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!Free Book ♠ Darker After Midnight ☫ The Climactic Novel In Lara Adrian S New York Times Bestselling Midnight Breed Series And Her Hardcover Debut Darker After Midnight Invites Readers To Enter A Thrillingly Sensual World Where Danger Meets DesireIn The Dark Of Night, A Blood War Escalates Within The Hidden World Of The Breed After Existing In Secret For Many Long Centuries, Maintaining A Fragile Peace With The Humans Who Walk Beside Them Unaware, A Single Act Of Retaliation Has Put The Entire Vampire Nation At Risk Of Discovery It Falls To The Order A Cadre Of Breed Warriors Pledged To Protect Their Own And Humankind Alike To Stop Dragos, The Power Mad Vampire At The Center Of The Conflict, Before His Push For Domination Can Explode Into CatastropheAt The Center Of The Order S Quest Is Sterling Chase, Once A Morally Rigid Enforcer Of Breed Law, Now A Warrior Fallen From Grace, Whose Biggest Battle Is The One He Wages Against His Own Savage Nature With Addiction Beckoning Him Toward Eternal Darkness, Chase S Path To Redemption Has Never Seemed Out Of Reach Until He Finds Himself Drawn To A Beautiful Young Woman Who May Be Something Much Than She Seems Yay Harvard s book Finally Full of action, twists and reveals Conclusions and new directions One of the best installments in this series.4.5 stars 5 stars Paranormal Vampire RomanceWow I loved it I ve been a big fan of this series from the beginning, and with its tenth installment, Lara Adrian definitely delivered the goods Chase and Tavia are an awesome H h pairing, and with some shocking surprises, an epic showdown, a satisfying ending, and a moving epilogue, it s one of the best books of the series There s an 11th book mentioned TBD on the author s website, so I m hoping that means we haven t seen the last of the Breed 5 stars Breed warrior Sterling Chase Harvard Special ability wrapping himself in shadows and hiding in them Age Over 1oo years oldBreed mate Octavia Fairchild Tavia Special ability Photographic memory Occupation Assistant for senator Clarence Mark place Lower BackSettings Boston, Maine, WashingtonWell, well, WOOOOW Just WOW After 9 long length books and 2 short length books, this climactic series reaches the end of its first part the following books cover stories that will happen 20 years after and it is the end of the world as we know it The time frame of the book is Christmas time a few days before and a few days after There are so many things going on, that whatever I write it will be a spoiler Anyway, besides the huge events that are taking place, this is finally Harvard s book My favourite breed warrior I was really looking forward for his book Harvard was a tortured, self destructive hero since the first book in which we met him Kiss of Crimson He was the second best in his family behind his brother s long shadow, he always have had an unsatisfied lust for his sister in law Elise and he was filled with guilt and shame the most part of his life In this book he is still fighting his demons but this time someone actually cares for him Harvard finally falls in love, forgets the dull and boring to tears Elise, gets the best girl and he has his HEA Tavia and Harvard held each other together during the cataclysmic events of the book while they also help all the rest GREAT COUPLE, GREAT CHEMISTRY, GREAT LOVE SCENES. 4 stars for the romance, 5 stars for the main storylineThis was so good I loved the raised stakes and intensity of the nonstop action in the third act Ms Adrian didn t pull any punches with book 10, lol.The circumstances that brought Chase and Tavia together made for some excellent push and pull in the beginning, and it really worked for me But when they got together fairly early on their chemistry lost some of its spark However, even though the romance aspect wasn t as strong as it was in other Midnight Breed books, the overarching plot and resolution to this part of the story than made up for it And all the new bits that were introduced concerning the Breed itself and its history are quite intriguing.It was also great to catch up with all the previous warriors and their mates I d like to continue with the series as I really enjoy this author s take on warrior vamps, not to mention her writing style, but this is such a wonderful way to wrap things up We ll see. I was never a huge fan of Chase But I have to say that this book has completely changed my mind about him I think this was probably my favorite book of the entire series I m not giving any spoilers but the ending was just mind blowing I couldn t read it fast enough So much was happening I m so sad this part of the journey is at an end But I am anxious to see how the spin off series will go Hopefully we will get some glimpses of the entire family so we can at least see how they are doing. Used titanium knife sixty three dollars.Value priceless. Wait, what When did Lara Adrian become somewhat amusing Did I blink and miss it Bonus two books in a row that were GOOD As in, I think I might actually be a fan of this series now GOOD Again, did I blink and miss something here Wasn t I lukewarm about the earlier books It s as if an author actually learned how to fix their mistakes Most of my complaints about the earlier books are slowly fading as the story world expands to include than just the couples themselves I m sad that it took this long to get here, but at least it happened, right Chase s actual story could ve been better developed, but it was alright I m not very fond of what Tavia turned out to be, but mainly this is because of how Jenna s story came along soon before hers If Jenna hadn t happened, I might have been okay with the Tavia twist or maybe not I do think it makes the breedmates seem less special , but this is where the author probably should have chosen which alternate being should have existed, especially since the breedmates technically also count as something not just human Too many species makes an already unbelievable scenario turn into something comical As readers, we buy into a fantasy element up to a certain point We allow ourselves to put aside reality for a moment if the author tells us that aliens crash landed on our planet Okay, fine So this ONE thing happenedit s weird, but we re going with it But when the author starts adding in A, B, C, D, etc extra fantasy elements, the original idea becomes cloudy I almost laughed out loud when it was revealed that breedmates view spoiler are possibly part Atlantean There couldn t have been a rival alien explanation like in Falling Skies instead Maybe the Atlanteans are aliens, but I think tapping into that lore was stupid for a book world which is something different already hide spoiler Posted at Yummy Men Kick Ass Chicks Before I begin this review, I have one important thing to say about this book Darker After Midnight is the tenth installment in Lara Adrian s Midnight Breed series and HOLY SH T THIS BOOK IS OMG JUST WOW Essentially, this book is about Chase and Tavia and how they find their HEA But really, it s so much So much happens it s insane I have to admit that when I first met Chase in book three, I didn t feel much for him Yes, I felt bad for him and his situation But as a character, he was just there Then he joined the Order and he started getting interesting Then he started getting on my nerves Never to the point where I wanted to smack him around, but I may have wanted to shake him a little to see what was going on in that head of his Then the end of book nine happened and I thought he was the bravest and stupidest vampire on the planet I found what he did to be such an honorable thing to do It s too bad he was walking into certain death But as I m getting ready to wave goodbye to Chase forever, I remembered that book ten was to be Chase s book and he most certainly wasn t headed for certain death because otherwise that would make book ten the shortest book ever So I changed it in my head We were not witnessing Chase s demise at the end of book nine we were witnessing his greatness He is still dealing with his issues in Darker After Midnight but his humanity, if you will, is a strong focus too I liked him quite a bit in this book and had no feelings of wanting to hurt him g Tavia is a very good match for Chase I really liked her character but what I liked most was what Lara ended up doing to with her Holy whoa I did not see that coming I mean yeah I can t wait to see what loyal readers of this series think of Tavia at the end of the book I found it all very fitting to what has been going on in these past few books.We see quite a bit of the other members of the Order but we mostly see Lucan and Gabrielle I found it was great how we see the aftermath of his struggle with Bloodlust and his struggle with becoming the true leader he was always meant to me If I weren t sitting in the middle of my daughter s dance school when I read the end of this book, I would have stood up and cheered for Lucan in the epilogue.I was a little disappointed after reading the last book that Jenna and her condition weren t mentioned but I did not feel that way this time around Jenna is very much in the picture and much is explained We also discover a theory about where Breedmates originated Yeah I know Now you know what I mean when I say tons happens in this book I have a huge crush on Gideon I just wanted to throw that out there.Now let s talk about the man we all want to punch in the face and kick in other painful regions Dragos I am about done with him He wants vampires to take over the world and humans to be a snack Yeah he s one of those guys In each book, the Order knocks him down a little bit at a time Starting this book, I was about ready for Dragos to be really hurt this time I wanted his operation to be completely disbanded and he himself to die a slow and painful death Or a fast and painful death Or even a fast and painless death I m easy I just wanted it to happen Of course, I won t tell you what happened with Dragos you ll just have to read the book to find out But I am satisfied with where Dragos is headed at the end of this book.One little tidbit about Dragos in Darker After Midnight The big part of his plan is revealed and holy jumpin I was not expecting him to go there And when he went there, it was sad and shocking and another moment in the book that had me lose all words other than whoa.Oh, and before I forget, no this is not a stand alone book You would still enjoy it if you just jumped in and read this one but you wouldn t have the same reaction as I did to the book because you would be missing the character build up and the whole Dragos is a super bastard aspect of the story also builds over a few books.Lara s Midnight Breed series is a solid series I have never rated a book under 4 stars The writing is good, the characters are very well developed and the premise even though it s vampires in hiding is unique I m always impressed when I finish a Midnight Breed, but I have to say Darker After Midnight blew me away I could not sit still during the last few chapters I held my breath and rooted for the heroes and thought THIS is how a long running paranormal romance series should make you feel Lara got it just right with this tenth installment I LOVE where the story ended up and I love where it seems to be headed Fans of this series will have to agree with me that Darker After Midnight is the best book yet. 5 Darker after midnight for sure Stars I loved it A stunning conclusion and also an intriguing new beginning Action packed with a very nice romance I cannot wait to get to the next book Happy reading