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Have you ever found a recipe so delicious that you licked the spatula, and once finished were even tempted to lick the blade of your food processor That s my experience with Fany Gerson s Paletas I swooned when I first saw the cover Sweet, icy, Mexican desserts I m sold Aesthetically, the book is beautiful, but it s the quality of the book s recipes that really makes it stand out I first made Paletas de Aguacate avocado ice pops and found the blended result so delectable that I spent about five minutes scraping every drop from the bowl I followed the recipe and found it incredibly easy to prepare They take about five hours to freeze and the recipe makes six paletas when using standard size popsicle molds Be very careful not to taste too much of the mixture, as too much tasting can result in too little mix for your molds They taste amazing and are a wonderful mix of sweet and salty, while simultaneously being healthy The other recipes are just as great.Fany s explanations of each recipe are wonderfully detailed I appreciate that she references her other recipes and suggests ways that you can really make each recipe your own Her advice is constant, and I especially found useful her tip on how to give a yogurt berry paleta a marbled texture If you don t have popsicle molds, I would highly recommend that you buy a set when you buy this book or better yet, before , because the recipes are irresistible and you will want to make them as soon as possible I only made the quick coconut ones, but they were easy and super yummy I m going to make them again without the toasted coconut to make them even easier I ve preped three different pops using platic popsicle molds from whole foods and was pleased with the outcome and originality Though a bit high maintenence, the Spicy Pineapple Paletas were a crowd pleaser The Avocado pop was a hit on the beach though I don t think I used enough simple syrup in the recipe and these melted a little easily than the others Last night I prepared the Caramel Paletas and while I ve not reached in the freezer yet to try them the mix tasted wonderful and I m sure they ll be great The recipes tend to have than I can hold in the six molds I have so I resort to filling a couple cups too I ll get to the Aguas Frescas soon I hope. Chia Limeade on regular rotation in my house Fany Gerson, I am a big fan of yours The colors, the photos, the recipes This book is like a mini vacation or spa I have both this and its successor, Mexican Ice Cream If you can only get one, I recommend this one as I think it has a wider variety of popular recipes Pineapple popsicles with serrano chiles and lime juice Strawberry horchata shave ice Mmmmmmy favorite is the hibiscus cooler recipe, which is a summer drink Hibiscus is SO good for you, helping to lower blood pressure, cool you down temperature , and is drunk as a hot or cold tea not only in Mexico, but in the Middle East where it s also effin hot I LOVE the tartness of the hibiscus, the vivid red color, and making it yourself ensures you can control how sweet you want it.Go buy this book I wish I had a ton of kids so I could make them popsicles from this book all summer long. These look delicious.And easy.And the book is pretty.MMMMMMmmmmmmMMM. .DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚆ Paletas ♶ From The Pure, Radiant Flavors Of Classic Blackberry And Spicy Pineapple To Unexpectedly Enchanting Combinations Such As Sour Cream, Cherry And Tequila, Or Strawberry Horchata, Paletas Is An Engaging And Delicious Guide To Mexico S Traditional And Some Not So Traditional Frozen Treats Collected And Developed By Celebrated Pastry Chef Fany Gerson, This Sweet Little Cookbook Showcases Her Favorite Recipes For Paletas , Those Flavor Packed Ice Pops Made From An Enormous Variety Of Fruits, Nuts, Flowers, And Even Spices Plus Shaved Ice Raspados And Aguas Frescas The Delightful Mexican Drinks Featuring Whole Fruit And Exotic Ingredients Like Tamarind And Hibiscus Flowers Whether You Re Drawn To A Simple Burst Of Fresh Fruit As In The Coconut, Watermelon, Or Cantaloupe Pops Or Prefer Adventurous Flavors Like Mezcal Orange, Mexican Chocolate, Hibiscus Raspberry, Or Lime Pie, Paletas Is An Inviting, Refreshing Guide Guaranteed To Help You Beat The Heat Editorial Reviews Mexican Born Pastry Chef Gerson Follows Up Her Groundbreaking My Sweet Mexico With A Brilliant Collection Of Recipes For Frozen Mexican Treats As In Her Previous Book, She Here Emphasizes The Cultural Significance Of Her Recipes To Set Her Collection Apart And Make It A Fun Read Even For Those Who Don T Cook Paletas, Ice Pop Treats Available In Every Mexican Town, Are Represented In A Range Of Flavor Combinations From Traditional Strawberry To Gerson S Playful Rice Pudding Gerson Also Introduces Readers To Raspados Similar To Snow Cones And Aguas Frescas Cold Fruit Drinks VERDICT With Recipes For All Skill Levels And Every Taste, This Streamlined Collection Will Appeal To A Diverse Population Of Foodies It Should Be Especially Popular In The New York Area, Where Gerson Sold Homemade Paletas At Markets Last Summer And Is Set To Open A Mexican Ice Cream Shop This Spring In This Luscious Book, Gerson Proves That Ice Pops Can Be A Gourmet T really disappointing will expound later rice paleta y the chocolate paleta are garbage recipes lime paleta n horchata de arroz recipes are mediocre i liked the flavor of the rompope tho she tells us to steep the canela for such a short time it hardly comes thru but the custard flavor was still pleasant but it still didn t achieve the texture i m used to in paletas i m going to try the banana n avocado before i quit her paletas for good I m not super excited about frozen desserts, so there were only a couple recipes that I m really excited about horchata drinks and avocado popsicles This book is full of mouthwatering sounding flavor combinations I can t wait to try Break out the ice pop mold even in an Alaskan winter.