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I recently read the 4th Billy Bob Holland book and wanted This is 2 Billy Bob is still in southern Texas He s a lawyer and former Texas Ranger , and his future wife Temple is his investigator Billy Bob s girlfriend from his teen years, town beauty Peggie Jean, is now married to wealthy Earl Dietrich A down on his luck rodeo rider with a blind psychic Native American wife gets involved in the theft of an antique watch and some bearer bonds from Earl Meanwhile, some Mexican gang bangers are involved with Earl s son and Billy Bob s son Throw in a couple of escaped cons and you ve got fertile ground for James Lee Burke s wonderful story telling and beautifully descriptive, if a little wordy, language Now I have to find books 1 and 3, so I can find out how it all begins, and how Billy Bob and Temple end up in Montana. Burke is one of the best writers, maybe the best writer I ve ever read Heartwood 2 book in the Billy Bob Holland series I read this about 10 12 years ago but was worth reading again..Holland an ex Texas Ranger now an attorney in a small hill country town west of Austin trying to find justice against all odds His best friend who he accidentally killed visits him still. @DOWNLOAD KINDLE ⚜ Heartwood ⛄ A Brilliantly Layered Novel Of Crime, Character, And Place From The Two Time Edgar Award Winner, Gold Dagger Award Winner, And New York Times Bestselling Author Of Sunset Limited Few Writers In America Today Combine James Lee Burke S Lush Prose, Crackling Story Lines, And Tremendous Sense Of History And Landscape In Cimmaron Rose, Longtime Fans Of The Dave Robicheaux Series Found That The Struggles Of Texas Defense Attorney Billy Bob Holland Show Burke At His Best In Exploring Classic American Themes The Sometimes Subtle, Often Violent Strains Between The Haves And The Have Nots The Collision Of Past And Present The Inequities In The Criminal Justice System Heartwood Is A Kind Of Tree That Grows In Layers And As Billy Bob S Grandfather Once Told Him, You Do Well In Life By Keeping The Roots In A Clear Stream And Not Letting Anyone Taint The Water For You But In Holland S Dusty Little Hometown Of Deaf Smith, In The Hill Country North Of Austin, Local Kingpin Earl Deitrich Has Made A Fortune Running Roughshod And Tainting Anyone Who Stands In His Way Billy Bob Has Problems With Deitrich And His Shamelessly Callous Demeanor, But Can T Shake The Legacy Of His Passion For Deitrich S Heartbreak Beautiful Wife, Peggy Jean When Holland Takes On The Defense Of Wilbur Pickett A Man Accused Of Stealing An Heirloom And Three Hundred Thousand Dollars In Bonds From Deitrich S Office He Finds Himself Up Against Not Only Earl S Power And Influence, But Also A Past Billy Bob Can T Will Away A Wonderfully Realized Novel, Rich In Texas Atmosphere And Lore, And A Dazzling Portrait Of The Deadly Consequences Of Self Delusion, Heartwood Could Only Have Been Written By James Lee Burke, A Writer In Expert Command Of His Craft I always give James Lee Burke s books five stars, because they are all outstanding This time 1999 the main character is Billy Bob Holland, and it is before he marries Temple Carrol, his investigator There are all kinds of interesting characters, most of whom could use the services of Billy as a lawyer, and the ghost of his former Texas Ranger partner, whom he tragically and accidentally shot to death Lots of action, murder and some suspense. HEARTWOOD by James Lee Burke is 341 pages in hardback form It is 2 in Billy Bob Holland series.Brief Description Central to Burke s second Billy Bob novel Cimarron Rose was his first is Wilbur Pickett Wilbur had a brief moment of glory as a rodeo cowboy before sliding into a downward cycle of luckless enterprises He ends up laboring for a wealthy family, the Dietrichs, in the Texas town of Deaf Smith The Dietrichs accuse Wilbur of stealing some bearer bonds, and Billy Bob now a defense attorney reluctantly take his case He is hesitant because he idolizes Peggy Jean Dietrich , and for good reason Billy Bob discovers that her husband Earl may be involved in shady, even violent, business practices.Other ghosts from the past also haunt Billy Bob he accidentally killed his former partner on a drug raid in Mexico and still hears his voice And then there s Holland s illegitimate son Lucas, who is growing up with problems of his own The weight of all this back story might overwhelm a lesser writer, but Burke manages to make it seem as natural as the soft wind that stirs the tumbleweed in the town of Deaf Smith Dick AdlerI love James Lee Burke and his dark characters The fact that his characters are not perfect makes them even interesting Billy Bob does live with demons and that is why he has trouble with people, because they can t live with him and his demons Billy Bob is a very good guy though even under his the dark side He never forgets to help Pete his neighbor and takes him places he would never be able to go I love when Pete says, I knew you were going to say that Even though Pete is a child you do see that he does understand and wants to help if he can Billy Bob doesn t do things the way a normal way, but usually gets the job done It is not a book you can finish and then just forget Some of the things in the book just stay in your head for a couple of days These books are normally violent in some ways so one must be prepared for that It is not only violence to bad people, sometimes the violence is put upon the good ones too There are several turns in this book and one that I didn t see coming, but that was okay I am still not sure what happened in the end, but that is okay too I don t think you really need to know I think you just need to accept the fact that sometimes things don t get all tied up.I am giving this 4 out of 5 stars and am going to try and read the rest of this series BUY NOW Conniesbookshelf.com 7.50 Hardcover I picked up this book on tape at a garage sale for fifty cents Sorry, Mr Burke, no royalties there but it did get me started following this magnificent author and his two characters, Robicheaux and Holland, along with his short stories.Generally, I enjoy reading books with strong female leads, but Mr Burke has be hooked Never Fails to EntertainI am sad to say I have now read all of Mr Burke s books, including the short stories I am pretty good at a few things But my prowess at any of them falls well short of his as a storyteller. I usually like this author, but this is the second book of this series that I have tried and they are way too testosterone intense for me A really unpleasant reading experience. I love any book by James Lee Burke and am determined to read them all I especially enjoy his descriptions of the Louisiana landscape This book is different it takes place in Texas and stars Billy Bob Holland, a lawyer I am so enad of Burke s other hero, Dave Robicheaux, that I couldn t help but wish he was in this book too I think I m getting a little crazy when I m starting to think of a book character like Dave as real but that gives you an idea of how good James Lee Burke s writing can be For lovers of this author, I heartily recommend this book. The Billy Bob series is a great one Burke really captures Texas warts and all very well Looking forward to from this series, as Dave Robicheaux can t go on forever.