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A nice picture book of an Asian child who is adopted. This book is both beautifully written and beautifully illustrated It is almost poetic in its description of a little girl from China who is given up by her birth mother and adopted by a couple from America It would be a great story for a child who is also adopted from another country. [Download E-pub] ♿ Nini ♊ Long Before Nini Was Born, She Was In A Safe Place Where A Familiar Voice Promised Her A Loving Home But Once She Was Born, That Soft Voice Was Replaced By The Words Of Care Givers In An Orphanage Though They Were Kind, Nini Missed The Soft Voice And The Promises It Made Then, One Day, A Man And A Woman On The Other Side Of The World Learned That Their Dreams Were About To Come True They Would Finally Have A Baby To Love When They All Met, Nini Once Again Heard A Soft Voice, As Reassuring And As Loving As The First, And Trusted That The Promises Had Come True But Her First Memory Was Never Lost It Remained An Echo For Her To Share With Her Parents In Her New HomeThis Exceptional Book About Adoption Is A Comforting Story For Children And Families Who Have Experienced It First Hand, A Tribute To The Author S Own Adopted Child, And A Very Heartfelt Thank You For The Gift Of Family Nini by Francois Thisdale This book crept up on me while I was looking through the bookshelves It is about a child born and given up to an orphanage Then it turns into a beautiful adoption story Quite touching Gorgeous illustrations. Excellent book for a child of adoption It is beautifully illustrated and simply written.I do think that this book could be read to a younger child, prehaps 2nd or 3rd grade as well.AR 4.4 Brillant Loved the writing and illustrations. This is one of the loveliest adoption titles I ve seen in a while It is just full of love. I m having trouble with this. When Nini was just a baby inside of her mother s tummy, she knew that she was loved Soon that wonderful, soft voice was gone and she found herself in an orphanage in China The people were nice but she missed that voice One day a man and a woman on the other side of the world in Canada found out that they were soon going to have a daughter, and it was Nini Nini once again felt that love in her new parents soft voices, but also remembered the echo of that first voice A very beautiful story about adoption and bringing two worlds together Any child who has had a similar experience would find this very comforting, and it would also be a great introduction for other children into the concept of adoption Thisdale s use of mixed media to create dream like images is perfect for this story I think it represents our foggy memories from early childhood quite well and creates a warm feeling in the reader. The illustrations in this book are exceptional Multi media collage that seem dream like, they are exquisite This is the story of an orphan adopted from China, a story filled with love, family and belonging It is a perfect book to share with an adopted child It really feels like a book written just for the precise purpose of sharing with a child adopted from China, almost didactic, not as a general literary piece Worth a look, though.