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I like Ollie Moon but I got a little lost with this one I ll have to try it again on another day.re read it today 5 27 I think I appreciated this one the second time around won t bump my rating up to a four but would move it up to a 3.5.Moon s efforts to get Ollie to laugh are kind of sweet. Two feline best friends travel to New York City, where Moon bets Ollie that she can make him laugh. Here we have two characters who just love each other s company Normally Moon loves to make Ollie laugh, but her antics aren t working today She makes a bet that she can make him laugh, but the best she seems able to accomplish is a smile, until both of them crack up Your youngster will laugh, even if Ollie doesn t, and everybody will get a kick out of the New York conclusion Enjoy. Ollie and Moon s second book featuring two cats using real photos as illustrations scenes of New York behind the hand drawn cats Focus on making each other laugh, we have to wait for a bird to poop before it happens. I m not crazy about it, but I do appreciate the Simon Garfunkel reference in the subway, and cats with poop jokes are always funny at this juncture in my life. Moon bets Ollie that she can make him laugh because he s always laughing at her , so Ollie takes the bet and won t laugh He finally laughs when a bird poops on Moon s head. .FREE DOWNLOAD ☢ Ollie & Moon ☥ Moon Loves To Make Her Best Friend, Ollie, Laugh On This Particular Day, However, Her Favorite Gags Aren T Doing The Trick The Two Make A Bet On Whether Or Not Moon S Crazy Antics Will Be Enough To Bring Back Ollie S Usual Ha Ha S, Hee Hee S, And Ho Ho S Silliness Ensues In The Form Of A Playful Day In New York City Involving Wacky Dancing, Funny Lips Sounds, And Even A Troupe Of Chicken Mimes Photographic Backdrops Set The Scene For This Wonderfully Absurd Adventure Will Moon Make Ollie Laugh Before The Last Page Fuhgeddaboudit One Thing Is For Sure Delighted Readers Will Be Giggling Every Step Of The Way I support independent bookstores You can use this link to find one near you Story OkayIllustrations loveHow can you not adore silly, illustrated characters with real photos of NYC as their backdrop I just wish I liked the actual story better. Ollie Moon s entertaining friendship continues, with an ending that is sure to make kids laugh Plus, who doesn t love to say fuhgeddaboudit