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I really liked this one, it had a great mix of the new story with lots of visits from past characters that I have come to love.I liked Damien from the start, I liked that he was up front with Mary from day one, even as the longer he knew he the harder he fell for her I liked that Mary seemed to know the score with Damien, that it was a relationship based in the present I found myself loving that Mary ended up playing the guy s traditional role and how it bothered Damien to the point where he started talking with his brothers.I did find myself disappointed with the Delicious crew Mary supported all of them as they found their HEA, but none of them could do that for her Instead they belittled her choices and didn t think she could handle things with Damien I was stunned by how some of them treated Damien and was glad that Mary called them out I also found it funny when Mary called out Damien when he was rude to her, making him see things from her point of view with all the groupies I did hate that Mary jumped to conclusions when faced with someone wanting to hurt her and Damien I thought she should have talked with Damien first I loved both meetings of the parents The mothers were so similar, that the way that they met there could have been some serious fireworks Good thing it turned out well.I thought the ending was sweet, it was very fitting for both of them. You know this book really wasn t bad, HOWEVER, I was pretty diappointed with it as a whole It was a sweet story Like cane sugar syrup sweet It was listed as Erotica So foodie erotica some interesting evenings with whipped cream, right Nada the sex was very vanilla That was pretty surprising considering he is some hot drummer Meh.LOL I had to give our dude a mental make over He was described as tall and lanky with long dark hair over his eyes, scruffy goatee, etcHey, some people are into the skinny emo type guys Me, no thanks Lush is a sweet book and I feel I would have enjoyed it if it were listed as a contemporary romance perhaps But when your in the mood to read something down and dirty, vanilla just doesn t cut it LOLYes, I am a dirty, dirty woman I promise, I will stop and go take a cold shower now ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review @READ DOWNLOAD ç Lush ⚡ Mary Whaley Has Her Hands Full Running A Successful Catering Company And Overseeing Her Supper Club She Has Everything She Ever Wanted Or So She Thought When She Meets Ridiculously Hot And Very Dirty Rock Star Damien Hurley At Her Friend S Engagement Party, The Attraction She Feels Is Overpowering And She Isn T About To Deny HerselfDamien Is Used To A Hard And Fast Life He And Two Of His Brothers Started A Band When They Were Fresh Out Of High School Then They Hit The Big Time And Stayed There He S Also A Legendary Madman On The Stage And In The Bedroom But When He Meets Mary, Something Clicks, And The Bad Boy Starts Thinking He May Have Finally Found Something GoodWhat Begins As A Series Of Fleeting Trysts Soon Gets Much Complicated Damien Can T Figure Out Why Mary Doesn T Want From Him And Before Long, It S Damien Who Wants From Mary But It Turns Out Mary Is No Stranger To Celebrity News, And He S Got A Very Big Job Ahead Of Him Proving That He S Worth Than A One Night Stand Rating 2 out of 5.This book is an average contemporary romance about a bad boy rock star and a good independent girl who has her own catering business They meet, sparks ignite because they are the one There was the usual jealousy over Damien s groupies and misunderstandings that were all prettily solved in the end I didn t enjoy it but give it a try if you like rock star romances A reason why this book didn t get an average rating of 2.5 3 is because it hit a pet peeve of mine There is this part, early in the book, where Damien thinks that it would be a good thing if he pursued a woman worthy of him and his family, as opposed to all those other floozies that he has been with I am sorry, WHAT So those floozies aren t worthy of him He thinks he is better than them And why is that, when he is on the same level as them I am not saying that it s a bad level I don t get why people have to put down women who are free with their sex life, when they try to make heroines as cool as those other women I mean especially in this book, the heroine is left thinking, oh I don t want a relationship, I just want hot sex Um excuse me So it s okay if the heroine does it, but all those OW become floozies Double standards much And if I am to say that Damien doesn t deserve her, then it reads something out of a fairy tale romance the boy who couldn t settle down, until he met the ONE whereas a woman in his place would simply be a floozy who is just remains a floozy It wasn t just that one time, but it was an underlying theme throughout the book, that it was okay that he was so girl crazy and partying hard kind of guy, whereas the heroine is the sort to stay focused on her work and didn t let loose with any other guy.And on the bright side, it was good that the author didn t use some of the demeaning words like the w word or the s word, although she did use the word skank to describe some OW and bitch, but at least it wasn t the other s word ARC courtesy of NetGalley and PENGUIN GROUP Berkley, NAL Signet Romance, DAW stars rounded down to 3 starsFinally Damien Mary s story I started this little Lauren Dane adventure by reading The Best Kind of Trouble the first book in the Hurley Boys series The Hurley brothers are all part of a family band named Sweet Hollow Ranch All of the brothers got their own book in the Hurley Boys series Except Damien Damien s story is located in this different earlier series called Delicious.And here we are I didn t realize it at the beginning but apparently I m in the middle of a glom I finally read the book that started me reading the whole Delicious series to begin with of course, it would have been the last book in the series Mary is Cal s sister from Tart She is best friends with the heroines of Sway Daisy and Tart Jules as well as Gillian from Never Enough Brown Family 4 Yeah, it s all tangled like spaghetti Mary is a cook, a wonderful cook who lavishes delicious concoctions on her friends and family as a way of showing her love She meets the hero, Damien, at her friend Gillian s engagement party Damien is immediately bowled over by Mary s everything He loves that she isn t intimidated or starstruck by him He loves that she s sensual and loving, she s attractive, successful and she has her own life and her own friends The only problem Damien has with Mary is that she doesn t take him seriously.He held her there for some time Teasing Taking Seducing her He wanted her to want him to come back Wanted to see her again after he went home to Oregon Wanted to burn himself into her skin so she needed him as much as he needed her pg 94Read the rest here Full This book is the 3rd in the Delicious series, which branched off of Dane s Brown Siblings series It is recommended that you read the books in order The reason for this, which is also one of the main reasons I love this series, is because you get to revisit characters over and over again This book involves the 4th, and final, member of Delicious, Mary We have seen her previously in Daisy, Gillian and Jules books which include the Brown series as well Mary s love interest is Damien Hurley, a drummer and friend of Adrien Brown, that on the surface seems very different from Mary They say that opposites attract, and you may think that with Mary who is organized and work oriented and Damien hard partying, hard drinking, womanizer they are the complete opposite of each other However, Dane delves deeper into each character and you come to realize that they have in common than you might think Also, it becomes very clear that Damien is the one ready to settle down and he has to convince Mary that he s a good bet.I have always been a huge fan of Dane s for the simple fact that she writes real people, in real situations, and although it s a romance and everything ends happy, there are always roadblocks and difficulties to overcome Her writing is so rich She develops her secondary characters so well that you are always waiting to hear that they ll have their own book Mary is one such character She seems to be the glue that hold Delicious together so you are rooting for her to find a man worthy of her, and her cooking One of the best things about this book, and series, is that you get to catch up with other characters from previous books Some other authors try to do this and it feels forced Dane develops her characters so well over so many books that it s a natural flow when we revisit them The dynamics between Mary and Damien are sexy, funny, sarcastic and real The chemistry between the two is scorching but you also see a mutual respect and genuine liking between them, which helps develop their relationship past friends with benefits I also love that you see both their points of view I also love that Damien, for all his rock star persona, shows his vulnerable and unsure side He also blushes I love this series and I loved this book I am also keeping a list of all the secondary characters mentioned so that I can remind Ms Dane who also needs a book hint hint Jonah, Ezra, Paddy, etc. 3 I Finally Finished It StarsI had a really hard time getting into this book On paper, the third of the Delicious series by Lauren Dane should ve been a winner for me Sassy, no nonsense chef meets tattooed, hot rock star drummer Sounds good so far Hot sex scenes Keep talking Yet another story about a rock god falling for a normal girl and almost losing her due to a stereotypical, overused plot device Hold up that may not work for me It wasn t that the book was bad, it just wasn t good I really liked the main character, Mary and her funny, up front personality I really liked Damien, aforementioned rock god trying to take his relationship with Mary beyond just sexy times Unfortunately together these two bored me because I just knew I d read this book before There s not one original aspect of this story I can name off the top of my head, and after reading so many Rock Star Normal Girl books I wanted something a little different I kept coming back to this one, hoping it was an it s not you, it s me reading situation I don t think it helped that there are about 20 side characters to keep track of I wish that was an exaggeration but alas, no All of the characters from the previous Delicious books are actively featured as well as many of the folks from The Brown Siblings series, plus band mates brothers and parents Needless to say, trying to remember which girl went with which guy or which set of guys was a task I was simply not up for, even though I ve read a couple of the other books I had high hopes for Lush and while I did enjoy aspects of the book, I don t think I ll be rereading it any time soon This book provided from the publisher through Net Galley in exchange for an honest review. Full Review Posted 4 16 13 Lost track of time 3.5 stars An Uncomplicated Steamy Contemporary Romance Anyway, I m not going to marry him, for heaven s sake I m going to fuck him and let him make me laugh and enjoy his company I m not stupid Mary Whaley successfully manages a budding catering company and supper club While catering a friend s wedding, she meets the sinfully sexy drummer Damien Hurley His legendary exploits, sexual and otherwise, have been media fodder, but he s charming and down to earth in real life Their chemistry is electric and Mary is willing to enjoy the pleasurable times they can have together She s a grown woman determined to grow as an entrepreneur and she wants no part of a rock star s wild lifestyle, so it s surprising when Damien earnestly woos her heart in special ways Lush is such an enjoyable story The set up seems perfect for a clash of wills, series of big misunderstandings, and other relationship struggles Ironically, most of the conflict is between Mary and her close friends The way Mary passionately confronts their doubts demonstrates the strength of their friendships it serves to round out their characters, making them feel like real women with complex relationships Damien and Mary heat up the pages with their uninhibited sexuality Damien s surprise to Mary s lack of clinginess or pursuit of his person is priceless How often does a hero become irritated and demand in a relationship The romance, especially Damien s courtship of Mary, is very sweet Lush may have had an unnecessary sexy scene or two in the middle of the story, but other readers may not share this opinion The pacing is steady, with a straightforward plot Mary is a confident businesswoman and definitely not bashful in the bedroom, which are rewarding characteristics in a heroine Despite Damien s dazzling career in the limelight, Ms Dane develops a hero with strong family ties In fact, both characters have strong, stable families The meetings of the mothers make for humorous situations Overall, while not complex, Lush delivers humor, romance, and plenty of steam It s perfect for readers who need a break from melodrama, angst, or emotional roller coaster rides ARC courtesy of Berkley via Netgalley 3 stars Contemporary Erotic RomanceNot my favorite from Ms Dane, but overall it s a pretty good, uncomplicated, albeit a tad slow, erotic romance I think I might have enjoyed it if I d read the previous Delicious books first, and it was nice to revisit some of the Brown Siblings.But this book will always be unforgettable and forever thought of as Gush for me because my water broke while reading it It s apropos, I guess, that I would go into labor reading a romance novel