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When the owner of ramshackle Blackcliff Hall arrives, the locals have high hopes that Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam will set things to rights Especially Gwen Allbridge, the estate manager s daughter who has single handedly kept Blackcliff Hall going Now she must convince Trevor to stay and make the hall and the village depending on it prosperous again.The decaying estate is just another reminder to Trevor of his noble father s rejection Abandoning it for London could restore his cheer but how can he disappoint Gwen Her faith in him makes him yearn to live up to the ideals she holds dear As disturbing, unexplained events encroach on the pair, Gwen s steadfast courage will rise to meet Trevor s newfound honor as they learn that there s no dream like home.I normally like Regina Scott s inspirational Regencies, but this one was a bit too preachy for my tastes I prefer something a bit subtle where the religion is concerned That being said, Ms Scott tells an excellent tale. Gwen was too managing to very enjoyable Such a modern woman in this historical setting, but if you set that aside the story was enjoyable enough. [Read Book] ♁ An Honorable Gentleman ♟ When The Owner Of Ramshackle Blackcliff Hall Arrives, The Locals Have High Hopes That Sir Trevor Fitzwilliam Will Set Things To Rights Especially Gwen Allbridge, The Estate Manager S Daughter Who Has Single Handedly Kept Blackcliff Hall Going Now She Must Convince Trevor To Stay And Make The Hall And The Village Depending On It Prosperous AgainThe Decaying Estate Is Just Another Reminder To Trevor Of His Noble Father S Rejection Abandoning It For London Could Restore His Cheer But How Can He Disappoint Gwen Her Faith In Him Makes Him Yearn To Live Up To The Ideals She Holds Dear As Disturbing, Unexplained Events Encroach On The Pair, Gwen S Steadfast Courage Will Rise To Meet Trevor S Newfound Honor As They Learn That There S No Dream Like Home Loved it 3.5 starsA well written, clean book that doesn t doesn t beg to read a second time. This was a clean read, but not overly engaging or exciting. We ll call this one research Christian historical fiction romance with a touch of mystery As far as genres go, that s a lot in one book It s interesting to me that there was probably a good deal of Christian Biblical teaching that people would have had back then that we lack today When the hero has verses popping into his head, even though we re told his mother read him the scandal sheets, not the Bible, for bedtime stories, it strains belief And yet folks back then probably knew a lot than we do today So, where s the line in historical fiction What must be given up to make it bearable to today s readers How much do we impose on the past our own prejudices Gwen, the daughter of a steward, is happy that Blackcliff has a new master as her little town depends heavily on the house to provide jobs Trevor, whose father bought him the baronetcy, has no money to make the changes the place would need to support itself and him in the manner he hopes to obtain He s fought for a place in the sun, having been born a bastard oops, can t use that word in a Christian book Even though he s now officially a gentleman, he still feels the stings of those who look down on him He hopes that the money his estate makes will help him land a respectable woman to raise him in the ton s sight.Trevor can t wait to get back to London Gwen hopes the town entices him to stay, though she may have a lot say than the surroundings When things get complicated with a little mystery, Trevor can t leave until he solves the puzzle. I liked this book much than the Irresistible Earl It contains a mystery, that though I figured out really quickly, had me interested to see how the characters would figure it out The characters are appealing than Chase and Mercedee too Sir Trevor has a slightly roguish air about him that I find attractive He s not overbearing like his friend though he is rather cynical at first Gwen is an appealing heroine because she s strong and intelligent She s also very very good and incredibly naive, traits which I found irritating at times This novel contains a bit inspirational content than the first There are brief pleas to the Lord, some Bible reading and in depth prayers Most of all is Gwen s firm belief that the Lord will provide and He has provided Sir Trevor Sir Trevor must learn to have Faith as well I didn t find the Inspirational content too obtrusive I was able to gloss over some of it I would recommend this book to readers of Regina Scott s earlier Regencies and to those who don t mind Inspirational fiction. This story is a follow up of The Irresistible Earl The earl s friend sir Trevor is the lead hero in this one He finds himself the owner of an estate, Blackcliff, where he meets the energetic and kind Gwen daughter of the steward She is determined to make him like Blackcliff and it s generous people, since the successful operation of the main house and the nearby mine is essential to the well being of the locals Added to that is the mistery of a constantly moving statuette of a shepherd A bit too preachy, but that s all on me I enjoyed one of this authors other books and thought this would be like the others, I ve read LI books before that were just ultra clean traditional That was not the case here I felt sermonized and that is not my jam Characters were good, but the chemistry felt a tad forced.