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Good book I really liked Gemma s passion for her cause, and the way she went about getting Rory s attention I liked Rory too He was pretty ticked off at the beginning, but ended up being willing to be convinced He had his issues, being focused on the business first, but was able to change as he went along I really liked his reactions while snorkeling, and the camping scene was priceless Gemma also had family issues with her mother, but they were eventually able to work that out also ( Pdf ) ♽ Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire? ♆ Gemma Fights For What She Believes In Her Local Beach Is Under Threat From Developers So She S Chained Herself Up Suffragette Style In A Dramatic Protest Against Tycoon Rory Devlin As An Attention Grabbing Stunt, It S Priceless Only, Gemma S Usual Dedication Is Being Sidetracked By Her Inconvenient Attraction To The Big Boss Man Himself Gorgeous, Rich And Ruthlessly Cynical, This Corporate Shark Is Everything Gemma Has Sworn To Avoid