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So this story is absolutely nothing like what the blurb on the back promises, something I really think should be rectified because this book is actually much better than it s advertising The heroine, Daisy, is a great example of a strong, female character who doesn t just give into the hero, Alex, and thus automatically earns my respect as a character because I hate when women in Mills and Boon novels just roll over for the male protagonist Alex himself is a great, well rounded character too and the chemistry between the two of them works really well within this story I also really loved the relationship here between Daisy and her ex husband Cal I thought that aspect of the plot worked really well and was an unexpected treat when reading this.A good, engaging novel with an interesting plot and developed characters I sped through this one without getting bored 4 stars. Protagonistas Daisy Alexandro Profesiones Casamentera ArquitectoPais USA Read Book ♿ Breaking The Greeks Rules ⚈ A Christmas Bombshell For Daisy Connolly, The Heady Mixture Of A Wedding Reception, Vintage Champagne And Her Blistering Chemistry With Alex Antonides Led To A Spectacular Weekend In Bed With Unforgettable Consequences But The Wickedly Sexy Greek Was Long Gone, Leaving Daisy With A Fractured Heart So When The Heartless Alex Storms Back Into Her Life Daisy Is Determined To Walk Away Unscathed She Has To Because She Has A Five Year Old Son He Can Never Find Out About But The Antonides Heir Can T Stay Hidden For Ever And This Greek Tycoon Has One Non Negotiable Rule Christmas Is A Time For Family I borrowed this in Large Print from my library system, but I really wish I had the Kindle version because there were so many passages I would have highlighted Of course I don t do that to library books P Unfortunately, the kindle link on GR brings it to the comic version, and that s just not the same.That said, I loved Daisy s character, though I really didn t like her name I loved that she didn t cave when Alex came back into her life, and that she wasn t afraid to confront him with his words actions from the past.I really would have liked an epilogue orof the ending to bring Charlie back into the action. Having had a great weekend together and believing herself in love, Daisy confessed her love for Alex and ended up heartbroken when he rejected her love Now, 5 years later, he s face to face with her and all those emotions he managed to bottle up then explode out of him He can t stop thinking about her and despite the fact that he s actually looking for a marriage of convenience, devoid of love or emotion and that she wants the opposite, he can t stay away from her And Daisy wishes he would, because she can t exactly keep their 5 year old son a secret and protected from the man who claims to not want to care about anyone, if he stays around much longer.There were things about this that I liked and things that I didn t First, and I think I didn t like this, is the structure of the story It doesn t follow your standard format In this, we get a flashback of their weekend together, then the two of themor less fighting attraction and consciously knowing they had no future togetherno mutual kissing, romance or anything and then a brief moment of them together at the end for their HEA It wasn t much of a romance in that respect I guess it s kinda Alex coming to the realization that he can t deny his feelings for Daisy, but he doesn t want to do anything about it I did like two things here first, Daisy has some bad ass spine Here is a woman who had her heart broken and ain t no way, no how going to put herself in that situation again And she doesn t get all melty and gooey when he s around She is capable of keeping her head, turning him down and even slapping him when he forces a kiss And then, when he comes to give her exactly what she wanted 5 years earlier, she turns him down in spectacular fashion, rips him a new one giving him some things to think about and tells him it s not enough now Finally a heroic heroine Second, I liked that I could actually get behind this woman s reason for keeping her baby a secretand that doesn t happen often And she even manages to convince him by throwing his words back at her In the end, I feel like Alex suffered and wrestled with his conscience about his attitude toward love and everything, but why is it we never get an actual apology for the actions which initially broke the heroine s heart There s always a good, long, heartfelt love declaration, but never an acknowledgement of the pain caused by his behavior the first go round As I said, this had high points and low points it wasn t my favorite by this author, but this is probably one of my favorite heroines in that she knew exactly what she wanted and wasn t about to settle. Was ok Had a lot if fun reading it. Alex is looking for an easy to get along wife no kids no love why get married Oh he s tired of the variety and endless women He gets the number of a matchmaker that may be able to help him find his perfect wife Odd that she shares the same name of the woman that he had a one night stand w years ago This brings back memories for Alex and he soon discovers that it s her.Daisy He acts as though he had been searching for her all along he hadn t When she expressed forever years ago he hightailed it out of there after setting her straight No marriage No HEA And most definitely NO KIDS Daisy refuses to help him because she believes in all the fairy tale HEA stuff while he doesn t want any of that Yes, Daisy has a secret to keep from Alex as well, but it really did seem justified in the story.okay maybe a stretch Honestly though he could have checked up on her, but he refused and she couldn t get a hold of him not that she really wanted to She did take him at his word from years ago though However, Daisy did marry OM wished that had turned out better because he was truly a nice guy why oh why did it have to be that way Still just the thought of what the other guy got to see and experience, and Alex didn t.sorry satisfied some nasty bit in me Alex, of course, didn t like her having married OM or her little secret He could only figure out the truth by the memories brought forth of another.So she fights him a lot, which is a good thing, he pushes , of course Had some lingering questions in regard to OM though and r s w boy Why didn t she call him when boy had been injured he seemed to share a big spot of his life and yet she didn t even call him Alex and Daisy shared a passionate weekend five years ago Unfortunately he freaked out and hightailed it out of Daisy s life during the long ago weekend when she started talking about love, marriage and white picket fences He cant love he said, he wont love and he most certainly doesn t want children Alex comes back into Daisy s life and she panics, not only about the feelings simmering under the surface but from the secrets she s kept from him after all these years.Alex is very likeable, even with his hard hearted outlook on life, which we get to explore further on in the story I really like Daisy too just like the flowers, she is a breath of fresh air I couldn t understand her reasoning behind her secret but I still wanted them to reach their happy ever after I thought Alex handled everything quite maturely and I really really wanted him to catch a break with Daisy.Breaking The Greeks Rules is an emotional ride which I read throughout today whenever I got a spare second Anne McAllister is very very good at weaving tales and I really like her stories I did enjoy Breaking the Gree s Rules and would recommend it for sure. Enjoyable buy ended too soon I wanted to read about Charlie s return on Boxing Day etc. 3.5 4 starsDaisy fell in love with Alex at first sight But he rejected her love, running scared from the feelings she made him feel He has always carried a deep guilt about the death of his brother and the separation of his parents For him love is about hurt and pain.Five years later, they meet again and the attraction is as strong as ever Now Alex is on the look for a wife of convenience without the mess of love or kids Alex knows that he cant keep away from Daisy What he doesn t know is that Daisy had given birth to his son, Charlie But Alex has to face his past and his fear of love if he wants to enjoy his lovely family.