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In this read we meet Rowan she is the only woman that has ever been able to twist and turn Mr I don t love Nicodemus Marcussen s control He has always wanted her but due to family circumstance or rather scandals in the night she is forbidden to him But when tragedy hits Rowan comes back into his life and this time they are forced to confront their most forbidden desires Only Nic has his own idea of what and who Rowan really is, and that will never change unless secrets start coming to light Another brilliant, heartfelt, gut wrenching read that brought forth so many emotions I was on a rollercoaster of madness One minute I wanted to grab the hero and smash his head in, he was so arrogant and so mean at one time I felt my heart break for the heroine s stake The author gave such excellent and insightful POV s for both characters that once you get into their minds and thoughts it all just perfectly falls into place and instead of wanting to bash the hero s head in I wanted to hold him close and do everything possible to bring him back to life The deep dark whole of despair the author plunges her character into was so amazing it took my breath away It was so realistic I felt my heart start to race and my pulse pounding away at the very raw emotion I loved how the author let the family scandal, secrets, assumptions and misconceptions develop into a mind blowing romance , when it all slotted into place I shouted out So that s it The author had me on the edge of my seat and begging forI am taking away a message of we all think we know someone, but in actual fact we only know what we see If we take the time to really get to know someone and all their secrets we will be able to see they are just like us, trying to get through life as best they can, and love is a powerful emotion in the world of facing our troubles 5 5 star review Love is never forbidden when it s too powerful to ignore No Longer Forbidden is an impressive debut novel by Dani Collins The writing is powerful The story is intense, emotional, with an undercurrent of sadness and loss The focus is mainly on the 2 strong and well portrayed main characters Both their POV give the perfect insight to their feelings and to their turmoil.Nic is a completely messed up hero He had been abandoned by his mother and rejected by his father So no wonder he doesn t understand the meaning of love or the sense of family Rowan has always been a thorn in Nic s side, she is the daughter of his father s mistress Nic hated that she enjoyed a father daughter relationship with his estranged father He has always wanted her but she was forbidden, off limits.For her part, Rowan had a crush on Nic and had always been susceptible to him.Rowan has lived the life her mother choose for her, now she has a lot of decisions to make After a year of reported missing, the death of her mother and his father is about to be official Living together in the family home for 2 weeks, Rowan and Nic struggles with an unwelcome chemistry and with their misconceptions about each other The chemistry is too strong to ignore Secrets are revealed, truths are uncovered while they get to know each other better But Nic has to learn how to open up to love if he wants any chance at happiness. Nicodemus Marcussen is discussing something hush hush with his lawyer Rowan O Brien has just reached the Old English Mansion at Rosedale for some time off She had earlier sent a note to Nicodemus about her finances being stopped A stepbrother sister romance Ooo Her mother and stepfather are dead and it s with a heavy heart that she s returned to Rosedale They went missing in the sea about a year back, and their bodies haven t been recovered Two years ago, she had fancied Nic who had put an end to her rosy dreams Now also, she likes him and craves for the warmth he never showed her Her mother was his father s lover for ten years and yet there is this frostiness between them She has her own reasons for wanting the money, of course she does Her dancing career doesn t provide her with enough.Nic stopped her finances since she dropped out of dance school She s twenty two now and according to Nic never held a real job There s so much angst here Nic was the son whom Olief Marcussen never accepted till only recently, and still not embraced fully, while the older man placed his trust in Rowan, whom he himself called a spoiled girl.First time I read of an Irish lass in Harlequin While Olief was a sweetheart to her, Cassandra O Brien was a vicious mother, who pushed her daughter into dancing And now that they re gone, she feels lost, listless She almost drowns while lamenting the loss of her home because Nic threatened to tear it down To gain ownership of everything, including Olief s media conglomerate Nic partly blames her for their death and his non establishment of a connection with Olief since she always hogged their attention, and that was what she was doing when their plane went down.This is a very, very interesting story Like father, like son Nic is a hard hitting news journalist But their parents behaviours, what they have done, will shock you The author created such a hopeful longing that often I wished that their parents, her mother and his father, would be back Both Nic and Ro are hurting, because of trying and still not getting the approval they wanted from their parents Aww He calls her Ro She is so cheeky as well as introspective Nic has been meted a horrible life and he was only an innocent child They fight about a number of things And there s a pregnancy scare too, though nothing magical about it This story is grounded in reality I love Dani Collins writing and this one was no different It puts you through an emotional wringer.P.S I don t know why it is Book One of the Makricosta dynasty I mean, how does it connect There is no one by the name of Makricosta here Also, the title of the book may have been given due to the stepbrother stepsister angle but it is so not appropriate for the story because it is so muchthan that insignificant little title And coming on to the cover, there is not a single strawberry scene in the book So, nope. If you like angst, you will LOVE this one.The hero, Nic, is emotionally stunted and cruel Rowan, the heroine, seems to be frozen in some stasis needing her emotionally bankrupt, manipulative mother s approval and love which she never gets No wonder she falls for the hero He s her mother Forgot to mention, he is that rare breed, the blonde hero.I don t mind angst, but I am not a friend of the Heathcliff wannabe brand of cold cruelty Okay, maybe he wasn t that bad, but if I had been with a man that was so dismissive and kept telling me to leave, I think I would Few writers can write a hero that can be redeemed from being a big meanie, Lynne Graham being one In all fairness, he was abandoned by his mother, his biological father, and the man he thought was his father Very sad, but I still want a littlepizzaz between my H and my h.It was a one star for enjoyment for me, but I am falling on my review sword and giving it an extra star because I know they are plenty of readers out there that love this kind of stuff. Just missed out on 4 stars Really liked this one but not quite as much as the sequel Typical arrogant hero who thinks poorly of the heroine She of course is not as frivolous as he had always thought This is one of those where the older hero resents the heroine over her place in his father s heart But of course he has always secretly lusted after her Well written and I continue to like this author s style One of my favorite new HP authors. Didn t care for the heroine and her defense of her homewrecker parent Didn t care the heroine harshly judged the hero because he wasn t close to a father who didn t want him close This heroine was selfish and that was a huge turnoff So much I couldn t finish. Pretty good but not at all happy with the ending This is a classic it s not you, it s me situation between me and this book I gather from previous reviews that this is Dani Collins debut novel It s a strong first effort, a stepbrother stepsister story that sets up the sequel, More than a Convenient Marriage My volume had that story first, followed by this one, which makes no senseso a heads up if you have that edition read this one first.Triggers there is oblique talk of eating disorders and infertility The story opens with the dancer socialite heroine arriving at her stepfather s home in Greece She is looking for some quiet as the one year anniversary of her mother and stepfather s disappearance at sea looms At the one year mark they will be declared officially dead and thenWell, she doesn t know The investigative reporter, now publishing business tycoon hero is there ahead of her He has canceled her cell phone and credit cards because she has dropped out of dance school His father had agreed to finance the heroine as long as she stayed in school The fact that the heroine broke her leg a year ago, which dashed her dancing hopes, doesn t seem to dissuade the hero from his course of cutting all ties with her He wants her to gather her mother s things, sign the next of kin papers so that her mother can be declared officially dead, and then get out so he can knock down the English manor style house and replace it with something sleek and modern.The reason he can do this The heroine s mother was not married to the hero s father They were in a long term relationship but no legal ties To further muddy the waters, the hero is illegitimate and only met his father when he was older His mother had a one night stand with his father, and then went back to her fiance He has a younger half sister who is the heroine of the sequel The rejection of both his parents he was placed in boarding school at age seven and was never visited has messed him up.The heroine only went to dance school to please her actress mother Now her body is too messed up to dance She didn t fulfill the dream And she has a bad reputation with the hero after throwing herself at him on her 20th birthday, three years before The angst drama at the opening is great The heroine is shocked by the hero s coldness, almost drowns in the sea, and finds out the hero is just as attracted to her as she has been to him But she is a virgin and isn t sure if she wants a no strings affair for the two weeks the hero will let her stay at the house view spoiler Of course they do have a sexual affair The hero has to change his mind about her once he realizes she is a virgin, but he still can t open up Things come to a crisis point when the hero realizes they had unprotected sex and the heroine could be pregnant The heroine knows she is infertile, based on her brutal dance training, but she stays quiet because she feels it shows her inadequacy Both of their hopes and dreams about families and belonging are revealed during this time It s only after the memorial service and some time apart does the hero realize he wants to let go of his past and embrace a new future He has inherited everything, but it s not enough He finds the heroine and gifts her with a key to house in Greece and then proposes HEA Epilogue the adoption agency has found them a baby, whose is injured from an earthquake, mirroring the heroine s injuries She will heal just like mom and dad hide spoiler ^Read Kindle ☙ No Longer Forbidden? ☈ The Limits Of His ControlRowan O Brien Will Always Be The Thorn In Nic Marcussen S Side She Was The Only Woman To Tempt Him Beyond His Steely Controlthe Only Woman Strictly Forbidden To Him Years Later, Nic S Sole Focus Is Business The Boy Who Grew Up Under A Cloud Of Shame Now Has The World At His Feet Until Tragedy Brings Rowan Back Into His Life And His Fa Ade Begins To CrackIn The Seclusion Of The Marcussen Mansion In The Mediterranean Their Deeply Buried Secrets Surface And They Are Forced To Confront Their Darkest Desires