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[[ Read Book ]] ⚢ Too Many Bosses î According To Alec McDonald, Laura Hayes Is Impertinent, Impulsive, Insubordinate And Totally Lacking In Self Discipline All Negatives In An Employee Mind You, He Also Has To Admit That She Has The Legs Of A Las Vegas ShowgirlAccording To Laura Hayes, Alec McDonald Is A Pompous Bigot Who Considers Hankies Standard Issue For His Female Employees But While These Are Negatives In A Boss, Laura Doesn T Intend To Remain His Employee For LongWithin Twenty Four Hours Of Their First Meeting, Laura And Alec Are Partners Equal Partners Yet Two Bosses Is One Too Many For Any Business Especially When The Boss Is Falling In Love With The Boss And His Six Year Old Son I enjoyed this book, the way it was written was good I do enjoy a strong female character who can stand up for herself, verbally banter wield a baseball bat pretty well.The heroine shocks the hell out of the hero when she calls him out for not noticing her talent, before he knows it they are partners for a year in their firm and she is shaking his world as well as making his son adore her.The hero really wants her but has no intention of acting on the impulse, he has built his life on control after growing up in an abusive house hold and his father s voice still echoes in his head and makes him maintain a distance from his son even though he loves him.I liked that he found Laura attractive even before she saw herself as attractive and changed some things I liked how Laura went after what she wanted, the hero s fears not withstanding I also liked her self confidence and fearlessness A good read. This book is a real gem I am very happy that I found it in a list and read it on an impulse.It truly tick marks every characteristic of a novel worthy of five stars.A shame how beautifully authored diamonds like this have so less fans yet badlybadlywritten stories without a prose or even a decent storyline get millions of reads. I read this mostly because the cover was just so awesomely dated Helloooooooooo Naughty Nineties Rowr Luckily for me, it was actually a pretty good book.I don t feel like writing a full review, so a list it is.Liked Good, strong businesswoman heroine who isn t a man hater Hero s 6 year old son acts appropriately for his age and isn t trotted out just for wise quips and plot massaging Nicely written with a good use of showing rather than telling, the occasionally clever bit of imagery and sex scenes heavier on emotion and feeling than a description of mechanics Author s clearly well acquainted with both the marketing industry and Houston as both scenes are clearly set and well integrated with the plot Good, strong, even pace to the plot and character arcs She draws their conflicts out slowly without becoming laying it out too son and keeping them apart artifically or holding off too long on their secrets and leaving the reader disconnected.Could ve done without Were businessmen really this misogynist in 1995 Constant sexual comments, familiar touching and patronizing brush offs made me want to cut a bitch Jealousy isn t romantic Telling an important business contact to get bent for showing interest in the heroine is stupid and irrational, not sweet Heroine gets a makeover and the hero swoons harder barfI d recommend this one for people who like gender roles, alpha heroes and jealousy I found it well written and plotted, but these were not my kind of people.