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Dana Brantley is the new librarian in town The matchmakers are saying that she and Nick Verone would be a perfect match, but first Dana must overcome her past The book is a little slow in places, but a cute read. WellThis one really struck a bad note with me Most parts seemed rushed and I really never liked Nick He came off as pushy, unable to take no for an answer It really bugged the hell out of me, especially in light of Dana s past Tony was cute, but it wasn t enough to make me rate the book higher. [Ebook] ⚖ Edge of Forever ⚒ River Glen Was At The Edge Of Nowhere A Tiny, Sleepy Town Nestled On The Shores Of The Potomac River It Was Perfect For Dana Brantley, Who, Following A Couple Of Rocky Years, Was Looking For A Peaceful Place To Start Over The Townspeople Had Other Ideas For The New Librarian They Thought She Was Perfect For Their Most Eligible Bachelor, Nick Verone And Nick And His Ten Year Old Son, Tony, Agreed Intrigued By The Mysterious Woman, Nick Is Determined To Find A Way To Cut Through Her Prim And Proper Reserve As He Plies His Considerable Charm On Dana, What Nick Discovers Is A Wounded And Fragile Soul It Will Take Than His Usual Charm To Convince Dana That In River Glen And With Him She Has Found Her Edge Of Forever On Edge of Forever This was my least favorite of the two books but I still enjoyed reading about the characters Now I m going to spoil the story just a bit because how can I review this story without doing a bit of spoiling Dana is incredibly secretive about her past which requires Nick to tease out bits and pieces since Dana won t share anything.Dana is the town librarian who clearly came to town to hide from some horrible event in her past She tries very hard to assert her independence and avoid relationships but of course the town sees her as perfect for the town bachelor, Nick Verone Nick likes the mystery surrounding the librarian and wedges himself into her life rather forcefully He invites himself over, enters her home, and takes on fixing things without being asked I know it s the small town charm thing but it did seem a little too forceful for my taste.As they begin falling in love, her secrets come out to the town and there is a movement to remove her as librarian At the same time Nick s mother in law decides to fight for custody of Nick s son, Tony, due to Dana s presence For this couple it is just one hurdle after another while they fight to be in love.I enjoyed the book but I got hung up on Dana s secrecy as well as Nick s forcefulness If Dana had merely explained even a tidbit of her past then maybe Nick would have understood where she was coming from If Nick had actually listened to Dana s wishes for independence then she wouldn t have felt boxed in I get the book needs conflict but at times it seemed a little forced.I gave this book 3 5 stars Read as part of an anthology The book was ok but gets off to a slow ans d somewhat boring start in the first half The action does pick up in the second half It does not show the depth and maturity of Ms Woods later writings It isof a typical Harlequin book. Three stars not because it is a bad book but just an average one that I did enjoy There were good characters, a mystery, a romance, and a good awareness of spousal abuse and its effect on those involved There was also some of the joys of living in a small town highlighted Sheryl Woods always hooks me early and reels me in and this book was not exception. Not her best work The premise is seriously lacking No grandparent is going to join custody over the issue presented in the book The book could have taken a serious issue in our society and done it a lotjustice. This story had the outline for a great novel but the way it was written and how the characters were shaped left me feeling like I missed out on what could have been so much better I hate saying that since I usually like what this author writes. Typical tripe but funNot enough humour by far Characters were stick figures Handsome man meets abused widow I highly recommend this book for abused women as it tested this subject frankly about being preachy. Nice bookI was great the way the problem was finally solved Why do I have to rate every book I should be able to decide it