The Thank You Economy Is About Something Big, Something Greater Than Any Single Revolutionary Platform It Isn T Some Abstract Concept Or Wacky Business Strategyit S Real, And Every One Of Us Is Doing Business In It Every Day, Whether We Choose To Recognize It Or Not It S The Way We Communicate, The Way We Buy And Sell, The Way Businesses And Consumers Interact Online And Offline The Internet, Where The Thank You Economy Was Born, Has Given Consumers Back Their Voice, And The Tremendous Power Of Their Opinions Via Social Media Means That Companies And Brands Have To Compete On A Whole Different Level Than They Used To Gone Are The Days When A Blizzard Of Marketing Dollars Could Be Used To Overwhelm The Airwaves, Shut Out The Competition, And Grab Customer Awareness Now Customers Demands For Authenticity, Originality, Creativity, Honesty, And Good Intent Have Made It Necessary For Companies And Brands To Revert To A Level Of Customer Service Rarely Seen Since Our Great Grandparents Day, When Business Owners Often Knew Their Customers Personally, And Gave Them Individual Attention Here Renowned Entrepreneur Gary Vaynerchuk Reveals How Companies Big And Small Can Scale That Kind Of Personal, One On One Attention To Their Entire Customer Base, No Matter How Large, Using The Same Social Media Platforms That Carry Consumer Word Of Mouth The Thank You Economy Offers Compelling, Data Driven Evidence That We Have Entered Into An Entirely New Business Era, One In Which The Companies That See The Biggest Returns Won T Be The Ones That Can Throw The Most Money At An Advertising Campaign, But Will Be Those That Can Prove They Care About Their Customers Than Anyone Else The Businesses And Brands That Harness The Word Of Mouth Power From Social Media, Those That Can Shift Their Culture To Be Customer Aware And Fan Friendly, Will Pull Away From The Pack And Profit In Today S Markets Filled With Vaynerchuk S Irrepressible Candor And Wit, As Well As Real World Examples Of Companies That Are Profiting By Putting Thank You Economy Principles Into Practice, The Thank You Economy Reveals How Businesses Can Harness All The Changes And Challenges Inherent In Social Media And Turn Them Into Tremendous Opportunities For Profit And Growth GaryVee is the man I have read all his books, watched most of his Youtube content, and he inspires and motivates me to keep pushing on All of his books offer great value and information The Thank You Economy is probably my third favorite book of his, but it is definitely worth a read I actually didn t discover Gary until Jab Jab Jab Right Hook came out, after finding him on Youtube and I have been a fan ever since. The Thank You Economy , by Gary Vaynerchuk, is about caring about your customers It is as simple as that How we cultivate our relationships is often the greatest determinant of the type of life we get to live Business is no different Real business happens in the small, personal interactions that allow us to prove to each other who we are and what we believe in, honest moments that promote good feelings and build trust and loyalty.Mr Vaynerchuk believes it is important that brands and businesses learn how to properly use social media to develop one to one relationships with their customer base.Mr Vaynerchuck tells us about how small town businesses operated in the days of our grandparents and great grandparents The customers weren t just walking wallets they were friends and neighbors The business owners cared about their customers and tried to please them Relationships and word of mouth could have a direct impact on an individual s personal and professional reputation, and on the success or failure of one s business Word of mouth is now back Social media sites allow us to discuss future purchases with people that we like and trust These conversations are traveling across the world in real time.The ROI of a social media user is deeply tied to that user s sense of community and the emotional attachment he or she associates with a product Last year, the motherboard on my Dell laptop computer went out The computer was only 13 months old so I was quite upset I was evenupset after being put on hold for a very long time by a Dell customer service representative So, I started tweeting on Twitter about how upset I was with the computer and the customer service I soon attracted the attention of the Dell social media team A representative asked me to call him on the phone and he did a great job resolving the problem I recently tweeted that I think the Dell social media team does an excellent job resolving problems The next day I received a tweet from MICHAEL DELL a verified account that said, thanks for the nice kudos about our social media team I think I will always buy Dell computers the heart wants what the heart wants The brand that touches and creates the most emotion will win.Gary Vaynerchuk wroteCrush It Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passionin 2009 I read that book and I love it I believe The Thank You Economy explains why a business should use social media marketing and Crush It Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion tells you exactly how to do it.Read these books and then get busy building relationships with everything you ve got L auteur explique dans ce livre l impact des r seaux sociaux de grande ampleur sur l conomie d aujourd hui, et les mesures prendre pour en profiter au maximum The thank you economy est un le manuel de la relation client l re num rique, meci Gary. I am a fan of Gary V, even though I get down on myself sometimes because he calls me out for goofing off He s right you have to be all in I wish I would have bought this book when it first came out I would be SO much farther along It s still relevant Social media has baffled the hell out of me forever, but at least it s helping me figure out what to do that makes sense for me and my customers.