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Meg Telford s husband died while fighting in the Civil War She refuses to give up their farm Knowing that she has no hope of keeping it unless she marries, she proposes to Ty Hatcher Ty recently returned to Aspen Grove after fighting in the War He was always ostracized by the townsfolk because he never knew his father One of the only citizens who were ever nice to him was Meg She always had a smile for him even though others shunned him and now she is asking him to marry her It was a dream come true, until he realized he would be filling a dead man s shoes Joe s Wife was an absolute treat to read It is one of those stories where the reader easily gets lost in the characters Meg is grieving the loss of her husband and doesn t want to give up his dream which was to make a success of their farm Joe wants to prove to the townsfolk that he is worthy of their respect even though he is technically a bastard Meg and Joe start off their marriage as one of convenience but eventually come to love one another It is a beautiful journey between two people learning to come to terms with who they are and their new life together a href has written a really wonderful a href , which influenced me to read this book I just would like to point out one thing in addition to what Leslie said I really appreciate that the love scenes are integral to the development of Meg and Joe s relationship They are sensual, yet they are pivotal in moving the relationship forward I love how Meg and Ty work through their problems Even though the sex is great, they eventually have to talk about it If you are in the mood for a wonderful Western or Marriage of Convenience, don t miss this one Quick read I can always read Cheryl St John, but this book isn t as developed as her other books It was ok I guess I am giving it the 3rd star because of the writer Meg was a widow Her husband Joe died in the war and she had been pining for him ever since Tye was looked down by the town because he was a bastard and his mother was a prostitute Meg asked Tye to marry her so she could keep the ranch where she and her late husband dreamed of building a life together Tye married Meg He was just flattered I had the impression Both Tye and Meg are not very vivid characters They seemed kind of flat to me, their reasoning for wanting the marriage contrite and their attraction rather forced It is purely Cheryl St John s writing that held me interest. @Download Book ñ Joe's Wife Ñ After Meg Telford S Husband Dies In The War And Is Lauded As A Hero, She Must Face The Fact That She Can T Keep The Ranch Without A Man To Shoulder The Workload Nothing Will Stop Her From Saving Joe S Dream The War Has Taken Nearly All The Able Bodied Men And A Devilishly Handsome Bad Boy Seems Her Only Choice Town Pariah, Tye Hatcher Has A Reputation As A Hell Raiser, But He S Looking To Prove Himself And Has His Own Plans For The Land Meg S Proposal Might Be Too Good To Be True, But He S Willing To Take The Risk, Even If The Risk Is His Heart Struggling With Guilt And The Rejection Of The Townspeople, Meg Must Learn That Her Convenient Husband Is A Man Who Takes Risks And Does What S Right For The Sake Of Others Her Vulnerable Dreams And Their Hard Work Will Be For Naught Unless She And Tye Reveal Their Secrets And Face What They Re Both Coming To Understand They Can T Change The Past, But The Future Is In Their Hands The cover I think it s sweet It s certainly dated it is 10 years old But it s a fairly accurate portrayal of the hero and heroine And the back has a picture of the hero, heroine with a little girl at a picnic cute.I had heard about this book around the blogs, mostly KristieJ s, and while I have a number of Cheryl St John s books on my TBR pile there was just something about Joe s Wife that said read me first Maybe it s the title You know from the synopsis that Joe isn t the hero but Meg is still referred to as Joe s wife Even Tye thinks of her that way It s barely been a year since Meg received word that her husband Joe was killed in battle so she s still grieving and attempting to move on with her life.Meg Telford at first comes across as a soft spoken, kind and gentle woman And she is all that but she is also muchHer kind and gentle nature hides a backbone of steel She is still quite young and has every intention of keeping the ranch that her and her late husband Joe bought The ranch was Joe s dream and Meg is determined to run it even at the opposition of her in laws Her mother in law wants Meg to move in with her at her home in town Meg sees this option as giving up and she sees her life as being very restricted and bleak if she were to move in with her mother in law.I liked Meg but she was easy to like She had a practical nature and wasn t afraid of hard work, in fact she seemed to enjoy it She was muchat home on the ranch than in town at her mother in laws doing needlepoint or some other such lady like pursuit She was kind and not as condemning as the majority of the townsfolk were when it came to Tye The other thing I liked about Meg is that she stayed true to her character At the beginning she was still in love with Joe, still missing him terribly Throughout the book she still thinks of Joe, will always love him, but she begins to understand that she doesn t have to stop loving Joe in order for her to fall in love with someone else That she can still honor Joe s memory but move on with her life.Tye Hatcher was the bastard son of one of the town s whores He grew up around other whores and was shunned by the town because of his parentage Growing up he understands why he s treated differently than the other kids and tends to keep to himself When the war is over he returns to Aspen Grove, determined to prove to the townsfolk that he is worth something.I couldn t help but feel sorry for Tye Here s a guy that just wants a break He sthan willing to work hard and do any job that s available What he really wants to do is own his own ranch His dream is to have a place that s his, one that he can work and make into something He also has ideas on how to improve ranching in the area He has big dreams but with the town against giving him a chance his dreams look like they ll stay only dreams Then Meg makes Tye an offer he can t refuse and it looks like his dreams might just be within reach But someone from Tye s past needs him and he finds that he can t refuse them either So he does the right thing, the only thing that he can He takes in a little girl who has no one left.That little girl was Eve and she was a delight Didn t get on my nerves at all LOL Sometimes kids in romance novels or any story for that matter, can get on my nerves But Eve became another piece of the puzzle and added another dimension to Tye Eve and Tye had farin common that anyone could have guessed They were the misfits, outsiders who so desperately wanted to fit in Meg was their champion in a way she stood up for them She showed them kindness and treated them with respect She wasn t exactly crazy about Eve showing up but she dealt with it and didn t take it out on Eve That s not to say Meg was perfect, she certainly had her faults While she may have treated Tye better than everyone else did she still had her doubts about him.One of the aspects of the story that I really liked was the lack of real external conflict Sure, we had Meg s in laws trying to get her to sell the ranch and the narrow minded townsfolk that would go to church and at the same time gossip and shun Meg and Tye but there wasn t any real bad guy No railroad tycoon hiring outlaws to run Meg off her ranch No gangs of vicious cattle thieves to deal with It was just Meg and Tye and Eve getting to know each other and learning to trust each other It was three heartsick people slowing becoming a family Loved reading about these three and all the ins and outs of their lives.Don t get me wrong, this wasn t all rainbows and roses There was still Joe to deal with He may have been dead and buried but he was still very much there on that ranch It was Joe s ranch and Joe s dream and for all of Tye s hard work, Meg still wanted to hang on to Joe s dream Trying to over come not only an ex but a dead ex is extremely difficult for the new guy Then there s the fact that Tye was only there because Meg had no other options, there was no one else to help her So Tye had a ghost to deal with plus his own horrors of war that he had to live with Tye had also seen battle and been injured but he had lived to come home Then he gets a child to raise and a new wife who s still in love with her dead husband Yep, lots of conflict here And yet I never once felt that St John rushed the story, that I was reading what should have been a longer book I had actually forgotten that this book came in at just under 300 pages It felt full full of characters and plot and story The dialogue was crisp and gave such depth to these characters Yes, I was indeed a happy reader at the end And I haven t even mentioned Major, the dog, who I adored. Tye Hatcher recently returned to Aspen Grove from the war The same war that took the life of Meg Telford s husband Joe As a bastard and the son of a saloon girl, Tye had a tough time growing up in a small town where its people always treated him like a pariah He is a good man who is not judged by his character, but by the circumstances of his birth Joe has dreams and something to prove to the people of Aspen Grove.Meg Telford is a sweet, beautiful young woman who loved her husband She wants nothingthan to continue the dream she and Joe began when they bought their ranch together Even though the ranch now belongs to her, she s a woman and alone This fact makes it tough for her to continue what Joe started Meg finds herself fighting Joe s family and the bank to fulfill their dream But Meg s sweetness hides a spine of steel, she ll do what it takes to keep Joe s ranch and what is hers Meg s answer is to take a husband and Tye Hatcher is the perfect man.I loved the way Cheryl St John developed this story and the characters The slow, tentative way in which these two people get to know each other and their love blooms I fell in love with Tye and the subtle way in which he showed his love, as well as his passion for Meg And, I couldn t help but admire Meg Their guilts, self doubts, jealousies, sexual tension and needs are realistic and understandable Both Meg and Tye have issues and baggage that they bring to this unexpected marriage and the way they handle them, themselves and the town s reactions make the story in Joe s Wife. This is my favorite so far from this author I thought that both of the main characters were very well written with believable motivations Tye is a lovely man one of the sort that most women would like to have Meg was very well done also She was aware of her limitations which was realistic for the times I don t like books where the heroine is too modern in her thinking acting when the book is an historical There were a couple of times that something anachronistic crept in but they were minor Not a lot of description to set the place firmly in my mind but it was so much a relationship story that lack of detail didn t bother me much A really satisfying read. I usually like convenience marriage histories, because they allow you the see how a relationship evolves from respect to love, how the emotional link between two people grows.In this case, there was another challenge Tye not only faces a convenience marriage proposal Megan marries him to save the ranch , he faces the memory of Megan s husband.I enjoyed it, but sometimes Megan discomfited me And I had a feeling that in the end, the writer wanted us to feel that Tye was better than Joe at least sexually I would have loved it better if it wasn t necessary Luckily I have not had the experience, but I think that is possible just to love a different person, not because it is better, but because is just a different one, because of the bonding in spite of the new virtues and flaws. JOE S WIFE was the first book I read by Cheryl St John Joe Telford was a good man and loving husband to Meg They had known each other since childhood and had great plans to develop the Circle T ranch, their home, before the Civil War took over their lives Joe died and his family, including Meg, had difficult coping long after he was gone Tye Hatcher knew both Joe and Meg when they were younger He was the son of the town prostitute but Joe and Meg always treated him kindly Unfortunately very few others did He also went off to war and was injured but returned to his hometown Here is where I felt the story was hard to swallow Why would Tye return to a place where just about everyone treated him like dirt He did nothing wrong except he was a bastard and his mother was the town prostitute.Meg wants to make a go of the Circle T but the bank is threatening to take over her place if she doesn t come up with the payment soon Mother Telford also wants Meg to live with her in town so she can continue overseeing Meg s life and keep the memory of Joe strong Meg is still very much in love with the memory of Joe but she realizes that things are going to have to change if her life on the ranch can go on She sees Tye has returned, is again treated with hatred by the townspeople, and comes up with a plan She approaches him with a marriage of convenience He will help her see that the Circle T prospers and she will give him the chance to own the land with her and develop it using some of his ideas He has next to nothing and, secretly longing for Meg to learn to love him, he agrees There is a secondary story concerning Tye and the guardianship of the child of a prostitute who is dying that comes in to play Tye always treats Meg with respect and Meg slowly learns what a wonderful husband he is yes, Tye is different but treats her better than Joe Ms St John writes about her lead characters with depth and compassion I enjoyed this romance but can t rate it higher than 3 stars because of constant belittling of Joe by the town Meg lets things slide a little too long before she finally takes up for him publicly If you enjoy this type of story I would encourage you to read WHERE THE WIND BLOWS by Caroline Fyffe. This book starts out very strong a widowed h desperate to save her ranch her dead husband s dream now hers too proposes marriage to the only able bodied man left standing in this Southern town, after the war wipes out most men of marriageable age He also happens to be the town outcast pariah illegitimate with a shady past, while her former in laws belong to one of the premier families of the area.So, of course the opposition and resultant shunning of the couple is a foregone They make a sweet couple for all that trying their best to make things easier and comfortable for each other But the shadow of the dead husband is always between them and I feltso in the H s mind Of course, it s an moc and she was quite open and upfront about everything while he was not He hid the fact that he had promised a former lover saloon girl now dying to take care of her little daughter.I thought his jealousy to be petty and hurtful They have been together just few weeks months how can he expect her to understand his secret feelings because now he realises that he d alwaaays loved her or even forget her dead husband and get rid of all his things keepsakes pronto ish And then all but rubs her nose in the closeness he engenders with the little girl, making the h feel left out Some fellow reviewers have found fault with the h but personally I could not like this guy, especially towards the end, when he d deliberately say hurtful and hateful things and then walk away, leaving her bewildered and distressed, never apologising.I so loved another H by this author from His Secondhand Wife but this one didn t do much for me. The blurb caught my eye, so I got myself this book.When I started reading it, I was captivated by the character of Ty and I wanted to be Meg.When I finished it I knew that this book was written very well it had a sold plot, well developed characters and it broke and mended my heart in just the right places.For that it deserves 5 five full stars.But I am a woman And I alined myself with Meg, not with Ty.Because of that I loved the way he loved her I bathed in his unrequited love for her I was giddy form happiness because he loved her all her life and she did not even know I saw it all from a woman s point of view Or evencorrectly I saw it from within Meg Because of this, I as well as Meg, hurt with the fact that Evie was Ty s child But on the other hand I applauded the author for being so realistic For making the heroine like Evie but not be crazy over the fact that the man she loves has a kid And let us be truthful here, historical and contemporary heroines alike go all ga ga over the fact that some kid has the dna of the man they love When, would this be true in the real world What sane woman would not feel a bit threatened by the fact that she has to share love with a person that is not her own The author showed Evie and Ty s developing bond and the fact that Meg had no place there with brutal precision Also realistic was the new view of things that told us how Lottie was not a bad mother Because of that Evie did not just fall headlong in to Megs arms telling her she loves her She had a mother And she did not want to cal Meg mom.She had a mother, and then she had a father Ty.Well.First of all, let me state, that even if this was realistic, it bothered me for a lot of reasons.First, will I ever encounter a heroine that has a bastard Even the heroines that have children while the hero has none are so very very rare So, why did I read about two heroes that magically acquire a kid trough the book just today Two heroes in to different books Secondly, there was not real point to Evie She could have just stayed Lottie s child The Ty part of her was forced Very very forced.And thirdly the forced comment I have to expand The author made me shake my head at this She makes the situations so real I was anguished and happy for my characters 100% But then she tells me in no uncertain terms that Ty has a kid And that Lottie knew it was his.Let us go back a bit.Lottie was a whore.She worked in a saloon for a lot of years.She never got pregnant during those years.She was not exclusive when she was with Ty.Then she got pregnant before he went to war.I would say intentionally but she never contacted him, and she did not ask him to marry her.Or did she Shouldn t I have had a bitinfo here Because it is plain strange that a young whore kept a baby when a war started.It was strange enough that she got pregnant But seeing how she did realistic would have been if she got rid of it.And then she knew it was Tys.Did she know it was his before it was born Nah She was not exclusive.So, after it was born Yeeeee gooods He is one lucky son of a gun, eh It was a regular lottery and he was picked out to be the father Plus, let us remembered that Ty was a bastard He suffered horribly because of it I just can not see this kind of man not being careful aboutwellhaving bastards.See For all the realism in this story there was this big loop hole that just stood there staring at me.How did it ever turn out to be his kid How And why in Gods name did she make Ty take her but not tell him she was his kid What was the point in THAT Eh.Stress.Because this brought me right back to why Why did the author even make her his It would have been equally enjoyable but less of a mess And unproblematic.Maybe if Meg and Joe had a child No, it could not have been done because of Ty s resentment to all that was Joe s.Again I have to say What a mess Because of this kind of tension I could not really feel satisfaction in the end Plus Meg asked Ty if his excitement for their kid was dimmed because he already had Evie And he told her Nah, because he did not love Evie s mother That with the fact that he was Thrilled that Evie was his because now he had something of his in this world brought me to a disturbing conclusion That Evie was a character that was not needed for the plot Completely unnecessary Erm no Not that even thou it is true she was a bit of an extraBut it brought me to the conclusion such as this Ty liked Evie as a symbol A symbol of not being alone He could have had a puppy instead Really and she fell in to the range of puppies because he did not love her mother So his happiness about a new baby toppes his happiness about being her father.Yes, yes I know I am dramatizing I know it was never meant to sound this way But it did And that shows the stiffness of the whole plot device of a new generation of bastard children It just did not work.This sad fact makes me bump my 5 star rating to the standard 3 stars that mostly mean been there done that and I will forget it in 5 days.So, should other people read this book Sure But do not hold your breath for something special It had the potential but never lived up to it.I wish the author just plucked Evie out of Meg and Ty s story and put it in another one A story where her father was known from the beginning but her interactions with the person her father married the same That would have been a book I would have read gladly.