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One of my favorites in Sujata Massey s Rei Shumura series I am busting a gut with excitement about her new The Sleeping Dictionary, coming out in August Rei Shumura is an antiques dealer and sleuth with ties to the US and Japan Her D.C details ring very true, making me trust her descriptions of the exotic and utterly mysterious Tokyo In this one, Rei is on the trail of an ancient ceramic pitcher that went missing from the Iraqi national museum It leads her from Washington to Kyushu and into a typhoon of deception, international intrigue, and lovers old and new. Must have read this book pre GR Was a new author to me, I see I did put the first book in the series on my to read list. @E-PUB á The Typhoon Lover í A Young Woman With A Foothold In Two Cultures, Rei Shimura Has Gone Wherever Fortune And Her Unruly Passions Have Led Her Throughout Her Chaotic Twenties Now, After The Streamers For Her Thirtieth Birthday Celebration Have Been Taken Down, The Japanese American Antiques Dealer And Part Time Sleuth Finds Herself With An Assignment To Find And Authenticate An Ancient Middle Eastern Pitcher That Disappeared From Iraq S National MuseumThe Piece Is Believed To Be In The Hands Of A Wealthy Japanese Collector, Whose Passion For Beauty Extends To Rei Herself But When A Devastating Typhoon Hits Tokyo, Rei Is Trapped With The Object Of Her Investigation And With Much Much Than The Fate Of An Ancient Pitcher At Risk I continue to enjoy this series Always something new to learn about Japanese culture, geography and antiques, and Rei continues to blunder on no matter the odds, in this case through a typhoon which she manages to survive by floating down the street on a kid s pool toy Things are not good with the hunky boyfriend, though Will have to wait for the next book for them to make up. This is a later book in the series of Rei, a Japanese American, antique buyer and dealer, who has on and off again affairs with Hugh, a Scotsman, and Takei, a independently wealthy Japanese flower arranger, both highly attractive The plot is a bit improbable the CIA wants Rei to go to Japan, where she has been kicked out of because of previous sleuthing, to find out if Takei has an ancient Persian vase, stolen from the Iraq museum Why would the CIA care Rei gets into a peck of trouble, and seems to rush from place to place even wading through a typhoon Massey throws in a lot of current rock n roll musical groups which seems a bit forced, but I actually like all the details about Rei s vintage designer clothes Also the descriptions of Japanese houses, streets and social conventions are very well done, giving an eye to another culture She loses both lovers, one becomes a monk and one moves, but maybe a future job with the CIA Maybe she should retire. enjoying this series and This book follows a 30 year old Japanese Amercian woman as she is hired by our government to uncover a high end ancient artifact smuggling ring in Japan Without any training With 1 week or so notice As far as I can tell, she was given a cell phone, an expense account, and not much else.It actually starts off with her boyfriend throwing her a big late, late week night party in Washington DC for her birthday That made very little sense either In Japan, she ends up walking through a typhoon to get to her target Really And so on.Apparently there are previous adventures with this person Maybe knowing her history a little better, it would be easier to believe. Improbable but entertaining Rei Shimura has been banned from Japan for her sleuthing but gets a chance to return thanks to the CIA The agency wants to know about an ancient Iraqi ewer that has turned up in Japan, and although Rei s specialty is Japanese antiquities, she has the connections to find out what the government wants to know The plot never answers the basic question why does the American government care about an ancient piece of Middle Eastern pottery Despite this, the book is entertaining and Rei is a compelling character. Antiques dealer and hobby sleuth Rei Shimura has been banned from Japan, but now she has a way back in The CIA wants her to fly there to track down and authenticate an ancient Middle Eastern pitcher that was stolen from the Iraqi National Museum and now appears to be in the possession of her ex Takeo Obviously, the typhoon in the title that hits the area during Rei s stay soon becomes the least of her problems, as she stumbles from one blunder to the next and gets herself into serious trouble If you disregard the fact that the whole premise is extremely far fatched Why does the CIA care about a piece of pottery, valuable antique or not Why send an amateur who doesn t actually know much about Middle Eastern antiques Neither of these were explained in a satisfactory manner, probably because it doesn t make any sense , this was an entertaining enough read, though none of the characters acted in a particularly endearing manner view spoiler Why Rei was putting up with Hugh, colossal jerk that he is, in the first place I ll never understand, but that s hardly an excuse for cheating on him with her ex Who was engaged to someone else at the time And also was a colossal jerk to her the last time they met WTF I also didn t care much for absolutely every single one of Rei s friends and relatives being judgmental assholes on the basis of a questionable paparazzi photo their reaction would have been understandable if they d known that she actually slept with him, but all they had was the crappy picture and a lot of assumptions Way to be supportive, people hide spoiler The adventures of Rei Shimura, antiques dealer and reluctant detective, continue This one stretched credibility a bit is it really that easy to be hired by the CIA Would they even hire someone as unreliable albeit charming as Miss Shimura I read on anyway.