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Mike Cooper s debut novel Clawback is a frenetic, no holds barred thriller CPA Silas Cade is like Rambo in green eyeshades His clients are high powered execs, cut throat American businessmen who need the problem solved fast and permanent A Jack Reacher ish character, Silas lives off the grid, communicating with his clients via disposable cell phones He s also catnip to young women and impervious to the wiles of all but one, an ambitious blogger who knows the ins and outs of the Internet.Three managers of spectacularly low performing funds have turned up dead, and Silas is hired by a powerful investment banker with a fondness for machine guns to stop the murderer There s a villain, almost as invincible as Silas, but Silas needs to know who he s working for.With a body count of epic proportions and stunt action that has our hero hanging from a helicopter and zooming around on jet skis, the story verges on parody The writing is taut and muscular, and like the character of Silas, I hope we ll see of it. #FREE BOOK Ú Clawback (Silas Cade #1) ë A Tough, Topical Financial Thriller That Exposes The Dark Underbelly Of Wall Street After A Stint In The Middle East, Black Ops Vet Silas Cade Becomes An Accountant The Go To For Financiers Who Need Things Done Quickly, Quietly, And By Any Means Necessary Silas Is Hired By A Major Player To Pay A Visit To A Hedge Fund Manager To Demand Clawback The Mandatory Return Of Compensation Paid On A Deal That Goes Bad But Before Cade Can Tell His Client That He Got His Ten Million Back, The Guy Turns Up Dead And He S Not The First Someone S Killing Investment Bankers Whose Funds Have Gone South Silas S Scrubbed Identity, And His Insider S Perspective, Makes Him The Ideal Shadow Man To Track Down Whoever S Murdering Some Of The Most Hated Managers On Wall Street With The Aid Of A Beautiful Financial Blogger Looking To Break Her First Big Story, Silas Tracks A Violent Security Crew Who May Be The Key To The Executions But As Paranoia And Panic Spread, He Begins To Wonder Is The Threat Coming From Inside The Game Or Out With Breakneck Pacing, Nonstop Action, And Cutting Edge Details Of Today S Financial Intelligence Technology, Clawback Hurtles To Its Final Twist, A Gripping Contemporary Tale Of Shady Finance, Venal Corruption, And Greed Run Rampant I won this book from a contest on Goodreads.This was an exciting, fast paced, action packed thriller that I could not put down from page 1.Silas Cade, with a military background just back from the Middle East is living as an Accountant who helps high end clients in the investment banking industry who need his help getting things done quickly, quietly and under the grid His first job with such a client needs him to track down a hedge fund manager who is going under for the return of compensation paid on a deal that has gone south Once the transaction was completed, Silas returns to his client s only to find he has been murdered But he s only the first investment banker whose fund have bottomed out to come up dead.This is a fabulous story full of action and twists that kept me gripping the edge of my seat as I turned each page I just hope Mike Cooper s Silas Cade will return in a sequel Although Clawback will definately be a hard act ot follow Five Stars Plus Found this in my to read folder, thought I d check it out I think I put it there when trying to win a give away, but glad I didn t discard it This book was great Definitely a hidden gem I really enjoyed it. A witty, clever page turner with an original hero I could really cheer for While reading I really felt like I could see this book as a movie It would be lot of fun to cast the various parts If you re looking for a smart, exciting thriller, this is the book for you Clawback was an amazing book that gave me some insight into the world of hedge funds and wall street. Ett lustigt sammantr ffande, att l sa denna bok direkt efter Ghostman av Roger Hobbs B da har samma grundf ruts ttningar en ensam protagonist som lever utanf r samh llet ska l sa ett brott utan att blanda in r ttsv sendet Men det finns en stor skillnad Ghostman l mnar efter sig en bismak av psykologisk oh lsa, medan Silas Cade i denna bok r befriande normal Ghostman vill vara ensam med sina vers ttningar av klassikerna, medan Cade emellan t blir frustrerad ver de kravet som ett anonymt liv st ller ibland med humoristisk ton, som n r han f rs ker h lla reda p alla sina anonyma kontantkortstelefoner och hans id med att markera dem med f rgad tejp inte fungerar.N gra exempel p denna medvetenhet Ibland m ste man lita p m nniskor Man kan inte st ndigt ljuga och samtidigt uppr tth lla n gon form av m nskliga kontakter En relation som har n got som helst v rde kr ver rlighet, vilket kan vara orsaken till att jag inte har s m nga s 139 140.Cade, till skillnad fr n Ghostman, r ocks en idealist, vilket r ett trevligt drag N r en kompis undrar vad han blivit inblandad i, svarar Cade Korrigerar felaktigheter G r v rlden till en b ttre plats Det jag alltid g r kanske hade de sista resterna av mitt samvete f tt nog tiil slut Hur som helst f rv nade det mig att jag blev s f rbannad Det Blacktail hade gjort var helt enkelt ondskefullt Och h r var jag inhyrd f r att f slut p det Jag fick allts betalt f r att g ra det r tta s 145 och 150 I den h r boken f rs ker han l sa morden p olika finansh jdare p Wall Street Historien r t mligen rutinartad, men underh llande, och skildringen av finansv rlden r bra, ven om vers ttningen brister h r och var alla finanstermer r inte helt korrekt versatta, ibland spelar t ex ordens form en roll man s ger t ex g l nga i en aktie, inte att g l ngt och m nga termer anv nds p engelska eller svengelska s en del termer har faktiskt versatts i on dan Dessutom blir referenserna till filmen The Terminator ganska komiska, n r vers ttaren visserligen hyfsat korrekt d per om begreppet till F rst raren s 190, 201 Ska man vara riktigt petig borde Terminator i s fall vers ttas till Avslutaren Avslutningsvis, s r det en sp nnande thriller, om n aningen banal Och slutet verkar ologiskt hur kan han s ka upp samma tjej igen, om han f rst m ste l mna landet f r att g under jorden Kanske han bytt identitet och utseende, men om n gon r ute efter honom, r det v l logiskt att de spanar p hans flickv n, och kan ta honom oavsett nya identitetshandlingar Och han r ju endast borta ett halv r.Som sagt, en bra thriller med en sympatisk hj lte, b ttre n Ghostman, men knappast of rgl mlig eller unik L tt sommarunderh llning, helt enkelt. I adore this book Okay, okay, so my brother wrote it but I like to think that I m objective enough to know a thrilling read when I see one, and this is one fantastic story It might help to have your MBA in hand before reading this financial world killer thriller, but maybe not A good seatbelt would help as well since author Mike Cooper, once a financial executive, starts fast and keeps the pedal to the metal all the way to the end There is one stop well, at least a pause for a little sex along the way, but that will be anticipated by most readers on first meeting of the principals, so this is not a spoiler alert The plot involves the systematic murders of Wall St bankers, often before Silas Cade can get his claw back from them That is the term for getting back money that was invested in a fraudulent deal before it can be buried in the slush that washes around the Street Eventually, the serial nature of the killings is tracked, the responsible parties identified and it becomes a race to find other targeted bankers before they become victims Silas Cade, a battle hardened enforcer of various sorts, a pseudonym and the world s greatest asset to the cell phone industry, is the chief tracker until he becomes one of the targets He, along with the comely financial blogger, Clara, find themselves dodging gunfire and even RPG fire as the baddies, led by a guy who has a fantastic scheme of manipulating stock prices by murdering bad hedge fund managers here s where the MBA would come in handy One almost funny scene occurs near the end of the novel as hedge fund managers who might be on the hit list or not, all arm themselves with guns they do not know how to operate, gather in a ballroom and, at the first threat of violence, open fire to protect themselves As one of the participants observes later, when the carnage starts to settle down, everybody had the chance to take shots at people they didn t like and have the resultant murders covered up in the general carnage So much for conceal and carry Cade is a wonderful protagonist, ex military as he is, trained in martial arts and marital ones as well, changes weapons, phones and identities in a flash, is always just enough behind the bad guys to create tension, and is a survivor For a potential series hero, that s a quality to be desired For action lovers, a perfect summer treat Just open to page 1, take a deep breath and you re good for a day or two.