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Could equally honestly be titled Light and Fluffy Nothing wrong with that, though Easygoing, quirky romance harkening back to Bevarly s early work My Man Pendleton , and much improved over the eye rollingly mediocre Express Male series Part of the joy here is the setting Bevarly, who lives in Louisville, clearly loves her hometown, and serves it up like the little slice of heaven it is The only real stumbling block to enjoying this one, as I see it, is the difficulty of reading a pro Derby horse racing romance the same year as Eight Belles death. I really enjoy Elizabeth Bevarly s writing She s funny and witty I found myself laughing out loud while reading this book It s your stereo typical love story, but this story has a lot of humor. [Read] ♆ Fast & Loose (Kentucky Derby, #1) ♴ Hotshot Thoroughbred Trainer Cole Early Needs A Place To Stay During The Kentucky Derby His Only Option Is A Snug Little Bungalow Being Rented Out By Local Glass Artist Lulu Flannery And Though Her House Indulges All Of Cole S Five Senses, He Ll Have To Tame His Rowdy Charm To Coax Some Passion Out Of Lulu Reviewed by Lissa Staley Posted March 18, 2008Romance Contemporary Romance Contemporary Lulu Flannery loves living in her hometown, Louisville, especially during the weeks before the Kentucky Derby The lavish fundraising parties, the famous horse owners and trainers in town for the event all add to the excitement of the crowd as the city fills with tourists Lulu always just watches the Derby on television though, since she doesn t really care for horses She s happy to concentrate on her work as a glass artist, which keeps a roof over her head, although that roof could use new shingles A rental agent convinces Lulu to stay with a friend and rent out her bungalow for two weeks to a horse racing fan Although the money is too good to pass up, Lulu is concerned about having a stranger stay in her home, especially when she discovers who it is For Cole Early, this is the year he s going to win the Triple Crown He already has a celebrity reputation as King Cole the well dressed, handsome horse trainer, and when his horse wins the Derby in a few weeks, he will be on his way to success Cole didn t anticipate that no hotels would be available for miles around Louisville though, and he s finding the little bungalow he rented to be a bit distracting He s intrigued by his fantasies of the woman who lives here, imagining from her possessions that she s captivating, exotic and passionate When he finally meets Lulu, he s surprised by the reality, but not disappointed Lulu and Cole couldn t have less in common, except for the attraction developing between them This novel takes the actual Derby house rentals in Louisville and imagines a fabulous romance developing from the situation The writing captures the spirit of the Kentucky Derby, although actual scenes featuring horses are minimal The author s note at the end clarified which tourist attractions are fictitious or based on actual locations, which readers appreciate when learning about a new locale through fiction With well developed, entertaining characters and humorous dialogue, FAST AND LOOSE will keep you reading until the end of the race. More like a 2.5, but I cannot put it at 3It was obviously a light and fluffy read, with nice things and some others not so nice.I thought the main love story not really realistic and neither of the main characters seemed real The heroine is an artist, who s been repressing her spontaneous and fun side all her life, but we never get any clue WHY Of course, when all of a sudden she decides to change her mind, it did not come as a shock as it only seemed dumb before The hero had nothing really special, except for me a very crappy taste in terms of clothing the purple suit is a definite no to my fashion statement.The heroine s friend, who seemed a real opportunistic gold digger, finally turned to be the most interesting character But her lover is almost a carpet to her, so I had trouble believing in their HEA. Good, fast read Cole is a horse trainer in Louisville for the Derby and rents a house He is intrigued by the person who owns the house and begins learning about her by snooping He learns that Lulu is the one who own the house and hires her to be his buffer against the pretty trainer hangers who are after him just because of his money Lulu accepts the offer so she can redo her roof When Cole picks Lulu up for a dinner, he is blown away by her and quickly falls for her Lulu takes some time to realize that her true self is the artist side of her and not the cautious side she has been showing everyone for so long Cole buys horse land in KY so he can be near Lulu glass artist and she agrees to live with him for the other half of the year in CA Side stories Lulu s best friend Bree allows herself to fall for Rufus true love instead of a rich guy who can afford to pay for her mother s nursing home bills. Set around the Kentucky Derby, this book is the best of the trilogy Bevarly puts at the race It s not, as I assumed, a series This book has glass artist Lulu Flannery offering up her house sort of a vrbo But she doesn t know it s to playboy Cole Early Though she s wickedly attracted to the man, she is worried about his house I had several issues with this book Like, if Cole was so certain his horse was going to the Derby, why didn t he get a place earlier And, why did Bevarly make him such an alpha male in a book written in the late aughts And why, as in the other books, did she make the B plot the interesting one In this book, it s Lulu s friend Bree, an admitted fortune hunger who ends up falling in love with her friend Rufus, a man who has no aspirations above being a bartender. I know this book is first in series, and I gave it a little bit of leadway However, I could not wait to finish this book Not because I was wrapped up in it so bad I couldn t wait to see what happens next but because I couldn t wait for it to end I have a very firm finish what you started rule 98% I find I like the book a whole lot better because I saw it through to the end Not with Ivanhoe and not with this one I m a Kentuckian I know Louisville One the surface I should have loved this book But I only liked the surface of it It liked a lot of depth and heart I was so disappointed. Fabulous Great H H, sensual exciting sex, and sensitive relationship growth.Against a backdrop of the beauty and pageantry of the Kentucky Derby, Elizabeth Bevarly has penned a run away winner.Lulu agreed to rent out her small, comfortable house for two weeks during the Derby Lulu is a quiet, publicity shy artist who saves all her passion for her blown glass creations.Cole is a horse trainer whose luck has been golden during the last several years Now he s the media sensation King Cole and spends as much time on during racing season as his beloved thoroughbreds He becomes fascinated with the mysterious, enticing, anonymous woman who lives in the house he s rented for the Derby.These two are clearly all wrong for each other So when Cole needs a buffer girlfriend, he chooses Lulu, who clearly doesn t long for his fame, riches, or body But the time they spend together, the he realizes that maybe, just maybe, his lucky streak will reward him with the ultimate prizeLulu.After reading this book, I want to go to the races I want to find a man who sees that beauty is enhanced by what s inside a womana man willing to take the time to draw out the inner passions that translate to sensual excitement A winner all the way around. Cole Early is a very successful Thoroughbred trainer and his horse, Silk Purse, has a chance to race in the Kentucky Derby But when Cole tries to get a hotel in Louisville, there s nothing open so he ends up renting a house Lulu s house She s a local glass artist who needs the money so she let her friend Eddie rent out her place for two weeks but quickly begins to worry What if the person renting is someone like that rowdy King Cole person who keeps popping up in all the places she seems to be A guy like that could really mess with a girl s feng shui But Cole isn t really interested in Lulu s house He s interested in her, specially after he discovers she s the mysterious woman whose house is filled with such sensual indulgences What s a guy gotta do to bring the passion out of the self possessed Miss Flannery This was a fun, light read The chemistry between Lulu and Cole was hot and the secondary story with Bree and Rufus was wonderful too Bevarly s writing is funny and quirky and Fast Loose is fresh and delightful.