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This was an OK read I thought the heroine s baggage was very brave and interesting Angst Ahoy and the hero is a nice guy What didn t work so well for me All that great angst for the heroine just seemed really abbreviated given the HR word count I kept wishing this was a longer SuperRomance Also, hero s ex is cookie cutter Vile Romancelandia Ex Who Kicks Puppies And Abandons Babies There were also times that I felt like I had traveled back in time and wasn t reading a contemporary story For example The hero s family is wealthy and employs a staff including a cook A cook who apparently does not have a name and they literally just call her..Cook Yes, I m aware that is a nitpick but every time she was mentioned I found myself thinking SHE MUST HAVE A NAME It wasn t a great read, but it was solid and I d read Meier again. Originally posted at is a delightfully sweet romance with heart, goodness and a story of two people meeting at the best and worst times of their lives.I guess Chance Montgomery might be a familiar character with readers who have been following the First Time Dads series, but this is my first book I can easily say that this is a standalone read I never felt lost or thought there were background pieces missing It s as perfect a story as one could wish with an interesting beginning, an emotional exploration in the middle and a sweet and tender ending that is sure to please romance fans.Chance is a father of twin babies who is completely out of his depth and floundering It helps that his mom is wealthy, and the hero is well off in his own right but money cannot change dirty diapers, get little cherubs to sleep through the night or tell a parent when something is wrong with one of them Only a person can do that Money might get a nanny but it doesn t guarantee that the person is going to be right for their family dynamic in all ways that matter That is where family connections come in.Enter Tory, a woman in need of rejoining the living Her mom and Chance s mom are friends and that provides the very believable set up that gets the hero and heroine together initially It s what comes after that has everything to do with the kind of people Chance and Tory are because their choices are the main conflict in this tale.There is a lot of respect in this novel I was impressed with the level of admiration the author had Chance feeling for Tory I enjoyed watching his growing esteem of the heroine as she slowly reveals all her secrets, her trials and most of all, her steadfast loyalty and dedication to one person It also caused no end of frustration for the hero because he was free to love, and Tory wasn t.Another item that I appreciated was the handling of the children Sam and Cindy were adorable babies and the author did a wonderful job in conveying how important a role they played in this story They were integral to the plot conflict as well Even saying that, and although it s the truth that they were written about in a clearly loving and dedicated fashion, they were too cute and bubbly Twins can be especially challenging if they both have colic at the same time or have diapers filled with mega poo, but Sam and Cindy were almost unbelievably angelic and accommodating I would have preferred a few moments of a frazzled daddy and a not so perfect nanny to balance the sugar of it, but on the whole, it did make for stress free reading.The romance is a restrained and careful dance between two people who have to balance a lot of emotional angst, past hurts and feelings of loss and emptiness Their falling in love was a slow sensual exploration of the mind and heart with only a few passionate kisses to illustrate their physical attraction Nanny for the Millionaire s Twins isabout being seduced into love by words, looks and actions versus any passionate out of control clinches It s a perfect book for those that prefersubstance and character to love a story than sheet aerobics.I d recommend Nanny for the Millionaire s Twins to anyone who enjoys a romance that focuses on two people and what they bring to a relationship Chance and Tory could be anyone because their trials and tribulations come from caring too much and being real It s a good book to spend time with and feel good about especially with such a wonderful and complete wrap up in the epilogue I enjoyed my reading experience. @READ BOOK ß Nanny for the Millionaires Twins ⚝ She Can Handle Twin Babies, But Can She Handle The Boss As The New Nanny For Chance Montgomery, Tory Bingham Is Looking After His Adorable Twins But Although She S Taking Diaper Changing And Sleepless Nights In Her Stride, Nothing Can Prepare Tory For Being Around The Twins Breathtakingly Handsome DaddyFive Years Ago, Tory S Dreams Were Stolen From Her In A Horrific Accident, But As She Becomes A Part Of Chance S Family She Faces A Heart Wrenching Decision Dare She Let Go Of The Past And Start To Hope She Can Be Happy Again Very good book with some really intense emotions Chance has returned to Pine Ward after many years away because he needs help with his twin babies Once he is there, he has to make peace with his brother and his mom His mom has also hired a nanny for him to help with the children At first, Chance is not happy with that, as he intends to be a hands on father, not one who leaves the kids to others But Tory convinces him that he can do both Tory didn t initially want the job either, but she needs to work, and quickly found that she loved the children and being with them She was also attracted to Chance, which made her feel very guilty She has been engaged to a man for five years, but will never be able to marry him They had been involved in an accident, and he has been in a coma, and she refuses to desert him Her guilt over her happiness with Chance and the babies is tearing her apart The ending is heartwrenching and heartwarming at the same time I loved how Tory and Chance took their time to really get to know each other. Not too bad It s my first foray into the Harlequin Romance books and this was a good, entertaining, quick read It wasn t boring but it wasn t something I d want to re read again either Pretty good way to kill time though. Quick InfoStandalone Cliffhanger StandalonePart of a Series Yes Meeting the CharactersChance MontgomeryTory Bingham What happens Chance returns to his childhood home with twins in toe, twins he has no idea what to do with and how to handle His mother swoops in to rescue him by hiring Tory as the nanny Tory is a family friend suffering still from her fiancee having a serious accident that leaves him in a coma Chance tries to fight his attraction to his children s nanny but finds himself liking the family unit they become however Tory finds herself feeling guilty at almost betraying her fiancee.Final thoughtsI thought this was a very bittersweet romance You feel almost heartbroken by how Tory is with her fiancee and how she feels like she is betraying him by feeling anything towards her boss Chance is actually a very normal and nice guy once he warms up to her He doesn t want to fight his attraction to her once he gets to know her, he falls in love with the family they become but he also understands her loyalty towards her fiancee.Would I read again YesWould I read this author again Yes Really great storyLoved both the characters Chance Montgomery membutuhkan seorang pengasuh untuk kedua bayi kembarnya yang ditinggalkan oleh mantan tunangannya untuk dirinya Karena itu, Chance terpaksa menghubungi ibu angkatnya dan kembali ke rumah tempat dia dibesarkan Bukan hal yang mudah bagi Chance, karena dulu ketika dia berusia 18 tahun, dia mengetahui bahya ayah angkatnya ternyata adalah ayah biologisnya sendiri Chance merasa dibohongi baik oleh ayahnya maupun Max, saudara angkatnya Tetapi Gwen Montgomery, ibunya, sampai saat ini masih sangat baik terhadapnya Gwen bahkan mencarikan seorang pengasuh untuk bayinya.Tory membutuhkan pekerjaan Lima tahun dalam masa pemulihan sejak kecelakaan yang membuat kakinya rusak adalah masa masa yang sulit untuknya Untungnya dia bisa pulih dan berjalan kembali Tetapi tunangannya Jason tidak seberuntung dirinya Jason masih terbaring koma selama lima tahun Satu satunya keahlian Tory adalah mengasuh anak kecil, sehingga Tory menerima tawaran Gwen, sahabat ibunya, untuk mengasuh cucunya Ketika melihat si kembar Sam dan Cindy yang berusia 6 bulan, Tory langsung jatuh hati Kedua anak itu pun langsung akrab dengan Tory.Melihat keakraban kedua anaknya dengan Tory, Chance merasa sangat tertolong Apalagi Tory juga mengajarinya beberapa hal dalam pengasuhan anak Kedekatan mereka berempat membuat Chance jatuh hati pada Tory, demikian pula dengan Tory Tetapi tidak mungkin bagi Tory untuj mencintai Chance sementara tunangannya terbaring tak berdaya di rumah sakit.Benang merah dalam novel ini adalah mengenai ketidakpercayaan dan kesetiaan Chance berusaha mengatasi masalah ketidakpercayaan terhadap orang orang terdekatnya Selain memulihkan hubungan dengan keluarganya, Chance juga belajar mengatasi kepercayaannya atas suatu hubungan berdasarkan cinta Sementara Tory yang berusaha bangkit dari kekurangan fisiknya, merasakan dukungan dari Chance untuk itu Namun di sisi lain Tory merasa wajib berada di sisi Jason yang sudah menyelamatkan dirinya dalam kecelakaan yang justru membuatnya koma Yang membuat saya menyukai novel ini adalah bagaimana keduanya berinteraksi dan saling memahami, menyampingkan keinginan fisik di antara mereka Suasana kekeluargaan juga sangat terasa dalam kisah ini Saling mendukung tapi masih menyisakan ruang untuk bergerak. 5 stars all the way So this is a really light fun reading weekends.I picked this up blindly because I forgot to bring the book that Im currently reading, and I hve to say I read this in one sitting.This story is about a millionaire with a twins His mother found him a nanny to help him At first, he didnt like the nanny but as time goes by he fell in love with her The only problem is, the nanny is offlimits and had a comatose fiance This story is really light not too much drama and just a perfect sunday reading to ease my cravings for billionaire romance Hence, 5 stars to this ugh writing a review on a phone is never easy for me. Blog HarlequinJunkie Romance ReviewsNanny for the Millionaire s Twins has to be hands down the most heartfelt Harlequin Romance I have read in long while.To quote the back cover Five years ago, Tory s dreams were stolen from her in a horrific accident, but as she becomes a part of Chance s family she faces a heart wrenching decision dare she let go of the past and start to hope she can be happy again I m not going to reiterate the storyline or the plot, the only way to truly enjoy this book is to read it without any reservations or insight I m not sure how Susan managed to write such a deeply compelling story with its dark tragic moments and yet keep the tone light, optimistic and hopeful but she did, and did it amazingly well Nanny for the Millionaire s Twins packs in a power house of emotions, it s heartbreaking yet truly heartwarming I cried my way through the last 60 pages of this booksome of it were tears of loss, some tears of hope but mostly tears of joy and compassion It s safe to say I totally HEART this book and would highly recommend it.