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Volume 5 was very entertaining, everything gets resolved There is twist in the end with 1 Didn t really expect that It ended well I wanted though afterwards with zero and six Good read, glad I picked up the series. as a whole this series was a bit too zany seinen for me, but i definitely liked elements of it, particularly the slow reveal of the children s backstory. Mind twist [ DOWNLOAD BOOK ] ♊ 0/6 (Zero/Six), Volume 5 ♫ Moolchi S Father Sends Him An Unusual Gift In The Form Of A Stunning Girl Automaton, Who Causes No End Of Trouble When She Insists On Accompanying Him To School But Moolchi Has Other Problems As Well He Remains Unaware Of Both The Cute Hall Monitor Who Has A Crush On Him, And The Intentions Of This Mysterious Femme Fatale