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This book made no real sense There is no reason that the DEA or feds wouldn t have been better equipped to help Ramon I get that he was trying to trap Thomas but Anna Max should have pointed out the obvious. I really liked this one, it seemed like Anna really went through a big range of emotions Anna wasn t the funniest person at the start I didn t really like seeing her wallow in self pity, not a good look for her I loved that she was surprised by those that cared about her Her visit by Frey and John John made me smile I liked the frank discussion that Frey had with her, I really wanted that for her, but was scared that she would screw it up and not let herself be happy.I hated how things started with Cuelabra They are friends, he has than proved that Anna can depend on her So when she was judgmental about his past I wanted to slap her, his actions then are not the man he is today I was glad that eventually she was able to get past that, that she could trust him again By the end of the book it seems they are at a better spot than where they started.Through the trouble I think Anna learned a lot about herself and her vampire At first I thought it was odd how she keeps referring to that part of her nature as a separate being, but as the series goes on I get it She needs that separation to be ok with what she has become The vampire can do the bad things that she has always wanted to do, but couldn t, the vampire can be the bad person I think as people learn about her being a vampire and can accept her, this won t be an issue any Anna was able to use being a vampire as a strength to help people this time around, even had people ask her to bring the vampire out to do the damage She even had people look to her while all the bad things were happening and after all was done, there were still people looking up to her.The ending with Max was bittersweet I liked Max at the start of the series, but when he got pissy and judgmental about her becoming a vampire I was done with him He kept showing up and all it did was make Anna feel bad about herself Even in this book he couldn t help himself and kept poking at Anna With that being said, I didn t want things to end the way they did I was glad that Max was able to have his say.I loved Anna s choice at the end, think it is perfect for her and will help keep her grounded, remind her what being the Chosen means and how she can do good with that I can t wait for the next book [Read] ☹ Haunted (Anna Strong Chronicles, #8) ☨ Anna Strong Kick Ass Bounty Hunter And Vampire Has Made Some Enemies In Her Time But It S Not Just Her Old Foes She Should Be Worried About Anna S Shape Shifting Friend Culebra Finally Opens Up To Her About His Life Before He Owned Beso De La Muerte, A Bar Catering To Supernatural Clientele As If Summoned By The Conversation, Culebra S Past Stumbles Into His Bar In The Form Of An Old Buddy Cashing In A Favor Soon Anna, Culebra And Her Ex, DEA Agent Max, Find Themselves Deep In Mexico, Dealing With Drug Cartel Infighting, Old Vendettas And Missing Girls Mexico Just May Prove To Be Anna S Best Match Yet Originally posted at Quote What am I I whisper then Vengeance Haunted, 8 in the Anna Strong Chronicles, brings back the dynamic action packed life of Anna Strong bounty hunter turned vampire, that I missed in book 7 Anna was turned into a vampire through violent means and without her consent While it has been a wild adventure for Anna, she has accepted her role in being the Chosen She is content in her relationship with Stephan, a human reporter, but she can t help the loneliness that is beginning to claw at her Being the Chosen and immortal, she is finding herself wanting something with someone who can truly understand her dual nature and the problems that comes with it When her friend Culebra, a mysterious shape shifter, reveals his past to Anna, she is both shocked and repelled Culebra is not who she thought When his past comes to him for help, Anna and her ex boyfriend, DEA agent Max, will have to shove aside their animosity, travel with Culebra into Mexico and infiltrate the drug cartel to help him right an old wrong But things are not as they seem and Anna soon learns that some things from the past will never let you go.Anna is what every Urban Fantasy heroine should be A tough, gutsy, complex character who delivers what s promised She has a strong presence but doesn t overwhelm Stein s conversational writing style is even flowing and fleshes out even the most minute details to provide a rich story telling experience She has accepted her destiny as the Chosen and lives in harmony with her vampiric side, but we see a stronger human urge for love, family, and security in here Once I started reading, I was engrossed in Anna s story The world Stein has created is a perfect blending of supernatural wonder and magic with modern times I like that Anna continues to learn from her earlier mistakes which allows for growth not only in her character but in this series She still jumps the gun, but she isn t as self destructive any.The majority of this story revolves around Culebra We learn some things about him that contradicts what we have believed so far Action, violence, and subterfuge are the main components and they are used to highlight and draw out both Culebra s and Anna s nurturing sides We see Frey and his son, giving us hope that they will become and a permanent feature in future storylines I liked the fact that even with multiple subplots, the main story line stays focused and reads fast and furious Betrayal is a recurring factor that presents itself on many different levels While some of the plot and it s main characters actions were predictable, it didn t take away from the over all enjoyment.Many readers will be pleased to see that Haunted resolves some long standing storylines and opens new doors for Anna One in particular that I have been waiting for a long time What appeals to me in this series is it s plot driven storyline Fast paced action and strong characters play a huge part while romance is subdued and used to accent the story rather than compete against it This series is continuing arc so I do not recommend it as a stand alone Even though the main conflict is resolved at the end of each installment, past scenes and relationships are often referenced and that will not make sense if you are not familiar with the players I enjoyed this newest adventure into Anna s life and was pleased by the direction Ms Stein is taking with the series.Overall rating B Haunted is a powerful, compelling story of drug cartels, human trafficking, gun running along the Mexican border, and did I mention the vampire Or the shape shifter Anna Strong, bounty hunter and vampire, fulfills every revenge fantasy you ve ever had against the evil predators who traffic in young girls Anna doesn t mean to get caught up in the drug cartel operations along the Mexican border, but once she gets involved she doesn t back down Jeanne C Stein is a writer with a great command of language and when she puts together an action scene you can smell the smoke, feel the impacts of the gunshots, and taste the blood You can read this novel as a standalone, because you ll find out everything about Anna Strong that you need to know and you ll like this woman a lot For those of us who ve read the series, this is a thrill ride with our favorite vampire heroine who allows her supernatural abilities free rein to save innocent girls and take down some very evil bad guys An excellent novel I highly recommend it. This review was posted on Under The CoversHis scream hangs in the air longer than it takes the blood to drain from his body I watch the man die, feeling nothing, my mind a blank slate That isn t entirely true I do have a thought One down Yea, that s vampire and bounty hunter Anna Strong for you She s a bad ass, no mercy kind of girl And when her friend Culebra s Cartel past comes back to haunt him, Anna doesn t think twice about using her bad ass vampire and bounty hunter skills to help him Even if it means she has to work with her hot DEA ex boyfriend, Max to get it done Now with the Mexican Cartel seeking revenge on Culebra as well as saving young girls from one perverted drug lord, Anna is faced with one of the toughest missions she has to endure, and the vampire in her is ready to get down and bloody Haunted is book eight in the Anna Strong Chronicles and while this series is about all about Anna, this book was about Culebra I felt like I was reading a script to an action movie Every step she took was described just so that I could see and hear everything And although we don t get to see much of her bounty hunter day job here, you do get to see her skills on how she tracks her prey I do recommend reading these books in order So if you want some kick ass vampire in your life, this series is just for you ARC provided by publisher I think since she got involved again with the cat I like these books much I like the characters overall, I m not sure how I feel about her ex still, William, well, I m not sure what is up with that at all and I m sure we ll find out The odd thing about the William thing is his wife, I mean, it s not like she wasn t a part of his life She totally turned slutty and dirty Odd, very odd, don t you think he s care, just a little Compared to the others which were around a 2.5 to 3 this is towards a 4. Eighth in the Anna Strong urban fantasy series revolving around Anna, a bounty hunter turned vampire in San Diego.My TakeI loved it and I hated it Anna is strong and does the right thing on the big, general moral issues As a fictional character, she gets to be bad on the bad guys On a personal level, she does some stupid things that I can t decide if she s simply acting without thinking or if Stein figures this is an easy way out I also had my worries that this might be the end of the series Fortunately there are still some big issues in Anna s life that haven t been settledand book 9 is due out in 2013 Whew.I ve always loved strong female characters and that is certainly Anna Yeah, she has her stupid moments, but on the whole she s a good person I could wish there were like her in real life Vampire and all I like what Stein does with the vampire genre as a whole It s different with a somewhat real set to it Somewhat, because she does not embrace anything close to a traditional career choice, but Stein includes all sorts of human problems Celebrating holidays Having friends Experiencing human angst about boyfriends, friends, and family There are lots of changes with the important men in Anna s life Her father s and the family s decision Stephen s new opportunity Max s change Frey s hope Where does Max get off judging what Anna tells Stephen It s not like it s a good idea to tell him she s off to Mexico to take down a drug dealer Although, she should have given him a general idea of what she was doing.Considering how prevalent bribery is, why does Max simply trust that there won t be an ambush at the airport Stein Might want to fix that slip at the start of Chapter 52 Since Ramon is dead, I m assuming you meant to slide Luis name in thereThe StoryIt s Christmas Eve and Anna is feeling sorry for herself Sure, there are parties she could go to, but it s just too much effort to fake being human Instead, she heads to the one place where she can be herself Beso de la Muerte.It s a chance encounter in the desert that sets off events in Haunted when Anna rescues Ramon He s in trouble and his family is threatened He needs Culebra s help And Culebra owes him.Seems, though, that Culebra doesn t owe him what either of them expected And the side action that Luis Santiago has going simply ensures that Anna will take him down.But is it worth all the loss that occurs The CharactersAnna Strong is a bounty hunter in partnership with David, an ex football player She had been with Max, a DEA agent, until she was forcibly turned into a vampire and he dumped her Now, Stephen Powers, a reporter, is in her life as a result of events in Hexed Blood Debt Trish is the young girl Anna had thought was her dead brother s daughter she now lives with Anna s parents who still believe she is their granddaughter.Culebra is a shapeshifter who runs a blood bar for supernaturals, Beso de la Muerte, just over the border He s helped Anna out so many times he s also helped Max with intel And we learn a major part of his back history I think Anna is much too self righteous in her judgment.Daniel Frey is a shapeshifter, an English teacher, and entrusted with a tremendous legacy John John is Daniel s young son whom Anna helped in Crossroads even as Sani, the Dine shaman, helped her.Ramon was one of Culebra s hermanos from his time with Santiago Maria, his wife, and Gabriella is their daughter All that is left of his family R jan is a bully at the school where Ramon s son attended Pablo Santiago leads this particular drug gang and he s keeping low while the heat is on Luis Santiago is El Jefe, Pablo s brother He s keeping the Santiago drug customers satisfied even as he ensures his own satisfaction.Adelita is one of the young girls Luis has had kidnapped for him to use as he pleases She is also the one who will be the most satisfied Esmeralda, Francisca, Peppi, and Dorotea are others.The CoverThe cover is a range of yellows from the bright yellow sparkle on the waves and mellowing into softer yellows in the sky into a hint of orange in Anna s long blonde hair blowing in the breeze to the orange tones in the sky just over the mountains on the left On the right side of the black clad Anna in her leather tank top and jeans are a brief respite of greens in the mountains and the grassy plain Anna is serious, begrimed, and in a protective stance holding a rifle.The title applies to our three main protagonists, each with their own Haunted memories. Others have done some amazing reviews of this one.I just want to say, parents selling house in US, drug cartel business in Mexico, Culebra history, Max and an emotional upheaval, bye bye Stephen and Anna s response to children As this was the 2nd last in the series, I can now guess where its going, so some things had to be resolved However, I am sick of authors killing off characters Happens all too often and I never forget which book and I never re read that book if I was invested Looking at you ginikoch ilonaandrewsnowjeannecstein. This book is called haunted for several reasons that I m not going to go into because I don t want to be a spoiler I read this 300 page ebook in one afternoon it was that good The books in this series combine just the right amount of action, with description and love story interest to keep the reader engaged Anna s ex, Max, is back again and being a jerk like usual I never understood why he had such a problem with her, but at least in this book he starts coming around to recognizing she s not such a bad person I ve always wished Anna would have told him the whole story of how she became a vampire, but that would have been for her own vidication I guess Frey, who has always been a favorite makes a guest appearance and throws her in a tailspin concerning her heart I think her main problem is that she keeps ending up with men who treat her like an accessory instead of like the main attraction I always feel like the men are with her for what she can do for them whether it be political or as eye candy Anna can do better The ending made me sad and happy all in one I m also glad we got of a back story on her friend and fellow supernatural, Culebra.