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!Download Pdf ⚖ F9 ♿ The Rate Of Violent Crime Is On The Rise, And Nowhere Is This Evident Than In The State Of Colorado Amazing Grace, How Sweet The Sound, That Saved A Wretch Like MeIt S Called Acute High Altitude Neuropathic Dissociation Or, Commonly, Mile High Syndrome And Dr Ellis Randall Harding, A Neurologist, Is Determined To Understand Why For Him, It S Personal He Was There On September Th,When A Gunman Walked Into The Library And Started Shooting I Once Was Lost, But Now I M Found The Answer Is Locked Inside The Mind Of A Monster Who Shot And Killed Nine People InThe Problem Is He S In A Vegetative State And Incapable Of Communicating With Anyone, Except For Dr Harding, Who Has Figured Out How To Utilize Medical Imaging Technology To Amplify And Interpret The Killer S Brain Activity Was Blind But Now I See But As Dr Harding Learns, There Are Some Things That Mankind Was Never Meant To Understand Chief Among Them, The True Nature Of Evil Well written, pacing was brisk and propelled you along The scene in the library was particularly well done A clever idea that hinted at an even bigger story but it just missed the mark for me I didn t get into any of the characters to the point where I cared about them Opinions differ and Mr McBride is a very talented writer, but this one lacked the emotional impact of other works of his that I have read, particularly Snowblind, which I thought was marvelous.Just as others have stated, I figured out the ending about halfway through also, which didn t help. 3.5 stars I enjoyed this techno mystery serial killer scientific story It got a bit too heavy on the science side for my liking On the other hand, the tension built up quite nicely and I was surprised at the turns taken by this story.All in all, a quick, fun, good read Recommended F9 is a novella that really packs an emotional punch It takes science and mixes it with just the right amount of speculation, giving us reasons to pause and consider the implications unveiled.Some of thetechnical parts had me re reading several sections, but I quickly latched on and found the science behind it absolutely fascinating Once I was there, I couldn t detach myself from the words unfolding before me Michael McBride is an absolute genius in bringing us this novella that will have readers looking at these seemingly senseless acts of violence and wondering, what if Highly recommended Dr Harding has been personally touched by the increasing rate of violence in society and wants to find out why this is occurring He wishes to interview one of the first mass murderers, however the man responsible for 9 peoples deaths in 1968 is in a vegetative state With the use of medical technology, Dr Harding is able to communicate with him and attempts to obtain the answers he so desperately wants Will he regret asking those questions I ve read one of Mr McBride s stories before, Remains, and was really impressed with his fusion of science and horror in the novella This same seamless fusion is evident in this read, the technology is a bit mind boggling but it s obvious that a huge amount of research has gone into this book I would agree with some of the other reviews that state the ending was predictable, however the way it was delivered was fantastic The ending is something I m still pondering over, a good sign that this read has got under my skin Recommended. Review of F9 by Michael McBride5 starsMichael McBride is a very special author, with a wildly creative imaginative gift I m so thankful as a reader that I ve discovered his works F9, his newest novella, is an electrifying psychological suspense story, with plenty of violence for the splatterpunk aficionados, coupled with high intellectual science and wonderfully depicted character motivation He even edges the story with almost speculative fiction, in terms of the premise and its outworkings F9 literally kept me on the edge of my seat, as I raced through it in one short sitting, eager to turn the page and learnAt the conclusion, I felt deeply emotionally and psychologically satisfied F9 is the story of Dr Harding, who discovers the Mile High Syndrome a steady and astoundingly terrifying increase in violent crime specifically mass murders, or multiple murders committed at one time in one setting on Colorado s Front Range His search for environmental factors and genetic mutations leads him to study neurophysiology and neuropsychology, even to the point of examining an early killer s brain. McBride A Fast read Excellent this was a really good book, however that said, it was darn scary read it, you ll see This mini hardcover is copy 17 of 100 printed and is signed by Michael McBride. My second Michael McBride read, and though I did not enjoy it as much as Snowblind, I did get quite the kick out of a scientist s efforts to find the reason behind a spate of mass murders in one particular region of the world The idea was excellent with the early scene featuring a young Harding struggling to survive a mass murder at his University particularly effective but the execution was somewhat lacking For example view spoiler suddenly shifting perspectives and being thrust into the narrative via use of the second person perspective in what was labelled the epilogue but still housed the main twist the story was built on, felt clunky and ill advised hide spoiler