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~FREE DOWNLOAD ♠ The Bluest Eyes in Texas (Lone Star Cowboys #3) ♞ Bull Rider Cooper Saunders Has A Shot At The PBR Championship Until A Bull Not Only Shatters His Body And Puts Him In Danger Of Never Walking Again, But It Also Tramples His Spirit Cooper Is Ready To Give Up On Life, Not Wanting To Be A Burden On Others, Until His Neighbors In Morris Springs, Texas, Show Him How Much He Has To Live ForPhysical Therapist Nancy Phillips Is Not About To Let Cooper Give Up, Not After She Worked So Hard To Get Him Back In Shape For The Finals Now She Must Not Only Help Him Find The Will To Live, But Also Give Him The Motivation To Get Out Of That Wheelchair With The Help Of Newly Orphaned Becky McCallum And Nancy S Friends In Morris Springs, Nancy Shows Cooper How Much He Still Has To Offer, To His Family, The Community, And To Her While this book would work for a standalone, the series is too good not to start at the beginning For fans of the series, it is Nancy s turn Right after Nancy decides to go into physical therapy, a local rodeo hero is seriously injured just before his last run at the National Rodeo finals Their developing relationship is the core of the story but as part of the Lone Star Cowboys series we get time with all the regulars Their story focuses on rebuilding and building anew rather than the suspense of earlier stories but it is just as awesome Tori Scott has a great way with characters. The Bluest Eyes in Texas by Tori Scott is the third book to take place in Morris Springs, Texas I enjoyed it just as much as the first two books While again you are able to be kept up to date with the couples from the first two books, it is not necessary to have read them to enjoy this one This is the story of Nancy, a physical therapist, and Cooper, an injured bull rider Living in a small town myself, I found it to be a realistic portrayal of how small rural communities can look out and help one another The development of the relationship between Nancy and Cooper is just wonderful written, from her hesitation to his need to prove to himself that he s still a man The romance element was right on the money for me, as well as seeing how the characters overcame the obstacles that life had thrown their way When a child is included who needs Nancy s help and love too, you have one fabulous read. This being the third book in the Lone Star Cowboys series author Tori Scott has written yet another winner I just fell right back into the world of Morris Springs as I read, It carries that same goodness quality, small community, good people, real life vibe Throughout the story so much happens and in turn the author takes us through all the emotional states good bad ugly This is a story about picking yourself back up when life knocks you down reaching out for what you want no matter how scared you are to take that leap and to love those in your life with everything your worth This book will make you laugh, cry, stomp your foot for hard headed cowboys and leave you wanting Tori Scott has a special ability to give life to her words and makes you feel the stories she writes I absolutely love her books and recommend her with high regard. 4.5 starsThis is the third instalment of the Lone Star Cowboys series, and I think it s the best one so far I loved the characters and the story I ve liked Nancy since book 1, so I was so glad she got her own story This was a wonderfully told story and I really enjoyed it I can t wait for book 4 Tori Scott has done it again I wanted to go to bed early to catch up on some sleep, but I just couldn t put this book down Cooper is injured while working the rodeo Nancy is the lucky physical therapist who gets to help put him back together so he can finish out his last year with the rodeo Bring in six year old Becky who lost her parents in the car accident that has put her in the hospital and you have a tearjerker of a book Follow this wonderful story as Nancy works hard to help the two people she loves most, while Cooper figures out what he wants to do with the rest of his life As always Tori Scott puts you right into to her story This is the 3rd book in the Lone Star Cowboy series and can be read as a stand alone but I highly recommend reading the first two books also. Great story about a rodeo star and a physical therapist who struggle with serious injuries and come out whole Recommend highly. Tori Scott does an amazing job telling this story Cooper Saunders pro Bull rider for years and has taken numerous beatings to his body Cooper is sent to his hometown of Morris Springs for rehab and recovery Nancy if you ve read the previous books moved to town a few years ago to be closer to her college friend She s looking for a change in occupation Nancy decides she want to do physical therapy Cooper becomes one of her patients and the story progresses from there Determined to return to bull riding, Cooper is stubborn and pushing hard to be ready to finish out the season Nancy is attracted to him but tells herself he s not the man she s looking for , that he s too stubborn and focused on the rodeo to care about anything else Cooper is intrigued by the sexy red headed therapist and they work together to get him ready to ride again After being released he returns to the rodeo to finish out the season Nancy decides to go to the rodeo in Vegas with her friends and Coopers parents Determined to fight her attraction for Cooper she gives him the cold shoulder while at the rodeo and is determined to keep her distance until he is badly injured during his second ride Cooper falls into a slump and basically gives up any chance at recovering again and feels he will be a burden to his family and friends, while Nancy is determined to get him on his feet again and not giving up on him She pushes him and challenges him along the way and the sparks fly This story is an emotional ride of courage, loss, determination and love You feel the characters pains and triumphs, laugh and cry with them, and genuinely feel like part of their story The Bluest Eyes in Texas is wonderfully written and will leave you wanting There are twists and turns and heartwarming surprises as well along the way I can t wait until the next book in this series to see how these characters are moving forward in their new lives. In this book Cooper is a bull rider who is injured during competition and he has three weeks for physical therapy before he competes again Nancy is assigned to work with him full time and get him in shape Cooper talks with is parents about retiring after the championship which he was close to winning During the championship he is injured again and comes close to dying Nancy stays with him in the hospital then becomes his therapist again when he goes into rehab Nancy knows she needs someone in rehab to complete with Cooper to get him to want to walk again and she tells him that she will sleep with him when he takes his first steps She also get a little girl who was injured in a car accident and in a wheelchair So she starts working with both of them completing each against the other Both Cooper and Becky become stronger over the months of therapy Cooper decides to opens a ranch for hippo therapy and takes both Becky and Nancy to one to learn all about them Cooper learns how to walk again while there Becky becomes stronger and is able to support her back with out restraints When they return to the rehab center Nancy is in love with Cooper but doesn t know if he loves her She also finds out that she has custody of Becky Can she make room in her life for Becky and Cooper Will Cooper want her now that she has Becky I would recommend this book for everyone to read