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In Possession Harper Blaine goes back to the type of case she started with as a Greywalker With a twist, of course Add something worse than a revenant and a man with a skewed view on patriotism and you ll realise that nothing is usual or easy when it comes to Harper s world.This case is so serious that the only suitable help is the one she would rather avoid even if the person is a friend She definitely needs Carlos s help.Quinton has his own problems that became worse in previous books.There is not much to tell regarding the plot It is a true P.I story with a paranormal side Harper talks to a lot of people, looking for answers to the latest Greywalker problem and, as usual, ends up injured but helps a lot of people in the end While reading this series I often check the legends, folklore, urban legends or just places Kat Richardson mentions It makes this series even enjoyable. Genre Urban Fantasy Rating 3.5 4 My Thoughts Possession is the eighth book in the Greywalker series and things get interesting for our protagonist Harper Blaine when it comes to tracking down the entity that has put several individuals into comas and a belief that they are all Possessed by demons or something else After being approached by the sister of one of the victims, Harper finds herself trying to solve a mystery that is both confusing and daunting and time is quickly running out before none of the victims ever wake up again Harper is known as a Greywalker, or one that treads the line between the living world and the paranormal realm which is filled with witches, shape shifters, necromancers, sorcerers, vampires, shamans, and a plethora of other monsters that have made Harper s life very interesting these past Eight novels She s a Seattle private investigator who looks into the freaky that surrounds her on a daily basis, while also trying to remain one step ahead of the grim reaper Harper, who has died twice, is also known as the Hands of the Guardian, and Paladin of the Dead and takes her job very seriously.Harper has had an interesting few years, especially with her relationships with her so called friends like book store owner Phoebe Mason, the Danzigers who are currently missing in action, and Detective Sergeant Solis who has seen the world that Harper lives in, and doesn t care for it at all Things have started to get interesting with her relationship to Quinton Purlis who she calls her spouse in soul, along with her feret known as Chaos Harper finds herself working alongside an interesting cast of characters, including a medium, and Carlos, the vampire necromancer who is seriously dangerous, in order to save the victims before time runs out.I enjoy this particular series because Richardson researches her setting like no other author I know She digs into the nuisances of Seattle, and provides actual facts, people, and events that have made the city an interesting place to live and work and surrounds it with Harper s fictional world Possession is no except as Richardson dives into the story about a female serial killer from the early 21st century and makes her one of the prime villains of the story I especially like Harper because she is a true badass heroine, and not just a person who goes about her daily grind like everyone else.I think one of the reasons I didn t give this a higher rating is that Quinton is mostly absent from the story because he is trying to bring down his father James Purlis and keeps secrets from Harper Purlis, who works for a secretive covert group known as Ghost Division, would love to get his hands on Harper if only he knew about her abilities and her access to the Grey world Quinton is so obsessed with his mission, that he really doesn t pay particular attention to Harper s difficulties even though they are bonded in a way that he can feel her pain I think there is also a moral question as to things that happen in this story as well and whether or not the story really needed to take up so much of this story arc.I m grateful to the Jacksonville Public Library for allowing me access to this title via the Inter library loan system here in Florida One can only hope that they purchase Revenant Greywalker 9 which releases August 5th 2014 by Roc Hardcover so that I can continue to read this awesome series Published August 6th 2013 by Roc I think this has to be one of the best books in the series I was not a big fan of her last book, Seawitch, it felt slow and plodding and while it introduced two new fantasy creatures to the lexicon it had a very side show feel to it On the other hand Possession was a great book to read, maybe I just like my mysteries a bit on land or tangible but Possession hit all the right notes for me.A woman approaches Harper, in Phoebe s Harper s old friend bookstore, her sister is in a persistent vegetative state PVS but has been convulsively painting eerie scenes over and over again When Harper goes to see the woman she gets paint lobbed in her eye disturbing her ability to see the normal but realizes the woman is possessed by a ghost, and many ghosts stand around her Harper s investigation turns up 2 other cases of PVS, something that is incredibly rare, and realizes there is something darker going on But as she tries to tackle this Quinton s father rears his very ugly head and tries to use her to make Quinton fall back into the fold something Quinton has vowed not only not to do, but to bring his father and his father s cronies down.Between the two plots the book moves at a good pace and not only do we see Harper grow, but we watch her fail and get back up and try again, one of the things that keeps me coming back to the books She is a very realistic heroine not all kick ass and full of it and herself, or so unsure of herself that she can t move forward, and Quinton is an enigma that I have enjoy learning about.Looking forward to whats next this time This was a little different from the other Greywalker books in that Harper spends less time in the Grey and deals with fewer monsters of the supernatural ilk Until the end, it is mystery than action and, being a mystery lover, I took to it wholeheartedly The Grey is not completely absent as Harper has a funny on purpose accident that keeps her connected to that realm all the time As there are changes for the reader, there are changes for Harper too She has an interesting relationship with Quinton in that they are both fiercely independent and have a personal imperative to save the world She is conflicted when their personalities prove to be at conflict with maintaining a normal relationship Instead, she has to look outside of her comfort zone for help and discovers that the weak, the meek, and the dark all have strengths of their own to share Possession contains a lot of haunted history and I especially like the epilogue where I learned that Kat Richardson stayed true to Seattle s history Creepy, creepy town I ve got to visit it someday. ( Free Kindle ) ♸ Possession (Greywalker, #8) ♷ When A Comatose Woman Suddenly Wakes Up And Starts Painting Scenes She S Never Witnessed, With A Skill She S Never Had, Medical Science Has No Explanation As Bizarre Phenomena Manifest, Even Her Doctors Start To Wonder If The Woman May Be Possessed Frustrated And Frightened, The Patient S Sister Reluctantly Turns To Greywalker Harper Blaine To Discover Who Or What Is Occupying Her Sister S BodyAs Harper Digs Into The Case Of Apparent Possession, She Discovers Other Patients Struck With The Same Mystifying Afflictions And A Disturbing Connection To One Of The Most Gruesome Stories In Washington S History This was the 8th book in the Greywalker series and I enjoyed it than the last book It was an interesting read and I enjoyed watching the mystery unravel I also enjoyed how all of the loose ends came together in the end.I listened to this on audiobook and the audiobooks for this series have always been really well done The narrator is exactly how I picture Harper Blaine would sound The narrator does an excellent job doing all the character voices and capturing character emotion I really enjoy listening to this series on audiobook even than reading it Harper Blaine is drawn into a disturbing case when a woman comes to her complaining that her sister has been possessed The woman s sister was in a persistent vegetative state PVS until one day the sister just sat up and started painting The woman thinks her sister is possessed, but as Harper starts looking into the case she finds other PVS patients doing similar things and she realizes that this is part of a much bigger issue.This was an excellent continuation of this ghostly investigative urban fantasy series Richardson s style is very unique and I could understand how it wouldn t appeal to everyone but I really enjoy it Richardson writes in a very detailed way, she describes the actions of her characters very precisely and gives very detailed descriptions I enjoy it.I also enjoy how Richardson kind of has a theme or area that she focuses on and does research on for each book This book focuses on a few different things The first is persistent vegetative states, the second is possession, and the third is some of the rather disturbing history of a certain serial killer from Seattle s history.Harper doesn t really grow or change much as a character in this book Her and Quentin are still having problems with Quentin s father that ends up tying into the storyline in a big way As a result their relationship does see some stress They still make a great couple, but I wish at times that Quentin would trust Harper a bit These two still have some growing to do in their relationship.Harper also doesn t really gain any new powers as a Greywalker She uses her ability to see and interact with the Grey quite a bit She also uses her ability to travel through layers of time All of this remains intriguing and is fun to read about.The plot is cleverly done I love how all of the different pieces that Harper is dealing with kind of all come together neatly in the end There are a couple of unresolved story points mostly dealing with activities that Quentin s dad is involved in.Overall a very well done addition to this series I enjoyed it alot This was a very well done investigative urban fantasy I still enjoy reading about Harper Blaine and her unique Greywalking skills The plot is very well done and very intriguing I continue to appreciate how Richardson does such thorough research on the historical aspects of her novels Recommended to those who enjoy investigative urban fantasy. Harper Blaine is contacted by a woman who believes her sister is possessed The woman s sister is comatose, except for sitting straight up to paint She also starts to speak, but no one can make sense out of what she is saying Harper agrees to help and discovers this woman isn t the only case of comatose victims doing things that science can t explain In getting to the bottom of the events Harper realizes that her boyfriend, Quinton s father might have a hand in it.Possession is the eighth book in the Greywalker series The stories follow Harper, a PI and Greywalker She can see ghosts She works to keep our world and the grey world in a kind of balance I would recommend starting at the start of the series, but Possession could stand on its own.Richardson is a wizard at blending actually history with ghostly encounters There is of that skill in Possession The novel explores some of Seattle s darker past All the comatose victims are linked to a market where construction is going on It s easy to suspend belief when so many details in the novel feel as realistic as they do The attention to detail is impressive.While the environment is a seamless and interesting organism, the dialogue and some of the characters became too far reaching for this reader I ve came along way with Harper, and while there is a dangerous FBI subdivision plot in the back ground of this story, the buildup didn t feel as dangerous as it has in the past I don t feel scared for Harper or her loved ones, or even captured by the plight of the victims I need to be, but in so many ways the story feels predictable.Vampire necromancer Carlos, a character favorite, is brought back into the mix as the story heats up Together they re left to discover and destroy what is making the ghosts, and a lot of Seattle go wonky.Possession deals with a topic that the series hasn t touched before, possession The mystery, like the last novel Seawitch, seems about discovering information, but letting others clue it in Harper tends to fall into clues Other characters tell her how to solve the problem, which was of an issue for me I m not sure I like her asking others what she should do While the series is low angst, I d like to feel danger in tight situations Beth Could not put it down The buildup of suspense lasted almost to the last page Loved the descriptions of Seattle especially the Pike Place Market Great backdrop for ghostly goings on This is an amazing series, and I am sorry the next one is the last one. 3.5It kept me engaged for most of it. I liked this book, even if I did read it out of order I am always so impressed by her research into Seattle s past Her information about Washington State s first female serial killer was downright scary It is of a traditional investigation story, with Harper chasing down a wide cast I don t know the background with Quinton s father, so a lot of that subplot was lost on me I ll have to go back and read the ones I haven t A very good read.