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This is what I get for reading outside of the lines I normally read This was a medical, which meant medical details I m not that squeamish when something is happening to me but to someone else shudder So I found it hard to read about the doctor h being brought into her ex husband s emergency room and resuscitated with all the grisly actions that are necessary I did like the H s angsty thoughts at being faced with the woman he had loved ten years before when they were both in medical school but even his thoughts hadmedical details to relay because they split up after her ectopic pregnancy sigh Thank goodness for the side characters, a nurse at the hospital and the H s housekeeper, who are secret bffs They contrive to support the h in all kinds of ways The housekeeper takes care of the h while she is recovering in the H s house When the h recovers and begins working at the hospital with the H, the nurse is there on all of her shifts to support her The h desperately needed that maternal energy and they were like fairy godmothers to her.While the romance seemed to heat up quickly once the h had physically recovered, it didn t seem all that surprising to me The author manages to convey that both of these doctors had spent the last ten years pouring their hearts into their careers and that the standout emotional moments were during their brief marriage The H had girlfriends and a sex life, but he seemed divorced from any kind of relationship with anyone even his co workers The h was straight up neurotic after enduring her judgmental minister father s tirades, her constant pain from endometriosis and the pressure from a demanding job Who could find time for romance with all of that baggage That they found each other again and talked it out and had a bit of medical miracle at the end was a great relief to this reader This was dark story in a lot of ways and left me feelingdepleted than uplifted even though the HEA and the epilogue were lovely.Proceed with caution if miscarriages, child abuse, car accidents, infertility or fire and brimstone preachers are triggers for you. Set in London, England, Dr James Morrell recognizes his ex wife when she was brought to the ER They hadn t seen or spoken in about 10 years They met in medical school and Lorna got pregnant and James married her But the pregnancy was an ectopic and she was forced to have surgery After the loss of their baby, Lorna left and they divorced.It was a nice and somewhat predictable read Just nothing really exciting or unique But it was easy to read no major lagging nor too much filler to distract me. It is a second chance given to a lost love and broken marriage James and Lorna met each other when they were studying their medical,both liked each other and starting dating and got hooked up and Lorna got pregnant,she was a minister s daughter ,her father presurred both James Lorna to get married cause they had committed crime by having sex before marriage,James and Lorna do get married for baby but they loved each other but later it was found that the pregnancy was ectopic pregnancy and as they delayed taking decision abt termination it was getting dangerous for Lorna so James sternly asked Lorna to sigh the form and pregnancy was terminated but then Lorna completely shutted James out,he tried a lot to talk and get Lorna back but to no vail and then James started feeling Lorna hated him for asking her to terminate the baby and then in the final fight James said he does nt loves her and they get divorced the two people who loved each other are shattered and love is lost and marriage is destroyed and after 10 years they meet again,Lorna had a accident and James asks her to stay with him and then they both come to know they still have feelings for each other but they both are scared to take a chance and try to keep distance and ex wife has not yet talked about that termination,when it had happened she shut James out and even now she is not yet ready to face it but at the end they talk and have their happy endingthe story was a good emotional tear jerkerGood read not a keeper for me looks over shoulder to see if anyone is reading this. quiet voice whispering really Plucks up the courage to write the next line.I really enjoyed this There I have said it You can come and take me away now It was exactly what it was meant to be A light, fun and frothy read Not full of sex it isn t that sort of story and nicely drawn characters who played on my sympathy and were believable ifthan a little predictable But sometimes there is nothing wrong in that And this IS a Mills and Boon Medical Romance book so I knew what I was getting myself into when I downloaded it It did exactly what it was meant to do brightened up my day and gave me a smile However, I agree with other reviewers FAR too many exclamation marks I was tempted to only give it three stars, for that reason, but I will stick with four because I am feeling generous. [ Free ] ♳ Emergency ⚖ Every Doctor Dreaded Recognizing Someone In The Emergency Room Even Coolheaded Consultant James Morrell But He Was Doubly Shocked When The Unconscious Patient He Had Been Asked To Treat Was Instantly Familiar It Was His Ex Wife Dr Lorna McClelland Hated Being Ill, Hated Being Stuck In A Hospital Bed And, Above All, Hated Having To Rely On James But As She Recovered, All The Wonderful Things About Their Marriage Came Flooding Back OMG I loved this book I m not big on the medical trope but CM is making me a believer This is all about a couple that met and got pregnant in med school Got married Lost their baby And then fell apart because they couldn t deal with the trauma Ten years later, the H is working in the emergency room at a busy London hospital where they are finishing up with a huge accident He gets a feeling that something isn t right and then the call comes in They found another person from the accident A woman She s been out in the freezing temperatures for over four hours When the ambulance comes in he see s her feet The pink toenails and he knows He knows it s his ex wife And it all take off from there I hated the h s parents Sanctimonious pricks I loved the H He s amazing My heart broke for the h So many years of pain and suffering Both physical and emotional And I adored Meg and Pauline Big, giant hearts for those two This was a make you sob while still marking you happy book It was a delight to read. It was a much darker book than what I expected and that might put off some readers After a whirlwind marriage followed by a quick divorce, James and Lorna have both tried to build back their life, James struggling on the relationship side, Lorna struggling with a tough medical condition forcing her to a harsh and irreversible decision They find themselves facing each other again by a stroke of fate.I kind of felt for both characters and could relate to them However it irritated me that Lorna avoided so much and so long any meaningful dialogue with James, as she used to do in the past, following the interruption of her ectopic pregnancy, her inability to communicate being by far the main reason leading to their divorce The writing was rather irregular, with some typos, weird grammar and punctuation at times.Two other things really irritated me as well First the decision that she took regarding her condition view spoiler hysterectomy, ie ablation of the uterus, as a cure to endometriosis hide spoiler I really liked this book, unlike the rest harlequin I downloaded The characters and writing style is amazing The only problem I had with the book is that I don t know who is talking most times, the POVs are messed up, apart from that the book is okay. Don t just focus on the first three words of the following paragraph, but keep reading Dull, dull, dull I first thought when I started reading this it felt monosyllabic and mono tonal, no depth and very little interest.HOWEVER, and it is a big one I didn t notice the improvement as it went along it crept up on me until I was crying at the end my personal sign for quiet a lovely read Therefore, it must have improved greatly without me realising it Isn t that the sign of good writing It wasn t perfect, there were typographical errors, and some grammatical ones too here and there, but that many to actually detract from the whole I did surprise me a little as it is a Mills Boon after all and for some reason I always seem to associate them with correct presentation, rightly or wrongly.Not fabulous enough to be a 4 star read, so onI will give it three stars, and hope that everyone will note that I have also added a little half star to that. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this medical romance As well as the POV of the H h, there were also points of view from the housekeeper and a nurse friend I didn t really like that, even though the narration made sense, I just didn t feel it was needed in this particualr story Well written and very dramatic with some steamy scenes that were very tastelful.