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3.5 5 A nice short story with the main characters from the first book it branches together the first book and the start of the second book. This was a novella that came between the first and second books It also explained a little that I was slightly confused about when I read the second book before this one I like this series I will continue one with this one. #FREE BOOK Þ Payoff (Mindspace Investigations, #1.5) ì Being A Telepath, I Should Have Seen The Hell I Was Getting Myself Into I Used To Be One Of The Most Powerful Telepaths In The Guild That Was Before My Drug Addiction And Before They Kicked Me Out But I M Not A Bad Guy Now I Help The Atlanta PD Solve Murders And Even Though There Are Only A Few People I Call Friends, I D Do Most Anything To Keep Their Trust So When A Judge Asks Me To Help Investigate A Missing College Kid, I M Down For It No Questions Asked No Problem But In This Dark World, Things Are Never Easy And A Favor Is Never Just A Favor Turns Out, Politicians Don T Like Being Murder Suspects And It S Bad To Anger Someone With Power Than You I Thought I Had Nothing To Lose I Was Wrong Includes A Preview Of Alex Hughes S Sharp Now I have to catch up with this series Pretty good series about a high powered telepath and recovering addict who works for the police and is or less trying to stay clean. I probably shouldn t have rushed through this or read it when I was so tired I don t actually recall much I did enjoy it and liked that we learned how Adam pissed off granny, but meh. I enjoyed this novella, which had a good plot with resolution, and I think fans of the main character will also enjoy the story It s not critical to read it in the series order. 3.5 audio I forgot how obnoxious people around Adam are Every single one of them I don t get what he sees in Cherubino, she is so ungrateful one needs to think of a new term for it The way people act around him makes this a bit depressing to read.I get he made mistakes in the past, but give a guy a break A judge is sort of blackmailing him to find his grandson or he will rethink Adam s own sentence Adam has a huge problem his telepathy seems to be gone There is a pretty good twist I did not expect in the end.This time people say his name than once though.I am probably going to read the next book in the series, but I wish Cherubino wouldn t be in it It s still a promising and interesting world. This is a novella set shortly after the events of the previous book where the hero is suffering what he fears will be the permanent loss of his abilities.He investigates the disappearance and murder of a young college student and is basically thrown into it on his own as his partner is take elsewhere on other work Without his abilities, he s forced to rely on his intelligence and experience and isn t convinced of the use of either.