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i m not really sure why i don t like ann aguirre s books than i do on paper, they have everything that i d want in a book strong female characters who are than just strong female characters, really interesting secondary worlds, brutal violence and real consequences to the heroes actions or inactions she is a competent writer, in that her books are very readable.but i just don t enjoy them the way i should something about them leaves me cold i think that part of it is that her prose is very workmanlike it s readable, but that s it her style just doesn t grab me it s spare in a way that makes sense for the world, but i don t think her voice really changes enough from each book series i also dislike the way she writes romances they re very over the top in a way that i do not enjoy some people might like the I WILL DIE FOR YOU and the angst of broken people who find each other, but they always seem very co dependent to me and not in a good way dred jael is a little better than march jax god, i hate march but still has that shade to it.as for this book itself, the first half was non stop action and the second half was a very extended epilogue on the one hand, it was deserved aguirre has certainly put these characters through hell during the three books that we ve known them, and they ve worked for their happy ever afters on the other hand, i ended up skimming because i was bored i don t think this is really a spoiler since the book is called breakout, but i was only really interested in seeing how they d get off of perdition everything else, eh i am sorry i don t connect with these books, because there is a lot to like, and a lot of worth i think it says something about aguirre that i keep reading her books even though she is a consistent three to two star writer for me. This book gave me absolutely everything I wanted That s no small feat, considering it wraps up the second series of books set in a world I have loved from the word go It s sci fi fantasy, with just the right amount of romance to hit my sweet spot The characters are richly drawn, with depth and nuance They are heroic and vulnerable, fallible and fierce The worldbuilding is fascinating and really second to none The plot is interesting the pacing is perfect And the ending satisfied me in every way.The title of the book really says it all This is all about Dred and her gang s Breakout from Perdition And it s a herculean task After all, this is a prison ship designed to hold its prisoners indefinitely They re cut off They have no supplies They re in a hostile environment, facing the risk of betrayal from Vost and his mercenaries, death at the hand of Silence and her minions, and that s not even touching on the plague carrying mutant rodents Basically, every step could lead to freedom or unmitigated disaster And Ann Aguirre makes you feel it.There are really only a handful of survivors left from Queensland But Dred refuses to give up hope She soldiers on, holding on to the last vestiges of the Dread Queen to carry her friends to the other side of this last battle It s impossible not to love and respect her for it, especially as she slowly lets that persona slip away We see and of the real Dred, and she s so awesome, especially as we see her through Jael s eyes I love how he loves her To him, she may as well as hung the moon Because she sees worth in him To her, he is a man instead of a thing And for the first time, he really starts to believe that too He starts to be the kind of man he never dreamed possible.The relationship between Dred and Jael is so great I believed in them 100% I believed that these two would live and die for one another And they prove it over and over again.So many things I loved here, like the fact we get a backstory for Silence It s kind of obvious from the moment Aguirre starts to lay the foundation, but it didn t detract from it at all It didn t make her any less creepy, but it introduces a layer of tragedy to her and her descent into madness I loved that the book doesn t end with the team flying away from Perdition The story takes us far beyond that It takes me where I want to go It shows me what their lives become I love how this feels not just like an ending to this trilogy, but for the entire Grimspace world It shows us what became of other characters from the original series not enough to overshadow this story, but just the right amount to produce the feels for longtime fans.If you haven t read this series or the Sirantha Jax books I can t recommend them highly enough I m sad there are no left to read, but I couldn t be happier with the way they went out Very, very good.Rating A 3.5 StarsOriginally posted at The Bookaholic CatBreakout is the third and last book in the Dred Chronicles series by Ann Aguirre.Breakout starts just after the events in Havoc, second book in the series Dred and her people are forced to ally with the mercenary commander Vost and the few mercenaries he has left alive They know if they want to escape they need to work together, not only to build the escaping ship, but also to overcome Silence and her killers The biggest problem is Dred doesn t trust Vost, but she knows he s her only way out of Perdition.I remember years back when I discovered Ann Aguirre and her Sirantha Jax series I also remembered how much I loved those books and how sad I was to see the series came to an end I couldn t have been thrilled when I heard Aguirre was writing a new series in the same world of Sirantha Jax I also remember how much I enjoyed the first two books in the Dred Chronicles series Saying I was excited about reading this next and last book in this series is an understatement, but sadly, maybe I had too great expectations I m not saying Breakout wasn t good, because that was not the case it was only not as good as I was expecting it to be My problem was with the pace of the story On the first part, many things happened, but at the same time nothing really happened and the last third of the story felt like a long epilogue.Also, the first part felt like an info dump We learned about Jael and his origins and about Silence s Many opportune things happened to be able to tell their stories Although I was happy to learn about their past, the way they were brought to the story and the repercussions they had in the long run were a bit too convenient for my taste.One thing I really liked about Breakout were the relationships between the characters They all have come a long way and now that the pressure was lessened it was easier to see them blooming into a small little family I don t want to say much not to give spoilers away I will only say, it was nice to see a softer side of Dred and of Jael.Aguirre ties all the loose ends nicely and gives her characters a well deserved HEA Maybe it was a bit too much of a HEA, but it was nice too see how things panned out for them at the end I also liked the little cameos of certain characters from the Sirantha Jax series.Although not my favorite in the series, Breakout is a good addition and a good conclusion to a great series Breakout is also a must read to fans of this series and fans of Ann Aguirre s books.Breakout doesn t work as a standalone it should be read as part this a series. It is finally here After Perdition and Havoc, the conclusion is finally here Can you tell I am excited Seriously, look at that cover and that blurb, and my love for the other books in this series I so wish I could have taken the day off work to read this, but alas, that wasn t an option and I had to wait This is the sort of book that really irks me about Tuesday release days Seriously, Saturdays or Sundays would suit me much better.But back to the book There may be spoilers for at least the previous books, so stop here if you haven t read them yet I ll try not to spoil anything since this is worth the ride, but no promises.The intrepid band of murderers have just made an unholy alliance with the remaining mercenaries who were sent to kill them all That unfortunately leaves Silence and her acolytes to deal with, no easy task, and then things go from bad to worse.Seriously, the hard hits just keep coming at our crew, and the plot twists strike like lightening out of no where It is a rush and I kept finding myself leaning forward like somehow my forward momentum would push me thorough it faster It was literally painful to see what some of the characters went through, and to get into some of their back stories Literally painful, heartbreaking even, and I am telling you again, Aguirre has some sort of magic to make the readers care so about murderers And character growth enough to make you weep Not too long ago I was reading a post about genre fiction vs literary fiction, and if you can read this series and not see how the characters grow, how their ideals change, and if you can t feel the emotions just pouring off the page, then I sincerely doubt your ability to actually read or to learn anything from any sort of fiction It isn t highbrow, I doubt anyone but me well and other science fiction fans would consider it literary whatever the hell that means But it is the kind of thing that puts you right there and makes you question yourself What if What if that were me, what if I were in that position I ll take my social commentary, political criticism, and focus on an individual to explore parts of the human condition, wrapped up in a shiny and gritty yes I think it can be both science fiction package thank you very much Moments of emotional truth indeed.Something else that was pleasing was an additional minor tie ins to the Sirantha Jax series Since I have read those I can t gauge the impact on someone who hasn t read them, but for me it made one of the characters just that little bit poignant I can imagine that if you haven t read the other series it would seem bland, but since it is a very small part of this story, don t feel you have to read that series, though I sincerely recommend it.The first three quarters of the story were full of adrenaline fueled action that further honed our main characters The last quarter was almost like an extended epilogue I can imagine that some people might find that slightly irksome, but personally, I couldn t have been thrilled If there was one complaint that I had about the Sirantha Jax series it was that the series cut off when the main action was resolved I understand that Aguirre purposefully set it up to let Sirantha live the rest of her life off page, but it was a bit disappointing for me at least I like the slow down and the look inside the calm, it feels like the book version of aftercare, and I missed it But Breakout provided it spades, and I found that infinitely satisfying than action packed adventure Things were neatly tied and comfortable by the end of it Not everyone got happy endings, but I think everyone got the right endings.In the end, for me, there was only one wrong note A cameo that kind of made me cringe slightly, because the timeline of the story made me unhappy with how other events must have shaped up, so it was unsatisfying rather than the boon I was sure it was meant to be Honestly though, that is just sour grapes on my part And it made me realize how much I honestly like, respect and prefer Jael and Dred than them, so at least that clarified it for me If that seems overly cryptic, well you ll just have to read both series to see what I mean.Despite that one false note though, I was completely satisfied I unreservedly recommend this series to science fiction fans, particularly ones who like the gritty and emotional with a heaping helping of romance and ones who enjoy the after care of an emotionally gripping story I am giving this entry 5 stars and suggesting reading this series all at once like one epic book, I think it is satisfying that way then splitting it out and thinking of each book as a separate thing, because Havoc FEELS like the middle of a book And since the flavor of each of the books is different due to changes in the characters, this isn t likely to burn you out like gloms of some series tend to.Cross posted Breakout is the epic conclusion to Ann Aguirre s Dred Chronicles trilogy The book kept me up at night I didn t want to stop could not stop reading The story of Dred, Jael, Tam, Martine, Calypso and Keelah s final battles on the prison ship Perdition and their struggles to flee it was one of fear, sadness, determination and hope.As this is the finale, there are sure to be spoilers for those who haven t reached this point in Dred s story So, I m spoiler blocking some of my review I highly recommend this trilogy to all who enjoy space opera science fiction with fierce characters For fans of Ann s Sirantha Jax series, this is a must read view spoiler Dred and Jael form a tenuous alliance with mercenary commander Vost at the end of Havoc Their hope is that, because of his desire to return to his son, he will help them escape Perdition Her crew is determined to build a ship from scrap parts found around the prison, but they must hurry, another mercenary kill team is surely on its way to take care of the job Vost s team did not.The only other adversary remaining on Perdition is Silence and her tongueless assassins Yet, after sustaining a brutal loss in numbers, Dred s crew now consists of only those closest to her They are determined than ever to find a way off the prison ship they just have to stay alive long enough to achieve it hide spoiler The bare facts of the ending are satisfying enough, but this has the most awkward pacing I ve come across in a long time.After finishing up, I can t help but feel this trilogy might have been better condensed into two books Perdition was one of my favorite books in the last few years Havoc was episodic, with some encounters that were awkward asides And then this book mostly ends three quarters of the way through, with an overlong wrap up that comes off like padding.My biggest problem with the last two thirds of the Dred Chronicles is that the author seems too kind to her characters I know that sounds like a strange thing to say about a series so full of death and pain, but I ll explain in the spoiler filled set of spoiler tags below view spoiler In the final two books, I m never left doubting Dred and Jael s ability to handle both the physical and the mental challenges of Perdition He s weakened by sharing his ability, but that just means it takes him longer to heal and he always seems to have that extra time She s ground down by the coldness it takes to play the Dread Queen, but every time it gets really bad she s always got Jael to raise her spirits They never falter even in moments, like when she messes with his head, that seem purpose built for additional conflict.Despite the body count, I only really cared about two of the deaths in the whole series The most impactful loss in Havoc also felt partly about removing a key skillset from the team Having Vost do whatever it took to keep his word to the others made for a poor final sacrifice He deserved to face the consequences of his actions, but his slow motion suicide was a cheap out that handed the survivors a neat solution.The biggest thing that made that ending feel like a draggy, bloated mess was that nothing serious went wrong for Our Protagonists after launching their homemade ship The welds held They dodged the debris They got picked up They overheard their saviors Vost sided with them They landed on the best possible world for fugitives, met the right people, had a massive stockpile of money There was a little too much happily in that ever after.Oh, and then Jax showed up, giving us a moment that must have been utterly bizarre for those who didn t read her series Part of my weariness with Breakout might be directly related to my disgust at having that cake and eat it too resolution of her love triangle crop up again hide spoiler The Sirantha Jax series by Ann Aguirre is one of my favorite odysseys of all time It left an indelible imprint on my reading life So when the author started the Dred Chronicles, I was beyond excited I ve tore through the first two books, savoring the stories and waited with great anticipation for the final book in the trilogy This book is everything I wanted it to be and then some We return to Perdition, a prison outpost located in the outer edges of the galaxy Perdition houses the worst of the worst criminals The prisoners are beyond warehousing, they are incarcerated and then forgotten They have created factions along with social and political norms As in most prisons, there is a informal hierarchy and each inmate must choose a faction for protection and survival The conglomerate has sent a troop of mercenaries to take back the prison by any means necessary Now the prisoners are not only fighting each other but are now facing a single minded, deadly special ops force Situations change and alliances are re formed At the end of Havoc, there only a few people left and it is race to get off the outpost The action and suspense is wound very tight In the confines of the prison, there is a sense of claustrophobia There is no place to escape to As a reader, you can feel the walls closing in Tension spikes as survivors are running out of time Silence s deadly crew stalks them This is an exciting page turner with finger nail biting stress I had a certain amount of dread no pun intended when reading this book Ann Aguirre can be unpredictable She is not shy about unexpectedly killing off her characters I m the kind of reader that gets emotionally invested and thus, fear for their lives You can always expect the unexpected It is what makes Ann Aguirre such a great storyteller and this story so compelling On a side note, there is a happy ending The Epilogue is my favorite part Throughout the Dred Chronicles, the narrative is told mainly from Dresdemona s point of view Her strong character her struggles, her justifications, her redemption is a highlight of the series However, for Sirantha Jax fans, the epilogue is about Jael It brings his story full circle to a very satisfying end And here s a shout out to my friends at Girls, Guns Grimoires on Goodreads There is a game changer for Team March and Team Vel Make sure to read this series IN A NUTSHELL Breakout is another successful and satisfying ending to a highly suspenseful science fiction trilogy Consider it a cross between the movies, The Longest Yard and Aliens, with a large dose of romance Could it be any better I don t think so Originally posted at Love Affair with an e Reader What a brilliant ending to a fantastic seriesThis place ll hurt you worse before it s done, grind you up and spit you out. After the carnage and violent battle at the end of the last book, Dred only has a handful of her people left in her territory, and Silence s stealth and mute assassins are hunting Dred and her people The only way to defeat Silence is to form a reluctant alliance with the last three men left of the mercenary team hired to annihilate the prisoners Which could mean their freedom off Perdition, if Dred can manage to keep everyone alive and all of them can work together to make a transport capable of getting them off the prison. But Death s handmaiden, Silence, has no problem killing everyone, including destroying Perdition, to ensure that Death gets all the souls he wants.If you didn t know, she said softly I d want to die if you didI have loved Dred since the first book, and she was just as awesome as always She s tough, kickass with her chains and fight skills, and above all else she s a survivor, who never admits defeat I love how much she cares about her friends, and how determined she is to always keep her word, to do what is right Her only vulnerability is her feelings for Jael, but never does she let her fears keep her from loving him, from being there for him.There would be bad dreams waiting, fuel for the nightmarish flames But none of that mattered because Dred loved him.And he d gladly walk through the fires of hell if she was waiting on the other sideI adore Jael With every book we learn about him and his brutal past And each time my heart breaks for how lonely, how violent his past has been, and it makes me so happy that finally he learned the value of friends, of loving someone His love for Dred is so beautiful, and I love that she is everything to him, that he would risk everything to keep her safe.You might think this is a strange warning, but there will always be danger if you stay with me Anyone finds out what I am, I ll be rounded up again I m never, ever free because I carry the crime of my creation with me Ah, she said Well, if they try to take you, then I ll do whatever it takes to stop them Whatever he breathed There you go again with such violent talk What should I do It s turning me on something fierceI have loved the romance between Dred and Jael since the first book, and I really loved how tender and sweet it was in this book They had so many close calls in this book, and I love how it just proved how much they really loved each other Both have their demons, but being together gives their live meaning. Ann Aguirre is a master at writing gripping adventure and action, and this book had it in spades Her ability to write characters that you fall in love with, how she makes you rejoice in their triumphs and grieve with their losses is amazing There were so many things that happened in this book, so many hidden plots and secrets revealed, that I was captivated from the first page until the last. This has been an intense and action packed ride from the first book right until this last one THIS IS SCI FI AT ITS BEST, with the added benefit of a glorious romance I CAN T RECOMMEND IT ENOUGH Read it. Dear The Wait ,I don t like you Could you please go away I think I speak for everyone when I say that I am very, very sick of you.Sincerely,Just another fangirl dying because this book is coming out in August ^READ E-PUB ⇷ Breakout ↠ All Hell Is Breaking Loose In The Edge Of Your Seat Follow Up ToHavoc And Perdition From New York Times Bestselling Author Ann Aguirre The Prison Ship Perdition Has Become A Post Battle Charnel House With Only A Handful Of Dred S Soldiers Still Standing And Now Being Hunted By Silence S Trained Tongueless Assassins Forging An Uneasy Alliance With Mercenary Commander Vost Who Is Their Only Chance At Escape The Dread Queen Will Do Whatever It Takes To End Her Life Sentence On Perdition And Keep The Survivors Alive Long Enough To Cobble Together A Transport Capable Of Getting Them Off Station If Dred And Her Crew Can Win The Deadly Game Of Cat And Mouse, The Payoff Is Not Only Life But Freedom A Prize Sweeter Than Their Wildest Dreams Yet The Sadistic Silence Would Rather Destroy Perdition Than Let A Single Soul Slip From Her Grasp