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Used for reading Liked what I have read so far. [[ Free Book ]] ✙ Her Cowboy's Triplets (The Boones of Texas) (English Edition) ⇺ A PLACE TO CALL HOMERecovering From A Toxic First Marriage, Single Mom India Boone Wants Nothing Than A Fresh Start For Her And Her Five Year Old Son Coming Home To Ft Kyle, Texas, Was Only Supposed To Be A Stepping Stone Along The Way But Then India Runs Into The Man Whos Always Been Her Rock, Childhood Pal Brody Wallace, And Suddenly Shes Not So Eager To Leave Having Carried A Torch For India Since Grade School, Brodys Thrilled The Attraction Finally Seems Mutualexcept Indias Still Got One Foot Out The Door As Much As It Kills Him, With Precocious Triplet Daughters To Worry About, He Needs Than A No Strings Fling But How Can He Make India See That The Home Shes Looking For Is Right Under Her Nose I enjoyed reading the book Very good book India has come back to Fort Kyle while she gets back on her feet After escaping from an abusive marriage, all she wants is to move on But when she runs into her childhood best friend Brody, she begins to remember the good things about her hometown.Brody has been in love with India since they were kids His own marriage and divorce sent him back to Fort Kyle, where he plans to raise his triplet daughters in the small town where he grew up Seeing India again revives his long buried feelings.I enjoyed the development of the relationship between India and Brody There were plenty of challenges for them to overcome One of the biggest was India s determination to leave Fort Kyle as soon as she can She has a rocky relationship with her father, and she doesn t want that to affect her son There is also the ongoing feud between her father and Brody s father that makes a relationship between them awkward at best when it comes to their families Brody has so much going on in his life that fitting in a relationship seems impossible He is helping his father with the ranch and their businesses, as well as taking care of his daughters To top it off he has been shanghaied into running for mayor But burying those feelings again proves to be impossible.I loved watching the sparks fly between Brody and India as she realizes that she is looking at him asthan a friend But she is afraid to risk her heart again, especially with someone who is now rooted in Fort Kyle I loved the way that Brody knows her so well and finds little ways to show her how she belongs He also senses that there wasto her marriage than she has said, and his protectiveness comes out I liked seeing India begin to trust again and give in to her attraction to Brody But she isn t all the way in yet and insists that all she has to give is short term I ached for her and her fears about what the family feud would do to their relationship I loved how Brody wouldn t give up, and the steps he took to make it happen His big moment at the end was sweet and romantic.The kids in this book were adorable I loved Cal and how close he was to his mom They had a terrific relationship I loved how good he was with Brody s girls, especially Amberleigh I really enjoyed the scenes where just saying Cal s name would get her to cooperate The triplets were terrific too Each one had her own distinct personality I think Amberleigh was my favorite, especially when it came to her shoes I really enjoyed seeing how they brought out the softer side of Brody They bonded with India quickly and seeing the whole group together it was obvious they were meant to be a family. 4 1 2 STARS Adorable kids, small town life and a blossoming love story With the latest book in her The Boones of Texas series, Sasha Summers delights us with cuteness The story packs a powerful friends to lovers storyline with characters super easy to fall for, a fast paced storyline and so many things to smile about Really fun read India Boone knows that returning home to Ft Kyle, Texas was her only option when life left her with a son to raise and a husband that flew the coop, but now she feels stuck there with one thing after another eating away at her get out of town stash She just might have a change of heart about the rush to leave when she reconnects with an old friend.Brody Wallace decided city life wasn t for him once he had triplet daughters to needattention than he had to give in his high stress job as an attorney Now back in Ft Kyle and enjoying the good life with his adorable girls, he s thrilled when he runs into India They were best buds growing up, and he s been secretly in love with her for as long as he can remember He knows she s gun shy after the marriage she had previously, but he hopes spending some quality time with his family will show her that small town life isn t so bad after all