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Didn t think I would enjoy this book as the English Civil War is not my favourite period in history, but I loved it Became a real page turner Couldn t put it down. THE KING S MAN by Alison Stuart is an artfully splendid historical story that will leave you yearning forMs Stuart has brought to life characters that are fascinating, compelling and full of life and the plot she has created is so intricately woven that it keeps the pages turning in this entertaining read Full of depth and realism, this story will rivet you until the end The dialogues are delivered with weighty assurance and endow the characters with its power Carefully constructed back story and lofty descriptions add insight into a way of life so long ago.In THE KING S MAN, Kit Lovell and Thamsine Granville s story is told Hungry, alone and on the run, Thamsine Granville has lost everything By lashing out at Oliver Cromwell, the man behind her demise, slugging his coach with a brick, Thamsine has automatically initiated her death wish But she will fight until the end until a man rescues her from soldiers out to get her Thamsine falls for her knight only to realize that his betrayal is not worth her love Kit Lovell is a gambling womanizer who lives off his wealthy mistress When not cheating at cards, he s plotting Oliver Cromwell s death But he has his secrets and his demons well kept behind a mask of bravery and rescuing one damsel will not divert him from his motive Overall, THE KING S MAN is guaranteed to keep readers entertained and satisfied with the turn of events in the end.Recommended5 5 Stars [Read Epub] ⚖ The King's Man ♉ LondonKit Lovell Is One Of The King S Men, A Disillusioned Royalist Who Passes His Time Between Cheating At Cards, Living Off His Wealthy And Attractive Mistress And By Plotting The Death Of Oliver Cromwell Fleeing A Sadistic And Ambitious Suitor, Thamsine Granville Is Alone, Penniless And Friendless In London She Has Her Own Reasons For Wanting Cromwell Dead And When She Hurls A Piece Of Brick At His Coach, She Finds Herself Unexpectedly In The Arms Of Kit LovellFar From The World Weary, Benevolent Rescuer That He Seems, Kit Plunges Thamsine Into His World Of Espionage And Betrayal The World Kit Has Carefully Built Up Begins To Unravel As The Plotting Takes A Serious Turn And His Own Life Is Now On The Line Neither Had He Planned On Falling In Love With Thamsine Granville And When Thamsine Falls Into The Hands Of Her Vicious Suitor, Ambrose Morton, Kit Is Torn By His Loyalty To His Master And His Love For Thamsine In Rescuing Thamsine, Kit Makes One Last Gamble And Loses The Price He Has To Pay Is The Hangman S Rope If you ve read the blurb and you re not intrigued by that, then I don t know what will draw you into a book This story has it all Friendship, hardship, romance, war, blackmail, assassination, drunken tavern songs, bawdy wenches and plotting and dishonesty as thick as three planks of wood The plot is twisted and gnarly and will drag you along however unwittingly you may be, down the dimly lit corridors of this 16th century historical tale.Thankfully, it s not all doom and gloom Kit and Thamsine are lovely, detailed and realistic characters who draw you into their arms like lovers They tease you with whispered sweet nothings and then dunk you head first into the cold harshness of their reality If you don t know much about this time in England s history, you ll find this tale amusing and entertaining, if you do know of this rather turbulent time, you ll find this tale rich in detail, adding colour to the dreary, daily life of the English subjects.There was one point that failed in this story In actual fact it didn t fail, but it failed to deliver the impact I think Alison was going for It has to do with the closing line in the synopsis The lurch of my guts, the stilling of my heart it all occurred but it wasn t allowed to sink in, the story moved along too quickly The gut wrenching feeling of sadness should have been overwhelming, it should have made me cry It didn t quite get there.I ve seen this type of scene done before and, I believe, done better If you ve read Diana Gabaldon s Outlander Series you ll probably know of the scene I m referring to This was painstakingly drawn out and I, as the reader, was in tears as I mourned the loss of one of my dearest friends characters I m not saying that Alison s tale wasn t great, this scene was almost right perhaps another chapter or two in between would have just given me time to really start to feel for them All in all, this was a thoroughly engrossing tale If you enjoy historical fiction, if you enjoy romance, if you enjoy plotting and mystery then this book is for you A few things I noticed The text changed size and font every paragraph or so, not a huge issue, but something that might wreak havoc for those who struggle with reading certain fonts 69% if you told us what he looks like 75% there was little she could do for Kit Cromwell is king in all but name in England, while Charles II bides his time at his cousin s Court Numerous plots abound to put Charles back on the throne in England, but none have yet succeeded.Thurloe, Cromwell s spymaster and Secretary to the Council of State, wields substantial power in England and holds the lives of his many unwilling spies in his hands He is a master at inducing individuals to turn traitor to Charles with threats and inside knowledge.Kit Lovell is one of those unfortunate spies, as is Thamsine Granville Each for unique reasons.Thamsine is on the run from a brutal man in London He catches sight of her just as Cromwell s carriage passes between them Thamsine hurls a brickbat at Cromwell s carriage to create a diversion to escape.Kit Lovell, a plotter and traitor to own, rescues Thamsine from searching soldiers, only to later betray her to Cromwell The price of her freedom is to provide with Cromwell with specified information.Kit and Thamsine s lives intersect as they both attempt to fulfill Cromwell s assignments, but repugnance for their tasks increasingly escalates, especially in Kit s case.As the reason for Thamsine s penniless existence in London becomes evident, Kit and Thamsine unite to earn their freedom A task not easily accomplished in the shadowy world they inhabit.Kit is not so quick at sharing the stranglehold Thurloe has upon him and is somewhat of an egnima to Thamsine.The King s Man is an adventure novel set in a turbulent time Each person suspected of plotting to overthrow the Commonwealth was made example, while the living threat of Charles II menaced across the Channel.The King s Man is a light historical romance, with plenty of flair An enjoyable read. Few historical romances are based in the turbulent period of history when Cromwell controlled England and Charles II was in exile in France I opened this novel anticipating something new and different What I didn t expect was to be plunged into a heroic tale of a man and woman who find lasting love in a world of treachery, betrayal, and death Ms Stuart delves into dark places in the human soul with a hero and heroine who leap off the pages, passionate and larger than life Her fast paced plot boils with violence, betrayals, and murders, while leavening this with innocence, kindness, trust and love won through a trial of fire She brings to life John Thurloe, Cromwell s spymaster and Secretary of the Council of State a man who lived then and wielded real power a man who coerced unwilling men and women into doing his bidding in the name of protecting Cromwell and destroying those sympathetic to the monarchy Ms Stuart introduces London, as it was at the time of the Reformation Kit Lovell and Thamsine Granville are among those coerced by Thurloe When they meet, Thamsine innocently trusts Kit, and is a bit in love with him after he rescues her from soldiers This makes her devastation so much greater when she learns he has betrayed her Helplessly caught in Thurloe s web, she dare not risk being found by the man who wants to wed her for her fortune Cunning Kit is in greater bondage to Thurloe than Thamsine He faces death if he doesn t betray comrades who are friends and supporters of Charles II Despising himself for his despicable actions and unworthiness, he fears falling in love with Thamsine Until one night when the unthinkable happens, and Kit learns he s not the man he believed he d become, and vows to free himself and Thamsine from Thurloe s power.This is a wonderfully adventurous historical romance HIGHLY RECOMMENDED Set in the time of Oliver Cromwell, the story opens with the heroine Thamsine, in a moment of desperation to escape being caught whom by, is only revealed much later hurls a brick at the coach of passing Oliver Cromwell As soldiers rush to arrest her, she is saved by a kind stranger who takes her to an inn run by his former sergeant But Kit Lovell, her savior, is a man deeply entrenched in a world of espionage and betrayal Once the King s man he is now firmly under the thumb of Cromwell s Secretary to the Council of the state, Lord Thurloe When Thamsine is recognized, arrested brought to the Tower, she gains her freedom but at the cost of having to serve Lord Thurloe to spy for him The story is darker than most that I ve read the romance is also quite light Both the characters have backgrounds that are only slowly revealed as the story unfolds Kit has a mistress he lives with who is a rich widow, which I found extremely disconcerting as their relationship continues even after he meets and gets to know Thamsine There isn t much of a sense of how the relationship evolves between Thamsine Kit when suddenly both are quite in love with each other.Copy gifted in exchange for an honest review. 4.5 starsKit was a great hero I also enjoyed reading about this time in England s history. This is the second in Alison Stuart s Guardians of the Crown trilogy but it can be read as a stand alone since the main characters are different from the first book Like the first one though this book is a great balance of historical fact and romantic fiction.The two main characters, Kit and Thamsine, are well drawn and very likable The baddy is very bad indeed and some of the action is quite brutal The author s knowledge of the historical setting is really good and of course we get to experience all the unsavoury and unsanitary conditions of the time, including life as a prisoner in the Tower of London.I am enjoying the trilogy very much and am already looking forward to the third one. The English Civil War is a period of history I have only recently become interested in, largely thanks to the superb novels set during that time by the British author Stella Riley, who is, in my opinion, one of the best historical fiction historical romance writers out there Alison Stuart wasn t previously on my radar, but now I ve read The King s Man, I m definitely going to seek outof her books.Christopher Lovell Kit to his friends is disenchanted, disillusioned and fed up with life and the seemingly endless war he is covertly fighting He appears to his cohorts to be The King s Man However, he is playing a nefarious double game not of his making, which involves him risking his life on a daily basis Captain Lovell fought bravely, heroically and loyally at the Battle of Worcester on the side of the crown and when seriously wounded and at a very low ebb, he is coerced into spying against his comrades by John Thurloe, Cromwell s spymaster and Secretary of the Council of State Kit s reasons for capitulating do not become apparent until fairly near the end of the story, but suffice to say that he turns traitor against Charles Stuart later King Charles II who is now living in exile in France Kit is a charismatic, handsome, devil may care character and very attractive to the ladies Alison Stuart has done an excellent job in her characterisation of this man who apparently lives without scruples, lives off his attractive young mistress, cheats at cards and betrays his fellow cavaliers and yet I still found it easy to like and admire him and to hope for his triumph over adversity.Thamsine Granville, a gently bred young lady and heiress is running away from the cruel, sadistic man that her dying Father was browbeaten into betrothing her to Desperate to evade her pursuer, Thamasine is saved from a potentially fatal situation by Kit, after which they go their separate ways only to meet again later that day, apparently by accident Thamsine really has hit rock bottom and is in the process of prostituting herself in her desperation to survive, when her knight in shining armour saves her again Kit takes her to a friend s inn where he arranges for her to work for bed and board Thamsine is grateful, as Kit planned she would be, and is already a little in love with him he however, is working under orders from John Thurloe and has been instructed to reel her in and set her up for use as another unwilling spy.The ensuing story is rich in detail and intrigue as it also charts the growing of an unlikely love between the two main protagonists Thamsine finds the barely visible, honourable side of Kit Lovell, hidden beneath his cynical, couldn t care less, exterior Her innocent goodness is his salvation and I liked how she helps him to care again and also to achieve redemption.There are brutal scenes of attempted rape, downright wickedness, high drama, anguish and tender love Alison Stuart paints a richly eloquent picture of the seedy backstreets of London, the Tower of London where both Kit and Thamsine spend time as inmates then across the channel to the court of the exiled Charles and back again, culminating in a shocking and dramatic conclusion that I did not see coming As far as Kit and Thamsine are concerned, after their tumultuous roller coaster of a ride, they do at least get their HEA but the story is then left hanging and I can only suppose, without adding a spoiler, that this slightly unsatisfactory ending will be the subject of the next book in this series I enjoyed The King s Man on the whole although it is a story that leaves the reader feeling slightly emotionally exhausted Nevertheless I m looking forward to the next in the series and will read it as soon as it is available.