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Jordon Redwood is one awesome suspense author I love this series and what an awesome series in this Bloodline Trilogy I love the creative characters, and even though I ve never had a job dealing with anything medical, I love medical suspense And Jordon Redwood did an fantastic job of so vividly describing the medical scenes and issues throughout this book And the suspense Wow There are so many twists and turns you will not put this book down until you finish the last page, because you will just have to find out who did what I loved it If you enjoy fast pace suspense thrillers, this is a must for you I received this book from the publisher Kregel to read and review I was not required to write a positive review The opinions I have expressed are my own I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission s 16 CFR, Part 55. From the first chapter, I did not want to put Peril down Did Not And I was forced totimes than naught Let me tell you, it s no fun leaving your lunch break to head back to something so mundane as work when the main character is dangling out the side of a building literally I m one of those suspense readers that wants to be freaked out If I m going to read a genre that I don t normally consume on a daily basis, I kind of want to be jittery on the edge of my seat or under the covers for what happens next I probably should read the book back through slower this time since the first time I was speed reading to find out what would happen next.At first I wasn t really sure about the many story lines I wasn t sure when we d get back to that murderer and giving him his dues, but I being the faithful reader than I am, kept going and have to say that ending is totally worth it I certainly would not recommend reading this book during any kind of deadline, it s not good for the health and sanity of the person holding the deadline over your head wink The characters are great and the storyline even better The writing is only getting tighter with each new title 100% recommended.This review is my honest opinion Thanks to the publishers for my copy to review. [Download Epub] ☢ Peril (Bloodline Trilogy #3) ♂ Dr Thomas Reeves Is At The Pinnacle Of His Career The Department Of Defense Has Awarded Him A Lucrative Contract For His New Research Into Superior Autobiographical Memory, Which Promises The Ability To Create Combat Troops Able To Quickly Learn Complex Battle Plans And Enact Them Perfectly Under The Most Demanding Battlefield ScenariosAn Elite Unit Has Received Neural Grafts From Fetal Cadavers Of Genetically Altered Brain Cells With Enhanced NMDA Receptors The Results Are Remarkable Until The Recipients Begin Suffering Hallucinations, Nightmares, Paralysis, And Death Dr Reeves Searches For Answers, But DOD Insiders Want Him To Stop The SearchThe Situation Becomes Public When Pediatric ICU Nurse Morgan Adams, Dr Reeves S Daughter, Is Taken Hostage By Three Research Subjects In An Attempt To Force Dr Reeves Into Disclosing Why They Are Sick If Answers Aren T Revealed Within Twenty Four Hours, Patients In The Pediatric ICU Will Be KilledThis Spine Tingling Conclusion To The Bloodline Trilogy Raises Spiritual And Ethical Dilemmas Torn Directly Out Of Today S Headlines When Does Life Begin How Far Does Commitment To Family Go And Can The Sins Of The Father Ever Be Forgiven Can I say, Bravo I haven t given a book 5 stars in a while There have been many books I liked a lot, but I try to save 5 star ratings for the exceptional ones The books that really make an impression Jordyn Redwood s Peril did that for me.She s written two very good books to precede Peril in the Bloodlines Trilogy, Proof and Poison They were very enjoyable medical thrillers that kept a great pace and made for intriguing reads These books were quite good in their own right Peril takes it to a whole new level The pacing is frantic, without sacrificing heart and characterization The twists keep coming again and again Each time I thought it couldn t get worse for the heroes, Jordyn was happy to keep turning the screw on them The obstacles were realistic I m in medicine as Jordyn is, and she does a great job with using both medical and non medical complications to up the stakes Her writing has gotten stronger with each book Peril became that page turner that I hated to put down I carpool to work and wanted my colleague to drive around the block a few times this morning so I could finish I was that hooked.There arelayers to appreciate if you ve read the first two books like I have, but Peril would stand on its own quite well without that I d recommend the whole Bloodline trilogy for the full experience, but Peril stands out and establishes Jordyn as a talent to watch in suspense from now on. Peril is the third book in Jordyn Redwood s trilogy If you haven t read Proof and Poison, you re missing out I loved seeing Keelyn and Lee, and Nathan and Lilly as reoccurring characters from the other two books Even though we ve seen them before, all three books can be read as stand alones.Jordyn Redwood has moved to the top of my suspense author list Her suspense with twists, turns, and ups and downs takes you on a dizzying roller coaster ride that has you begging forscreams Peds nurse Morgan Adams loses a baby daughter, and gains a rocky relationship with her husband She s got kidney disease and when her dad is tested to be a possible matchguess whathe s not the daddy Then her mom points her to her real dadthe mad scientist What else can go wrongwell she winds up as a hostage.Mix Jordyn Redwood s perfect medical knowledge with a plot that haslayers than a Baklava, and you ve got a sweet treat How do you do it, Jordyn Confessing my sin Envy over your ability to hold people on the edge of their seats without letting them fall off Five thumbs firmly up on this adrenalin inducing novel, the third in the Bloodlines Trilogy.While carrying their baby, Morgan Adams contracted HELLP, a late pregnancy deadly disease that destroys the kidneys Now she needs a transplant and has to have dialysis every other day She continues to work as a pediatrics nurse because they need the money To make matters much, much worse, she battles grief and guilt over the death of their precious baby girl.Her husband is transplant surgeon Dr Tyler Adams, anxious over his wife s debilitating depression, is also wondering if he and his boss, Dr Thomas Reeves, should abandon the contract they have with the army to create infallible memories in their men, because other memories begin to plague their patients. With a stellar cast of characters many from her previous books in the bloodline trilogy , Redwood delivers a high impact and emotional story The subject matter is deep and raises some interesting questions, but like her other books, she handles it with just the right blend of wit and dark humor Buckle up From page one, Redwood gripped me by the throat and took me on a thrill ride that twisted, turned, and corkscrewed before bringing me to a satisfying end Her expertise in the medical field gives authenticity to the read and kept me intrigued and engrossed If you enjoy fast paced suspense, characters that you can identify with, and a rising body count, Peril is a perfect read for you While you will want to read her first two books in the trilogy Proof and Poison , Peril can be read as a standalone without any confusion I can t wait to read what she comes up with next. In Peril, the final book of her Bloodline Trilogy, author Jordyn Redwood crafts a medical thriller that brings together the characters of the previous books in a riveting story of suspense Pediatric nurse Morgan Adams has lost her will to live as she grieves the loss of her infant daughter and battles kidney disease Betrayed by her mother and unable to reconnect with her husband, Morgan s faith crisis comes to a head when she suddenly finds herself hostage in a deadly confrontation fueled by a medical experiment gone terribly wrong Drawing on her own expertise in emergency nursing, Redwood blends the horrors of today s headlines with the darkest side of cutting edge neuroscience in this fast paced Christian thriller Hang on to your heart in this gut wrenching roller coaster ride of a thriller Pediatric ICU nurse Morgan Adams is struggling to find the will to live after the unimaginable death of her daughter Her marriage to Dr Tyler Adams seems destined to failure as they struggle with the new reality of their family s situation Tyler, in the meantime, is becoming everconcerned about the special project that he is working on for Dr Thomas Reeves Dr Reeves is conducting a lucrative research project regarding implanting neural grafts into the brains of ex military volunteers, in the quest to create combat troops with superior memory who can act in battles like a super soldier by enacting complex battle plans in any scenario However, his research project goes awry when recipients of the graft begin suffering hallucinations and losing loss of their limbs, even facing death In a desperate move to find out the truth of what they are experiencing, 3 research recipients take the Pediatric clinic and Morgan hostage, placing the lives of countless children and adults in peril.Jorydn Redwood has written a taut and absorbing read in Peril , leaving me glued to the edge of my seat as I raced to see how everything would resolve Her pacing is spot on, and scenes flowed effortlessly from one to the next as the readers are led ever closer to the gripping conclusion I greatly enjoyed getting to know the new and old characters in this book, and I thought they were created with realism as they leaped off of the page Ethical questions are expertly explored in the all too frightening scenario presented in the pages of this book, and by the end of the novel I found myself hoping that, in real life, similar research projects are not underway Jordyn Redwood has proven that she is an author to keep an eye on, both with Peril and with the prior books in the series I greatly enjoy her writing style, and the way that she weaves suspense and unique plots together to create an absorbing read Readers who enjoyed the first two books in the Bloodline Trilogy Series are going to be pleased with this final installment with the series I know I was I highly recommend this book and award it 5 out of 5 stars.Book has been provided courtesy of the publisher and Kregel Blog Tour services, for the purposes of this unbiased review. I discovered Jordyn Redwood last year when I spied her first book in Sam s Club The cover first drew me in, then the synopsis on the back cinched it.She writes so well and I love medical thrillers However, her books aren t just medical thrillers She includes so muchThe inspiration in them is wonderful and a blessing to the reader.This one, Peril, is her best yet and boy, is it great She hits the ground running and doesn t let up until the last page There is so much intense action and heartbreak that my own heart is pounding At one scene, I felt as if someone had slammed into my chest, the shock was so great My heart was truly and literally pounding I felt like I was there Morgan Adams is a PICU nurse, an unlikely place for her since her own infant died a few months earlier Morgan feels responsible for her daughter s death, even though she s not, and quite simply has no desire to stay in this world But things around her are happening to draw her into truly wondering if this is indeed the path she wants to tread down.Murders, underhanded medical experiments, life altering operations, horrible results fill this book Redwood causes the reader to think and dig deep into their own emotions.The reader feels Morgan s pain, her hearbreak, her despair But underneath it all is the grace of God extending toward her, loving her, holding her even as she fights against a loving God.An aside here I was going through a personal issue in my own Christian walk and in one paragraph the author reminded me that God is indeed in control and I can surrender anything to His loving hands Precious.Don t make the mistake of not reading this book In fact, don t make the mistake of reading the two previous books in this series, Poison and Proof.This reader will always grab a Jordyn Redwood book off the shelf, not even reading the synopsis Her name on the book is enough to make that decision.