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This was a goodreads win Very well written throughout and an interesting story Read and reviewed by my mother as whe was very keen to read it Muse is the story of Solange LeBlanc who was a scribe, muse and lover of poet Francesco Petrarch It takes place in the 14th century in France when popes lived in Avignon instead of Rome Solange is raised by Benedictine nuns who believe her to be clairvoyant and she is trained to be a scribe, an unusual career for a woman of her time She meets Petrarch as a teenager and becomes his scribe, later his muse, and then mother of his children The story of her life is filled with betrayal and suffering but she is strong and always finds a way to rise above after her many falls Novik says she based her story on this woman whom little is known about, other than her being the mother of Petrarch s children, but she marvelously fills in the blanks with her descriptions of life in the 1300 s Solange may be a fictional character but her story comes alive on the pages That is what I love about good historical fiction, though the story may be an invention of the author s imagination, the details of every day life are real and it is obvious Novik did a lot of research to make this time period become real I loved her descriptions of the scriptorium I could almost smell the oak gall and wormwood which was used to make ink Her attention to the details allows the reader to step back in time If you like historical fiction I recommend this book I gave it 5 out of 5 stars Now I want to read Novik s first book titled Conceit which is about 17th century London. This review and others can be found on Cozy Up With A Good ReadI had this book on my Waiting on Wednesday post a few weeks ago, I had just finished reading CONCEIT by Mary Novik and I knew I wanted to read from her Lucky for me I ended up getting this in the mail a little while ago, it was a great surprise and I m so happy to be able to feature a review for this book for Canadian Historical Fiction Month This book is very different from CONCEIT, and yet I loved it just as much if not even This book is about Solange s journey growing up with the gift of clairvoyance and all the danger she is in throughout her life Solange moves around a lot, but what I love about her is that she does things for herself, in a world that is dominated by men, Solange is the woman who tries to change things and be her own person.The one thing that I absolutely love about Mary Novik s writing is that she brings her characters to life She also really shows the dark and gritty parts of history I love that she doesn t shy away from making her stories dark Solange has good fortune every so often, but much of her life is difficult.The book is intriguing, and readers are kept wondering about what Solange will deal with next I definitely loved the love story between Solange and Petrarch and how it grows and changes over time She finds herself in love with this man, who continually betrays her, Novik writes this love story beautifully and really makes readers feel for Solange yet I also wanted to yell at her many times over as well.I really enjoyed how this story is split into different sections, depending on where Solange is in her life Solange becomes stronger and she continually fights for herself and what she believes she deserves I believe that this book gives female readers a hero that they can root for Solange picks herself up again and again, and continually fights.I think it s great to see writers picking up female figures in historical fiction and bringing them to the forefront often I have fallen in love with Mary Novik s writing style and I hope she doesn t wait as long in between her stories Muse is a 14th century historical narrative about a clairvoyant woman trying to survive during the Renaissance.Throughout her endeavors she is accused of being a harlot, a witch and even a saint but she refuses to give up and fights to survive for the sake of her illegitimate children.I truly enjoyed this book as it is beautifully written in my opinion I loved the challenging language used and the raw but yet delicate way that all of Solange s perverse ordeals are described Mary Novik really gives an inside perspective of what went on behind the closed doors of the Papacy in France.I was admittedly able to connect with Solange and truly felt for her during all of her ordeals I cried with her losses and smiled with her victories and ingenuity She is undoubtedly a wonderful mother that would do anything for the sake of her children and surely a true heroin in my opinion.The storyline was just charming and I absolutely loved how it all tied together throughout and especially in the end Those of you that did not finish the book really missed out on the glory of it Mary Novik managed to transport me into the Renaissance and I was not able to put this book down until it was done My only regret is that I would have liked to find out the stories of her children afterwords.Assuredly, this is one of the finest pieces of literature I have come across and it is truly a masterpiece of the written word Thank you so much for the opportunity to have read such a magnificent piece of art I received a free ARC copy of this book via Goodreads First Reads. I won this book from the first read program and I loved it The writing and story was engaging and in was drawn into solange s story after a few pages I did find that the years did pass quickly but I was so interested in solange s story and fight for her survival and her children This is an excellent choice for anybody who loves historical fiction Thanks to good reads, doubleday publishing and the first reads program for this book I really enjoyed Muse I was with Solange from the opening pages and enjoyed all her ups and downs immensely, finding her adventures both exciting from a modern readers point of view and realistic for the time and setting, which is fourteenth century Avignon, France The characters and their relationships are very believable, especially the fatal attraction between Solange and Petrarch, who writes the most incredible poetry to another woman, the famous Laura because of her help Novik hit the right note for me, not too modern and not too historical, believable yet authentic, a really good read from start to finish. Mary s writing always bowls me over, both in its precision and in its ability to unflinchingly expose what is gritty and beautiful Muse is a thrilling, page turning read, but it s also an exploration on poetry and how historical women, seen and unseen, shape the careers and lives of the men they love. I read Mary Novik s Muse in manuscript form some time ago, and am pleased that the finished product retains the power of language that initially captivated me Too often I have begun novels only to put them down, unfinished, but, line by line, Muse drew me in, and kept me enthralled to the last page Bravo, Mary I wish writers shared your love of words. If I were to describe Muse in a single sentence, I would say it is about the pleasures of the sensual world, and the importance of choosing those pleasures, dangerous as such a road might be particularly in an anti female society like 14th Century Avignon In this novel, the entire kingdom of sensuality is personified in the gorgeous, wanton figure of Solange Le Blanc, who, after growing up in a Benedictine nunnery, flees to Avignon, where she becomes the lover of both Petrarch enabling him to write his love sonnets and of Pope Clement VI Generous and deeply sexual, Solange is able to transition between these two men one s a sex god, the other s like your aging grandfather with remarkable sangfroid and ease And there is something so comforting in this, so real Solange is a woman of the world, and she takes pleasure where she can get it, drawing political power to herself along the way How different this is from all the hard bodied sex we encounter in books like Fifty Shades of Grey, or The SECRET And how much interesting this is But the deliciousness of the sensual world also shows up in the details Mary Novik uses to paint her world of 14th Century Avignon The street scenes, the various guilds at work on the narrow streets, the smells, of baking and sewage The scenes in the Benedictine scriptorium where the illuminated manuscripts are created by nuns, and where Solange gets her early training as a scribe, copying Dante s La Vita Nuova are among the most fascinating Novik takes great care to describe the slant of light or lack of it amazing to think how all those illuminated manuscripts were created in dimly lit rooms , the feel of the paintbrushes, the delight in the expensive paints, made from gold or from iris root It is a tribute to how good these scriptorium scenes are that, for sensual interest, they rivalled the sex scenes with Petrarch.Ultimately this is a novel about female sexuality and power, in a society bent on erasing and sublimating both There is a wonderful scene, mid book, where all the wanton women and harlots of the town are rounded up during a ferocious lightning storm, Solange among them, and sent up to the towers of the many churches to ring the bells, in order to draw the lightning to them, as punishment, and to protect the city Many are struck dead But Solange survives, and she goes on to tell her tale which ultimately is a bell ringing for the joys of female desire, fully expressed. ^Read Pdf ☔ Muse ↬ Richly Engaging Historical Adventure In The Vein Of The Winter Palace And The Malice Of Fortune Muse Is The Story Of The Charismatic Woman Who Was The Inspiration Behind Petrarch S Sublime Love Poetry Solange Le Blanc Begins Life In The Tempestuous Streets Of Th Century Avignon, A City Of Men Dominated By The Pope And His Palace When Her Mother, A Harlot, Dies In Childbirth, Solange Is Raised By Benedictines Who Believe She Has The Gift Of Clairvoyance Trained As A Scribe, But Troubled By Disturbing Visions And Tempted By A Carnal Life, She Escapes To Avignon, Where She Becomes Entangled In A Love Triangle With The Poet Petrarch, Becoming Not Only His Muse But Also His Lover Later, When Her Gift For Prophecy Catches The Pope S Ear, Solange Becomes Pope Clement VI S Mistress And Confidante In The Most Celebrated Court In Europe When The Plague Kills A Third Of Avignon S Population, Solange Is Accused Of Sorcery And Is Forced Once Again To Reinvent Herself And Fight Against A Final, Mortal Conspiracy Muse Is A Sweeping Historical Epic That Magically Evokes The Renaissance, Capturing A Time And Place Caught Between The Shadows Of The Past And The Promise Of A New Cultural Awakening