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Not ashamed to admit that I started tearing up several times while reading through this At this point in my life, this book is probably the most important thing I ve ever read, for intense, dramatic personal reasons Rivers Cuomo really is brilliant, and getting a look into his life during his most creative period was absolutely fascinating. This was really interesting but definitely not worth 75 dw I didn t pay that much for it I found it online hmu if u want the link I am a big fan of Weezer s Pinkerton album and this was a pretty insightful glimpse into how the record came together It also contains a wealth of information about Rivers earlier plan for a space opera called Songs from the Black Hole I have been semi obsessed with this concept since I heard the song Blast Off ten years ago On the not as engaging side for me anyway , there were a lot of Rivers papers essays from his time at Harvard which were a little dull to read All in all, this book was fascinating and well worth a read It also comes with the third volume of his Alone collections with some excellent music on it. A very enjoyable read overall A lot of Rivers college essays about books I haven t read didn t do a great job of keeping my attention, but the diaries and letters themselves as well as the articles he had written for various magazines were fascinating to read. Cuomo gives his audience exactly what they we have been asking for since 1996of Pinkerton s backstory Diary entries, letters, emails, and, best of all, sketches of his music compositional process There are a handful of longer form writings essays on Monteverdi, Wagner, Shakespeare, Heart of Darkness, etc some of these reveal Cuomo s thinking on topics such as musical progress, while a few seem to merely fulfill the requirements of one of his college courses Music assignments are included as well, complete with corrections from instructors Practically all of the material is unique Where could one read Cuomo s diary, except from Cuomo Some of it is intensely personal we read him struggling with a difficult medical condition we see the collapse of a handful of his relationships we see him abandon his most ambitious musical project The general reader might be bored by college essays, or see the diary entries as self indulgent The hardcore Pinkerton fan will be deeply moved. This is a must read for any hardcore Weezer fan as it gives insight into Rivers Cuomo s life after releasing the Blue Album in 1994 until just after Pinkerton was released in 1996 It gives readers an idea of what he went through, from being a mainstream label rock star to feeling lonely as an older student at Harvard, as well as the struggles he experienced with his leg extension surgery Everything ties together in the creative process that became the well loved though at the time poorly received sopho album Although this covers a small period of Weezer s now 20 years as a band, it really explains the band s development quite a bit and why for quite a long time afterward, they never played any songs from this album and why Rivers didn t acknowledge it Its commercial failure at the time was devastating due to its confessional and personal nature Moreover, this also makes it clearer why the Green Album was fairly commercial and mainstream with a lot less substance than its predecessor, and why the relationship between Weezer and their fans has been and probably will always be complicated.One thing to note about The Pinkerton Diaries is that you can definitely takeaway from it if you re familiar with some of the topics covered For example, there s a lot of sheet music that isinteresting if you can actually read it Additionally, there are a few papers from Rivers time at Harvard that cover music theory, operas, and literature If you re unfamiliar with the works covered, they come off as dry academic papers, but on the other hand, it might also spur fans to seek out these works and broaden their horizons And that actually ends up enriching the experience and understanding of Pinkerton I couldn t help myself but compare this to The John Lennon Letters which I had read a few years ago due to the personal nature and content of the two However, The Pinkerton Diaries takes advantage of the formatand is thusinsightful because it focuses on a specific creative period in Rivers Cuomo s life and puts the album into context It s not just compiling personal correspondence and diary entries to let you figure it out on your own, but it feels like you are actually being guided through the creative process. Whilst the essays are generally a bore to read, everything else is quite the opposite interesting, touching and, most of all, insightful A necessity for any big Weezer fan.The CD that comes with it include demo songs from the same era, and it s a fantastic listen, but no information is provided about most of the songs anywhere within the book. *Download ☞ The Pinkerton Diaries ↝ Rivers Describes The Pinkerton Diaries As A Collection Of My Journals, Emails, Letters, Photos, And School Papers So You Get An Inside Look As To Exactly What I Was Thinking When I Wrote Pinkerton This Thoughtfully Assembled Book Covers The YearsTo , Beginning On May Th, , The Day The Blue Album Was Released The Pinkerton Diaries Is An Intimate Ride Along On The Journey As Rivers Goes From Playing An Empty Club With Weezer To Selling Millions Of Records And Touring All Over The World Then Willingly Trades The Life Of A Rock Star For The Life Of A Harvard Undergrad Rivers Personal Journals Included In This Book Detail Everything From The Confusion And Excitement Of Trying To Figure Out Girls, To The Physically And Emotionally Harrowing Medical Struggles He Underwent For Over A Year To Correct A Congenital Leg Length Discrepancy Also Included Are Rivers Lyric Notebooks, Music Compositions, And Studio Notes From The Pinkerton Sessions, Giving The Reader Unprecedented Insight Into These Beloved Songs