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Some interesting ideas here Many of the desserts will be familiar but with new ingredients I am interested in trying old fashioned fudge cake with beets and Greek yogurt in the cake and Neufch tel in the frosting.Several recipes have regular and sugar free Truvia options Non stick spray is recommended only if you are not using baking mats or parchment paper I don t like sugar substitutes or non stick spray, but the author gives options so you can avoid find alternatives to almost any suggestion.Some new recipes of interest peanut butter banana cream pie, lemon mousse with basil and blueberries, dessert pizza with cherries and rosemary, plum and rosewater soup, strawberry watermelon popsicles, pi a colada Popsicles, marshmallows, apricot bars I will admit to being a bit skeptical I have seen too many low fat or low calorie dessert cookbooks that take abundant advantage of tasteless items like Cool Whip Free and artificial sweeteners Instead, Marisa Churchill plays with texture and flavor and freshness and creates elegant, tasty desserts that you wouldn t even have to excuse to your guests.First I made the Buttermilk Panna Cotta with Berries I used local blackberries I bought at a market in Brevard, NC, that were just dying to be treated with respect I also finally accomplished my goal of substituting agar agar powder for gelatin with a good result Gelatin is a pretty frequent ingredient recipe throughout the book to help with mouth feel without adding fat, but as a vegetarian I don t eat it Luckily there are sea vegetable substitutes.The second recipe I made was the Deconstructed Key Lime Pie I tweaked a few things there too, since I had a whole bottle of key lime juice, I went straight and it was tart I don t miss the crust Would anyone I also just left the gelatin out of the egg whites for the topping, since I was going to be serving it right away.I had my eye on several recipes in the cookbook that I plan to make at a later date, and was largely constrained by a feeling of seasonality, but damn if that pear and chocolate gingerbread upside down cake from the holiday section not call my name The recipe I have dogeared to try in the not too distant future are the strawberry black pepper meringues.I m looking forward to making out of this book, and adopting some of the tricks in some of my usual recipes Pictures on my baking blog. All of the recipes here are pretty basic I didn t feel the need to save any of them because I already had these recipes The hook for this book is that Churchill shows you how to make tried and true favorites with low fat ingredients so you can feel good about what you eat Or at least not as terrible.That doesn t work for me, mainly because the low fat tricks involve using low fat cream cheese, or Truvia, or corn oil I don t trust low fat products God knows what they pump in there to keep taste consistent but knock down calories , I don t trust artificial sweeteners because in ten years we ll find out that they contain carcinogens, as is always the case with new fangled health products , and I trust cows that give us butter a hell of a lot than I trust the companies that somehow manage to get oil from corn IN WHAT WORLD DOES OIL COME FROM CORN.So for me, this book was pretty useless But if you actually believe in using fake, icky vegetable oils as opposed to animal fat, butter, olive oil, or coconut oil you might like it and find it useful. I picked this up, hoping to find recipes for healthy desserts However, knowing what I do about Pam cooking spray, and most non fat sugar free ingredients, these aren t healthier Sure, they may be somewhat lower in fat and calories, but give me fat and calories over scientific concoctions any day The strawberry jam filled peanut butter cookies do look divine, however. I made the chocolate cake for a holiday party I loved that she used grated raw beet in the recipe to replace some of the sugar The best part was that the kids gobbled it up and had no clue I was feeding them beets I also made the Almond Joy macaroons for a cookie exchange The macaroons are made with egg whites, so definitely a step up from my old recipe which called for condensed milk However next time I will use egg whites from a carton like the recipe calls for I used fresh eggs and was then trying to find a use for the yolks. I found maybe two recipes to try A caramel sauce sounded easy and tasty But the majority were recipes too involved or well known I was excited to have yhis book to enjoy on my phone, via my public library I love the show chopped, it was interesting to hear a few stories about the recipes But is never buy this book I love cookbooks. The recipes didn t seem any healthier than what I normally make, just made the portions seem key. The one thing I took away from this book is do your BEST B is for balanced dietE is for ExerciseS is for Smaller portionsT is for Take time to commit to these 3 things every day.Otherwise I skimmed over the recipes and didn t find any to want to try. ^Download Kindle ↟ Sweet & Skinny ↜ In Sweet Skinny, Professional Pastry Chef Marisa Churchill Presents One Hundred Low Fat Recipes Including Than Twenty Five Sugar Free Variations That Show Readers How To Indulge In Dessert While Maintaining A Healthy Figure And Lifestyle In Her Debut Cookbook, Marisa Will Show You As She Has Also Done On Top Chef And Food Network Challenge How To Pick The Best Ingredients, Create Contrasting Textures To Entice The Palate, Boost Flavor With Fresh Fruit, Herbs, And Spices, And Substitute Lower Fat Lower Calorie Alternatives Without Skimping On Flavor From Quick Weeknight Desserts That Can Be Ready In Fewer Than Thirty Minutes To Elegant Desserts For Dinner Parties And Holidays, Sweet Skinny Gives Readers All The Skills And Recipes They Need To Satisfy Their Cravings Hosting A Dinner Party Wow Your Guests With Individual S More Tarts, Goat Cheesecake With Figs, Or Perhaps A Rosemary Angel Food Cake With Lemon Glaze Charged With A Holiday Dessert How About Pear And Chocolate Upside Down Cake, Orange Chile Chocolate Bark, Or Baked Apples With Maple Gingersnap Stuffing Faced With A Sudden Craving Rest Assured No Bake Cheesecake Cups With Concord Grapes, Molten Chocolate Souffl Cake, And Mocha Affogato Milkshakes Can Be Whipped Up In Minutes Illustrated With Vibrant Finished And In Process Food Photographs Throughout, Sweet Skinny Will Help You Make Desserts That Everyone Will Love, For Any Occasion For Those Who Are Trying To Lose Weight, Have Dietary Restrictions, Or Are Simply Looking To Cut Or Decrease Sugar, Sweet Skinny Offers A Path To Eating Healthier And Baking Simpler By Lowering Fat And Cooking Smart, With Everything In Moderation From The Trade Paperback Edition