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OMG Brian Smith has done it again This is one novella I will not be forgetting no time soon Just when I thought I had the plot figured out splash the book ends Thank you Brian Smith for another good story.. Close to Home a novellaA very quick read that kept me in suspense Officer Cole got the shock of his life after he was involved in negotiations with a distraught named Vera.My very 1st book by this talented author and it won t be the last I would highly recommend this read. Good suspenseful novella with a well written storyline Story touched on various subject matters as sympathy was felt for Vera s situation Good read In times of deep despair and distress, people find they go to extremes Today is a review of a novella about a woman who faced her demons and had to then facebecause of the battle Gather your courage, get your sweat pants on, and don t let go even when the worst possible situation has just happened It s time for a review of Close to Home by Brian W SmithOpinionIn the infinite wisdom of Kindle Unlimited, this Novella appeared in my recommendations Thankfully KU is starting to grasp just how much I adore short stories and novellas it sent me the perfect thing to read on a stormy Sunday afternoon I saw this, and I found the cover interesting enough to pick it up on KU I was not expecting the fantastic story I got First impressions of Close to Home were shock and horror about what the MC was going through initially Let s go into a critique here, and that is the Story Structure, Foundation and Presentation portion of my scoring system The main critique I have has to do with how the indenting and paragraph spacing is odd It s not bad per se, but the paragraphs are so indented that the paragraphs layer like something out of Tetris and it looks like a line lasagna when you look at the e copy from afar I m not sure why this was the choice It s not so bad sometimes, because it does give the eyes some means to take a pause, but it looks bonkers on a 7 inch screen I tried two font shifts to see if that made it better, and it didn t exactly make any difference Still, this is a new one, line lasagna, layered beautifully but oddly on the page Now for this part of the review, I m going to go into what I loved about the story, and that is the incredible character development and exposition that added to the tension of the story This layers well and it s a fascinating story As it unfolds the reader is given only what they need to know, and nothingAlso, in that, it all comes together like some fantastic series of unforeseen circumstances that culminate in the ultimate climax Now, I want to especially say, that the best part of the story is the very end where not only the story ends, but the climax is at its peak and end This book moves like a well orchestrated roller coaster and flows so well with turns and splits The reader is treated to a robust telling of pain, revenge, and anger, mixed with sorrow, regret, and macabre humor I don t know I would have done what the MC did, but I understand why the MC did what they did I also understand why the end happened the way it did, and why that was necessary to the story Overall, this is an incredible novella, and I think everyone should take a look at it It tells a whole and compelling tale, and it s much well layered storytelling in a well layered word design I think maybe that s the point, but I m not sure ScoreWith everything in mind, I m giving Close to Home a 97 100, and I am putting this in the Mrs Y Recommends pile because I know I will read this a few times If you want a cliff edge thriller, pick this up on Kindle Unlimited. If your spouse cheated on you, would you want the opportunity to confront them Well thanks to Vera Gordon, Sergeant Cole Glass is not going to have that opportunityDamn WOW Did not see that coming First time reading this author and looking forThis novella had the feel of a full lengh novel Very well written and hard to put down I am still in awe. WOWI was not expecting this Can you imagine finding out your spouse cheated This novella had a twist that was unexpected Good read. &Read Book ↡ Close to Home ⇺ Vera Gordon Is Tired Of Her Husband Cheating On Her One Night She Follows Him To His Lovers House And Kills Them Both Justified If So, Then Why Did This Crime Passion Lead Her To Standing On The Tallest Bridge In New Orleans Recounting The Series Of Events That Transpired There Is Much To This Crime Than Meets The Eye Close to Home was the first time I ve ever read anything by author Brian W Smith, and I must say I was enthralled from page 1 There s lots of action, a sympathy factor, and I ll be honest, that ending will definitely have you feeling some kind of way I closed the Kindle, and really wanted to fight the author hypothetically of course It s a novella, so it s not a long book it s the perfect size for a lunch break, doctor s visit, or when you want a quick reading fix The characters leap out of the book, with a gritty realness, and the storyline is so believable, I found myself looking up periodically to make sure I was still in my living room The action starts immediately, and doesn t lull And that ending That ending will make you want to toss your Kindle out the nearest window DISCLAIMER I will not reimburse you for any damage to either your Kindle or your window, because I warned you ahead of time I would recommend this book to anyone who likes drama, action, and that overall roller coaster I can t wait to see what happens next feeling I m sure you will enjoy this book from beginning to end, as much as I did. Close to Home begins with an intensity that only stops because the story was over Fed up with her husband s cheating ways, we meet Vera as she is standing on a bridge ready to take her own life Cole, who is an untrained negotiator on the New Orleans police department, has the task of trying to talk down Vera Brian W Smith is definitely in a class of his own in today s literary world In each of his novels you think the direction is going one way, but Smith always takes you in a completely different one Close to Home is full of suspense, drama, and pure craziness that will have you on the edge of your seat for the entire ride Close to Home is part of the Three The Hard Way series which includes novellas by Rickey Teems II and Moses Miller I highly recommend reading the entire series Tiffany CraigRead It All Book Reviewshttp readitallbookreviews.wordpress