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Miniseries Chatam House I m about halfway through this series and so far none have matched This book sucks Really, it does it s a poor excuse for a romance Asher Chatam is a lawyer who is suckered into researching an insurance claim for Ellie Monroe, whose grandfather is in love with Asher s aunt.The aunts are all dotty and witless One states that she cannot possibly leave her sisters, which then begs the question, Why not Asher is 38 and Ellie is 23, which does not bode well for a long term romance considering the age difference and the fact that Ellie comes across as a developmentally delayed adolescent at times This is a Christian romance, yet the amount of lying and deception in this book makes me wonder if the author has read the Bible at all. Before I begin I want to say I love inspirational romance and have read MANY I am a Christian and I have am awful weakness for old fashioned love To be honest when I picked up this particular book I had alterior motives You see I was thinking of becoming a lawyer at the time and I also met a man a few years my senior I started to read the book and fell in love with the story I would have finished earlier but I just wanted to make it stretch I loved it Absolutely loved it And not to spoil bht the ending is by far the best ending I ve ever read. Actually, about 3 1 2 Sweet, and a little above average. Miniseries Chatam House I loved this book by Arlene James And Unlikely Match is an unlikely read It s unique, sweet, captivating, and a must for your TBR list Thanks for the enjoyable read, Arlene Back to Chatam House Love the triplets Odelia and Kent catch up after 50 plus years and Ash and Ellie, Kent s granddaughter both love soccer. Ack Yet another romance that is far below par I m not choosy when it comes to romances, but I like them to at least make sense And this one just didn t do it for me.Asher knows that when he is called in to help a family friend, that it will be anything but simple Devoted to his career, he does try to make time for his triplet aunts, but really is too busy most the time And considering the client is Ellie, who is his younger sister s friend, he really doesn t want to be involved Ellie s grown up, and a little too much to his liking, especially since after his divorce he s promised not to get involved again He isn t relationship material, but Ellie can be pretty compelling.The characters were terrible in this book Asher is not a good leading man He s arrogant, a jerk and I really can t see why Ellie likes him Ellie, when I wasn t confused by her being called Ellen at times, wasn t that great either She was too simpering and weak, and while she seemed to be a nice person, I think she was looking for love in all the wrong places I actually liked the side characters in this book better They were colorful and had better personalities.This book was very very preachy I didn t realize it was going to be a Christian romance novel, so while there are no sex scenes, itthan takes up space with endless prayers to God and saying about how faith rules their lives I can handle Christian fiction when it isn t preachy, but this was over the top The romance part of it too was just a little blah Like I said before, I just couldn t figure out the chemistry between the main characters.Not a good one for me I ll be staying far away from the Love Inspired series from now on.An Unlikely MatchCopyright 2011217 pagesReview by M Reynard 2012 ^Pdf ⇪ An Unlikely Match ⇺ High Powered Lawyer Asher Chatam Has No Time For Love He S Far Too Busy With His Career Then His Eccentric Aunts Summon Him To Chatam House On Urgent Business And Introduce Him To Ellie Monroe The Beautiful Young Teacher Needs His Help, And One Look At Her Violet Eyes And Sunny Smile Leads Asher To Take The Case Ellie S Laid Back Attitude Is A Breath Of Fresh Air In Asher S Smoggy World, And Soon He Realizes That Man Cannot Live On Work Alone And That Even The Most Unlikely Match Can Lead To True Love