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EBOOK ô Resurrection · Pulitzer Prize Winning Author David Remnick Chronicles The New Russia That Emerged From The Ash Heap Of The Soviet Union From The Siege Of Parliament To The Farcically Tilted Elections Of , From The Rubble Of Grozny To The Grandiose Wealth And Naked Corruption Of Today S Moscow, Remnick Chronicles A Society So Racked By Change That Its Citizens Must Daily Ask Themselves Who They Are, Where They Belong, And What They Believe In Remnick Composes This Panorama Out Of Dozens Of Finely Realized Individual Portraits Here Is Mikhail Gorbachev, His Head Still Swimming From His Plunge From Reverence To Ridicule Here Is Vladimir Zhirinovsky, The Half Jewish Anti Semite Who Conducts Politics As Loony Performance Art And Here Is Boris Yeltsin, The Tottering Populist Who Is Not Above Stealing Elections In Resurrection, They Become The Players In A Drama So Vast And Moving That It Deserves Comparison With The Best Reportage Of George Orwell And Michael Herr This Is What Happens When A Good Writer Unleashes Eye And Ear On A Story That Moves With The Speed Of Light Resurrection Has The Feel Of Describing Vast, Historical Change Even As It Is Happening Chicago Tribune It had an uneven feel style but parts of it were very well done. Good journalistic look at mid 1990s Russia, Boris Yeltsin, and early post Soviet events Interesting quotes from his many interviews enliven this contemporary report and the details touched on give pause now that events have advanced for another 25 years No mention of Putin, so interesting to see that he wasn t even on the radar yet, but plenty of headline grabbing familiar names in the see saw for political and economic power Remnick s overly positive conclusion serves to highlight how much potential the Russians wasted and how Putin picked some of the least impressive options to grab and hold onto power successfully Revisiting recent Russian history with a goal of understanding what s happening today and how we got there This is a good starting place and helps set the stage. Remnick excellent as usual, and very good on Russia in particular given the eventful time he was there. It s nearly impossible to follow such a book as Lenin s Tomb but Remnick does a wonderful job at picking up where he left off In Resurrection, Remnick focuses on how the democratic revolution contended with disillusion Yeltsin is the perfect character in this world democratic promise gives way to oligarchy, poor health, and flirtations with Russia s communist and czarist past This book definitely sets the stage for the Russia we know today Interestingly enough, Putin does not appear on the sceneFor Remnick s take on Putin, check out his profile in Reporting.