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The author has a point Interesting book. [Read Book] ☪ God Drives a Flying Saucer ⚖ R L Dione SUFO Masterwork Back In Print After AlmostYears Of Silence Trashface Has Prepared A Beautiful New Edition Of This Enduring Rationalist Masterpiece With An Introduction By Quincy Schmerz This Edition Brings The Wonder Of A Super Technological God To A Modern Audience Used To Dealing In The Currency Of Facts an interesting book but I don t believe a word of it, sorry, possibly only of interest to fundamentalist atheists with mental problems. First paperback book that I remember reading as a kid Picked it back up to read all these years later Seems like utter crap now I still enjoy reading extreme cosmological theories, but the contortions required to make the Bible speak the author s language beg far too much suspension of disbelief. This was a WILD RIDE