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This is the kind of book for which you need to turn off your brain and just enjoy the ride The high octane, ridiculously fun ride It s like watching those Fast and Furious movies brain off enjoy the explosions.Eddie Drood, aka Shaman Bond, is a field agent for his family The powerful Droods have guarded mankind for centuries against all the things that go bump in the night Like that other better known Mr Bond, ShamanEddie has all sorts of cool gadgets at his disposal Those will come in handy because when his family suddenly declares him rogue something the Family never takes well Eddie finds himself on the run and looking for answers in all the wrong places.The whole book is basically one long chase scene but Eddie leads readers through such a motley and interesting London Underground that it just adds to the fun flavor Eddie himself makes for a likable and charismatic lead character The secondary characters are, well characters in the sense that they are an outrageous and colorful lot.Be warned that the story is overflowing with plot contrivances Eddie s special gadgets can counter anything the enemy throws at him but they never seem to have anything to counter his stuff Such and such a place is an impregnable fortress, inviolate, yadda, yadda, yadda until, of course, it isn t because the plot needs it to be so And so on and so on That s the whole turn off your brain thing But it s fun and funny and worth a looksee when you re in the mood for popcorn fluff. For the second time in just a few weeks, I ve decided to set aside a book and not finish it Sigh I HATE not finishing a book, so that tells you something about how I felt reading this one I only made it about a hundred pages in before calling it quits hence the lack of rating.When I picked it up, I was hoping it would be a fun, lighthearted urban fantasy It didn t take long for me to realize I just wasn t feeling the book Within the first few pages, there were creatures and types of magic shown than you usually see in entire books Normally a wide variety of magical powers and creatures is good in a book, right Well, for me it felt like so much so fast that it started to lose meaning It came across as if there were a bunch of cool ideas and every single one of them was crammed in right away The effect for me was that the story didn t feel grounded, and that a lot of the events just seemed over the top There were also some issues with the main character and some items powers that felt really overpowered, which meant that I didn t feel any kind of tension during the action scenes I think my biggest problem was that I just didn t connect with the tone It was the definition of glib, and it was just too much for me It felt like it was all style without the substance I can definitely see people enjoying this book, but it just wasn t for me. Edwin Drood is a member of the legendary Drood family, a family dedicated to protecting humanity from threats At least, that s what he thought until he was declared rogue and had the entire familly on his trail Now, with Molly Metcalf, infamous witch, in tow, Edwin must find out the sinster secret at his family s heart The only people that can tell him the people he s been fighting against his entire adult lifeThe Man With the Golden Torc is typical Simon Green You have monsters, action, and dry jokes The Secret Histories series is an homage to James Bond and it shows The action is almost at a ridiculous level, reminscent of the Bond movies, making for a very exciting read The Drood family reminds me of the family from Roger Zelazny s Amber books and Eddie himself reminds me a little of Moorcock s Jerry Cornelius, only without the ambiguous sexuality There are nods to the Nightside, as well as the other easter eggs common to a Simon Green novel The enemies are top notch, be they Manifest Destiny, a group seeking to overthrough the Droods, or the Sceneshifters, a group that alters reality to suit them at will with the help of a mummified yet still living head So why only a three Eddie is a little too powerful for me to care very much about Each member of the Drood family wears a golden torc around his neck that allows him or her to be sheathed in a nigh impervious golden armor at will Not much jeopardy there Also, his gadgets are a little too over the top A watch that rewinds time A gun that never misses or runs out of ammo But the thing that really irked me was Edwin Drood s cover identity of Shaman Bond It s not like the James Bond homage wasn t clear already Shaman Bond is about as hamfisted as he could get Although he could have called him Bames Jond or something, I suppose.The Man with the Golden Torc is an exciting read and a good bit of escapism, quite enjoyable despite the flaws I d give it a three and a half if I could. A good plot and decent setting backed by disinterresting and seemingly disinterrested characters and a strangely disjointed and chaotic storytelling.I came to this book knowing that it is a part of long list of books set in the same world, and I ve been longing for some good urban fantasy which i can really sink my teeth into So naturally I was eager and hopeful I guess this teaches me not to get my hopes up.The plot itself actually has quite a lot going for it, it s both interresting and not too predictable Although it has to be said that most of the story seemed utterly redundant Also it has huge potential as a starting point for a series without leaving you with that dreaded cliffhanger feeling.However I have rarely come across a protagonist for whom I had so little empathy Most of the time he came off as a bland nonentity whose role merely was to describe the events around him The insights into his mind and personality was almost entirely taken up with explaining something or other in the world or with trying to justify a desicion Likewise his relationships with almost all the other characters in the story, including his relationship with the love interrest, are stunted, arbitrary or enigmatically change from one scene to the next The last can be said about the motivations of the characters as well There is very little explanation given for why the characters act as they do throughout the book.I probably could have overcome my dislike for the the characters in the story, the plot itself was rather good after all But then I have to add in a mess of inconsistencies if not outright plot holes which, while never critical to the storyline, does confuse some points and just generally irritate the hell out of me Further the pacing of the story seemed like utter crap to me This might have been my own fault since I did not complete it in one sitting, but it did continuously ensure that my expectations would clash with the progress of the book All in all it did pobably deserve than the one star I gave it, but seeing as goodreads thinks that two stars means that the book was ok , this one did simply not meet the criteria I would not recommend it to anyone I like and I do not think it was ok.Though, truth be told I might read the sequels just to see if it gets any better. Another where I d like to have either a half star or 10 star system I was torn here as there are 4 star books I ve liked better but I believe it rates than 3 So3.5 equals a 4 star rating I guess.The book is good, it s recognizably Green I believe if you ve read any Nightside Eddie or Shaman Bond puts me in mind of John a bit, but maybe a bit openly a good guy Any of you who ve read my reviews will know That would appeal to me a bit than the other.Eddie is a good son by his own lights at least, serving the Drood family who he s been taught from infancy onward are the bastion of humanity against the forces of evil and darkness He s a bit of a rebel and a little too independent to suit the old guard of the family, but totally loyal.Then he s declared a rogue agent The only punishment of a rogue by the Droods is to be killed on sight by any member of the huge family Eddie is stunned frequently physically as well as mentally and emotionally and sets out to find out why he s been labeled rogue The story is fast moving and fairly fun Lots of word plays I mean let s face it Edwin Drood as the hero It walks a bit close to absurdest but stays pretty much on the humorous action side of things I found it got a bit repetitive in a couple of places and some of it was somewhat predictable but on the whole that doesn t take away from the book I like it That s good as my daughter got me the rest of the series that s in print 3 books for Christmas LOL.So, enjoy Action, humor, magic and fantasy science in an urban fantasy 4 stars and a recommendation Some Spoilers below line Possible Major Spoiler Skip if you wish to avoid Spoilers I noted the book got a little repetitive Green leans a bit on series of things There are a series of attacks , a series of encounters , a series of other rogues , even a series of rooms that got to be a bit much for me.Also were we really surprised that the Drood family weren t really on the whole the good guys It would have been a surprising twist if the family had been what it seemed and the stories of their evil had turned out to be false Still at least we get a hero who wants to be a hero and in the end is willing reluctantly to lead the family into what it was supposed to be in the first place. Executive Summary Overall I m pretty underwhelmed I was hoping for something to take the place of Mr Green s Nightside series, but this just didn t do it for me.Audio book This is the first book I ve listened to by Stuart Blinder I thought he was pretty good He does several voices and accents that helped move along what could often be a rather slow plot Full Review A friend of mine introduced me to Simon R Green with his Nightside series a few years back I didn t read a lot back then, but I would generally pick up the new one he had out every year I rated them all 3 star books save for A Hard Day s Knight, which I really liked However, they were short and mostly fun reads that didn t require much thought Mind Candy.The protagonist of this series makes a cameo at the end of that one, so I ve always been meaning to check this out as a possible replacement I got a good deal on it from audible, and I needed something to fill about a week or so of audio so it seemed the perfect time.Like Nightside this is another Urban Fantasy series However instead of a detective protagonist, this one has a secret agent as the lead James Bond, but with mostly magical gadgets rather than technological ones In fact his cover name is Shaman Bond.The book titles of this series are all parodies of Bond titles Mr Green always likes to poke fun at tropes in his writing With this one he s mocking both spy novels and fantasy tropes by combining the two.I m not sure if the book just isn t as good, or if my tastes have changed as I ve become a voracious reader the past few years The humor was still good, the plot was light It just wasn t working for me.It felt too long My recollection was that most of the Nightside books were 250 pages each, while this is closer to 400 I believe It s over 17 hours in audio That s probably at least 5 hours too long.There were too many dead ends in the story I recall Mr Green writing scenes in Nightside that seemed unimportant to the plot but that explore some bizarre idea he must have had This book has entirely too much of that I think if a few of them had been cut out saved for later books this might have been a better story.It s possible these books get better as they go along There were parts I enjoyed, and the ending was pretty good to bump it from a 2.5 to a solid 3, but I m not likely to continue on at this point. |EPUB ♷ The Man with the Golden Torc ☹ For Ages, Eddie Drood And His Family Have Kept Humanity Safe From The Things That Go Bump In The Night But Now One Of His Own Has Convinced The Rest Of The Family That Eddie S Become A Menace, And That Humanity Needs To Be Protected From Him So He S On The Run, Using Every Trick In The Book, Magical And Otherwise, Hoping He Lives Long Enough To Prove His Innocence Edwin Drood has gadgets than you can imagine golden armor, a portable door, a self aiming gun with never ending bullets, and much But he also has problems than you can shake a stick at He s the supernatural answer to James Bond, and he s just been declared rogue Now everyone including his family wants him dead, while all Eddie wants is the truth It took about 50 or 60 pages for this book to hit its stride But once it did, it was unstoppable The pace was fast, the lead character was incredibly likable, and the dialogue was witty and natural The secondary characters were inventive, and I hope they re brought back in later installments.It s a page turner of a book, incorporating action, suspense, mystery, and even some romance, along with a large dose of humorThe Man with the Golden Torc has it all. It s like the Nightside books, except that nearly half of the weird stuff presented actually had a purpose So, despite the fact that the protagonist spent time congratulating himself for being clever and bad ass than he did actually being clever or, y know, halfway competent, I ll be looking for the sequel Perhaps in that one the protagonist won t be so ridiculously overpowered that the text of every fight scene could be replaced by OMG WE RE GOING TO DIE but wait, I had this handy dandy Save The Day Device in my back pocket all along, so I never really had any reason to be panicked or even mildly alarmed I know I sound disparaging, but it was so nice to be able to enjoy the plot of a Simon R Green book again Seriously, his earliest stuff was so good what happened Overall, I liked this book very much It was substantive than his Nightside series which I also like, but not quite as well It wasn t quite as dark, also It felt a bit like a combo of the action in his Deathstalker space opera with the horror dark fantasy of the Nightside books More humor, a very likable protagonist and a fun new premise to explore There were a few of his classic divergences into long descriptions of the weird creatures he s imagined without any real impact on the story But overall it was fast paced and a fun new take on the genre I m looking forward to reading the next in the series.