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( Read Ebook ) à Frayed (Connections, #4) æ The Connections Series Continues With This Spin Off NovelHe Didn T Think, He Didn T Question He Just ActedWhat She Wanted, She Took Without RegardIt Was Only One Night, But It Changed EverythingAfter Losing His Fianc E, Ben Covington Is Unsure He Ll Ever Love Again But When He Sees Bell Wilde, He S So Deeply Drawn To Her, That He S Thrown For A Loop Maybe It S Purely Sexual Chemistry That S Igniting This Spark Between Themor Maybe It S His Second Chance At LoveBell Has Just Gotten Her Life Back On Track And May Not Be Up For The Challenge Of Ben Covington But Once They Re Reunited, There S No Holding Back Even If A Secret From Bell S Past Just Might Shatter Them Both 5 Frayed Stars Review to come during blog tour I will say this This was one hell of a ride on the Ben and Bell Train and I LOVED every minute of it It is true, I was not a fan Of Ben s after River and Dahlia s story I mean come on he created a sin in my book He cheated Simple as that I am not a fan of cheaters at ALL When I read Blurred I changed my tune about Ben and Bell I got the WHOLE picture I FINALLY Understood EVERYTHING I then became a fan of Ben s BUT he still had some way to go to get back into my good graces Did he succeed YES he did Did Bell Succeed in receiving my forgiveness for her actions YES she did.Ben and Bell spend one night together YEARS ago They never really knew much about the other person, or their lives and they NEVER knew they would be seeing each other again in the future.One thing was true Bell KNEW Ben had a girlfriend, and that did not stop her from pursuing him and ultimately getting him to cheat This known fact also had me very hesitant about Bell Could she redeem herself in my eyes I was not so sure she could.Years later Ben Bell run into each other and one thing for sure is the connection between the two of them can not be denied As much as Bell does not want to get involved with Ben because of family there is no denying their connection She hides their relationship from her family, because she has her secret and she does not want her family to disclose it or to tell Ben about it She wants to do that in her own time, when the time is right Lies, half truths, what he doesn t know What I m afraid to tell him not only because I have no idea how he ll react but because reliving our past is just too painful It s the very reason this, him and me, can never work Can Bell work through the past and reveal all to Ben Will Ben understand or will he walk away forever Watching these two come together after all these years, work through the situation they had themselves in and be able to move forward and have a relationship was amazing I was not so sure how I was going to feel about them together after everything that happened, BUT in the end I am happy to say I am a fan of BOTH Ben Bell.Redemption, Second chances, I love them and Kim brought both with Ben Bell I m looking forward to the next book Flawed and getting Caleb s Story For the love of reading Please do NOT center this novel around Bell Ben Having these two end up together would, in effect, ruin this series for me After suffering from Ben overload in Book 2, I wouldn t mind if we never heard from him again. Seriously, how awkward would family dinners be ARC provided by author publisher in exchange for honest review 5 Rosebud StarsI don t even have to see those otherworldly emerald eyes to know its her, I can tell by the way she moves She s S belle Wilde We shared only one unbelievable night together, but it s seared in my mind foreverExposed Raw Vulnerable These three words could simply define BEN CONVINGTON In Blurred, we got a taste of what lies behind the eyes of Ben Simply, he was a lost man trying to find himself A man searching for redemption, forgiveness, love, and happiness The once blurred life of Ben Convington begins a new journey where the past and present are no longer blurred but begins anew The journey of redemption and love may not be perfect The edges of the heart may be FRAYED but it still beats like any other love It is strong, meaningful, and true No love is perfect and so begins the tale where Ben Convington and Bell Wilde as they rediscover and rekindle a romance that cannot be burned or forgotten It is a love that withstood the testament of time, lies, and secrets A love like no other A love and life that s full of second chances A love that is FRAYED but in the eyes of Ben and Bell, it is their perfect kind of love ONE NIGHT of passion and lust was all it took to change and alter the lives of Ben Convington and Bell Wilde One night that will forever be ingrained in their heart and mind A night where a red haired beauty with emerald eyes stole the heart of one naive and lost surfer boy A night that cannot be forgotten A night that will be traced back to the present where the lines are no longer blurred but frayedLies, half truths, what he doesn t know What I m afraid to tell him not only because I have no idea how he ll react but because reliving our past is just too painful It s the very reason this, him and me, can never workBen is a man who has experienced it all from love and happiness to hate, disgust, sadness, anger, and loneliness in a blink of an eye A man who had his life stolen and is finally getting that second chance to get it right They say the beauty of life is that it always offers you a second chance It is called Tomorrow Well for Ben Convington, his fresh start finally came when he no longer looked back at his once blurred life but finally accepted the truth The truth of the matter, Ben is a man seeking redemption and he finally earned it in the eyes of the people who truly loved him from his sister, nephew, brother in law, and his best friend, Caleb And of course, Dahlia London It is said sometimes second chances works out better than the first because you already learned from your mistakes And so, begins the tale of Ben trying to grasp and hold onto that second chance His second chance with Bell Wilde Regardless of the space, distance and time, Bell could not escape from Ben The memory from that one night of passion that happened years ago was forever burned into her heart and mind When Bell and Ben are thrown back into each others life, the passion they once had still burned bright It was a chemistry and bond that could not be extinguished or explained Her heart only spoke one name, Ben He completely owned her from the moment she laid eyes on him For so long, Ben thought he belonged to Dahlia but it took him some time to see it was not true love And his true love was the emerald eye beauty His S belle His Rosebud His Bell.So I make sure he sees nothing but absolute certainty in my eyes And then just like that, he grabs my face Our mouths meet, our tongues collide, and we breathe each other in We kiss with a hunger that I m almost certain can never be satisfied Time slips away as our hands move freely roaming over each other in ways they shouldn t in a public place With my heart thundering in my ears, my pulse racing, and my breathing out of control, I never want this moment to endBell and Ben s relationship is a kind of love that has no words A love that cannot be explained but felt A love that is raw, passionate and vulnerable A love that is REAL Years of pain, heartbreak, loss, and floating by, Bell and Ben were two lost ships fated to meet again Two people finding their way back home And most importantly, finding their way back to each other s heart If I were to describe Ben and Bell s relationship, this Chinese proverb comes into my mindAn invisible red thread connects those who are destined to meet regardless of time, place or circumstance The thread may stretch or tangle but it will never breakFrayed by Kim Karr is by far my favorite book of the Connection Series along with Blurred This book had all the elements of what I LOVE in a book It had redemption, second chances, and love I will say Ben Convington captured my heart TeamBen The emotional tale of Ben finding his way, admitting his faults and seeking redemption is a true testament of why I love him I have always been a big fan of characters who have been overlooked and overshadowed and so I was beyond happy that Ben and Bell finally got their spot to shine and get their story told Their romantic tale may not be a fairy tale but that s what makes their emotional journey as couple so special It was raw, realistic, and vulnerable Life is not perfect The truth hurts And so Ben and Bell had to work hard to get their HEA And the emotional growth of these characters was what truly captured my heart Ms Karr did an amazing job in showcasing the struggles, inner turmoils and emotional journey that Ben and Bell had to endured Their journey to the HEA truly showcased what true love is It was about acceptance, forgiveness, and respect Ben and Bell were connected from the beginning A connection that was torn from secrets and lies but kept them dazed. Fast forward to years later, it was a love that was destined and meant to be mended. A love where the past, present and future were blurred. But one thing is for certain, it was a bond that was frayed along the edges but what really mattered was that bond was whole and intact A love that is flawed , raw and true A love that can only be perfected by Ben and Bell And that is all that matters So if you are looking for a book that makes you believe in second chances in life and love and redemption, then I highly suggest you go read Frayed Ms Karr did an amazing job incorporating crucial past events and was able to weave them into the present She reminded us all to not judge a book by its cover Ben and Bell deserved to have their story told Mistake were made Secrets and lies were exposed Redemption and forgiveness earned And love was found And lastly, I want to thank Ms Karr for showing us thats its okay if life gets blurry and a little frayed The important thing is that you survive and overcome all the odds that stood in your way And Ben and Bell did just that They survived a love that was frayed along the edges.Kim Karr