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[[ Download Ebook ]] Ã Hero in Her Heart ó Nolie Lang Learned At An Early Age That Animals Wouldn T Let Her Down Like People Did Her Farm Was A Haven For Abandoned Animals And A Source Of Hope For The Disabled But Now, To Get A Crucial Grant, Nolie Had To Work With The Most Stubborn Man She D Ever Met, Injured Firefighter Gabriel FlanaganThough Gabe Clearly Didn T Want To Depend On Anyone, Including God, He And Nolie Became Reluctant Partners And All Too Soon The Courage She Witnessed In His Actions Disarmed Her But His Injury Had Convinced Gabe He Had Nothing To Offer Nolie Could God Now Make Gabe See He D Always Be A Hero In Her Heart This book was a very nice read It wasn t to heavy in religion, but it incorporated just so to get it s point across. I think that one of the main problems with romance novels like these is the fact that the romance itself is just so cheesy and dramatic The non romantic events that happen aren t that big of a problem sometimes In this book, the plot was actually pretty decent, and I felt both characters had a lot that they had to go through Nolie had to help Gabe deal with his disability She had to pair him with a service dog He had to learn to cope with his disability and get used to the dog They also both had interesting pasts That in itself, isn t that bad of a plot although now that I think about it, it is pretty cliche Another problem with these books is that the characters are always so loath to fall in love There s always barriers and not right for each other stuff And yet, they still somehow fall passionately in love I get that the authors want there to be some romantic tension, but honestly, it s not even tense any It s just getting old Why can t they just date like normal people It doesn t seem right to portray romantic love as something that merely happens Sure, in a way the feelings are involuntary, but people also have a very real choice In addition to all this, it bothers me quite a lot that there must always be kissing without commitment It s always oh the attraction is so great that I have to kiss you And each time the kissing is so dramatic How about a simple line, like, He leaned down and gently kissed her lips But no, it must always be something like, His lips claimed hers and she could no longer think, only feel His body was so warm She was lost without him etc Not only can that sort of writing be a little too sexual, but it s plain unnecessary Despite the fact that I seem to have only negative things to say about this book, I m not giving it one star I used to really like it when I was young, before I knew that there was even such a thing as cheesy And for all it s faults, I don t full on dislike it There are worse stories out there. What can you say about Marta Perry books They are all excellent And the Flanagan series is one of my favorites I think this is my fourth time to read it Easy reads, because you can t stop once you start to read In this book, the one thing I love is the talking of service animals and the fight to be able to bring them into places So very true Also the sub plot of the special needs boy Danny I can relate to him so much Having 2 special kiddos of my own