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If a classmate is bullying you, this book will definitely cheer you up Not only is this a very relatable book when it comes to being young and feeling put upon by someone tougher than you, it s also a very empowering story To all the so called sissies of the world, you will love this book. This book is not really that good, but I read it a hundred thousand times as a child, so I m giving it a huge rating There is something satisfying about reading the story of a kid who uses Karate to beat the shit out of someone who kicks his dog. .FREE PDF ♶ A Bundle Of Sticks ☮ Ben Tyler Hates To Fight And Boyd Bradshaw Knows It When Boyd Makes Ben Eat Mud At The Bus Stop, Ben S Father Decides That It S Time For Him To Learn To Defend Himself The Thought Of Learning To Fight Makes Ben S Stomach Hurt, But He S Willing To Try Anything To Stop Boyd S Bullying When Ben Discovers That He Won T Have To Smash Boards Or Throw People Across The Room, He Decides That His Kajukenbo Lessons Might Not Be So Bad But Even With His New Self Defense Skills, Ben Doesn T Believe He Can Stand Up To Boyd Until The Day The Bully Kicks Ben S Dog Not Only Does Ben Overcome His Fears, He Discovers A New Kind Of Strength, One That Was Inside Him All Along Written For Children Ages And Up, A Bundle Of Sticks Is An Honest, Funny And Sometimes Painful Look At How One Boy Overcomes His Fears And Stands Up To The Schoolyard Bully Winner Of The Mark Twain Award, The Dorothy Canfield Fisher Award And The Washington State Governor S Award