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This a really touching account of the bombing of Hiroshima Professor Ogura had written very well about what he saw and feel in Hiroshima which I can almost feel I was really sad how his wife died I made us reflect the cruelty of war and how peace is so precious. In my head, I thought you either died instantly or died of radiation poisoning later I never imagined there was so much terrible in between It was morbidly fascinating to hear about the different ways the bomb caused such destruction It is so tragic I was surprised at how little the author seemed to blame America, especially when compared with the letter from one of his kids who was clearly very angry about it. An iteresting take on the bombing of Hiroshima The reader is told the sotyr through love letters he writes to his dead wife I alwasy like reading books about history that are from a narrative point of view, not so text book y and this book does the trick. Brian and I read this for summer reading Very moving. While I was in Hiroshima on vacation I saw firsthand how devastated the Atomic Bomb was This is a true account of the day of the A bomb and what happened Fascinating book. Read this for RRC book club We had a good discussion. Lugubrious It almost moved me to tears A true personal account of how life was immediately before and after the bombing You have to read this book. Engrossing first hand account of the atomic bomb over Hiroshima, Japan This book was originally published in 1948, taken from a series of letters the author wrote to his wife who died 2 weeks after the blast The author chronicals in detail his own experiences as well as those of all he met in those first crital days and weeks Heart wrenching I bought this book in Heroshima when I was there in December of 2008. `Download ⇲ Letters from the End of the World: A Firsthand Account of the Bombing of Hiroshima ☔ A Love Story In The Form Of Letters To The Author S Young Wife, Who Died Soon After The Bombing Of HiroshimaMore Than Fifty Years After The Second World War, The Scars Left By The Atomic Bombing Of Hiroshima Refuse To Heal This Compelling Account Of One Man S Experience Gives A Human Face To The Events Of August , For A Week After The Bombing, The Author, Who Was An Assistant Professor At Hiroshima University, Wandered The Decimated Streets Of The City, Searching For His Wife And His Youngest Son He Finally Located Them, But His Wife Died Just Days Later Grief Stricken, The Author Wrote Her A Series Of Letters Over The Next Year Outlining The Things He Had Seen And Heard During Her Last Days On Earth In , The Letters Became The First Eyewitness Account Of An Atomic Bombing Ever PublishedThis Powerful Record Shows How One Family S Future Was Altered In An Instant Comprised Of Correspondence, Diary Entries And Drawings, Letters From The End Of The World Presents The Events Surrounding The Close Of World War II In Terms So Personal They Will Not Soon Be Forgotten By The Time We Reach The Account Of Fumiyo S Horrifying Death On Aug , Which We See From Both Ogura S Perspective And That Of His Year Old Daugther, Kazuko, Who Kept A Diary, The Sadness And Anger That Have Been Building Up Through The Whole Book Are Almost Unbearable The Uncompromising Anger Toward Japan S Military Leaders That Is Expressed Throughout Is Striking And Unusual Elizabeth Ward, The Japan Times