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This book helped me understand simple financial concepts that I struggled to understand for years It is a great reference point for various age groups who wish to develop and intensify their understanding of personal finance It definitely helped me realize the errors I kept making over time which impacted my budget negatively or prevented my financial growth The principles presented in the book are simple and easy to apply in our daily lives What impressed me the most was the absence of financial jargon or difficult to comprehend concepts which are presented in other financial books which bringconfusion rather than clarity.It has changed my perspective from someone who felt unable to control my finances to someone who is actively taking charge and growing financially Of course this is not a book to be read just once but rather a book which needs to be read over and over again so you can constantly keep on reminding yourself of the principles and understand the overall concept of personal finance. 2.5 stars This isn t a terrible book but there is better to be found My BF bought this with a copy of Adulting, based onrecommendations, as a gift for someone we know I decided to read both before giving them I definitely recommend Adulting, but not so much this book.There is good information and it is an easy read However, the author has strong biases that come through right from the beginning The book literally starts out with tips about getting married and having kids That is not everyone s pathI ll admit, I wrote in this book before giving it to the intended recipient I just could not leave some of the tips without comment For example, have a maximum of only one credit card As often as my main card has been replaced for possible fraud, this would leave me without a credit card for two weeks at a time Then he says just use a debit card Um, they don t have the same protections as a credit card, and a decent credit card will have some rewards that debit cards don t have.He also has a bias against financial advisors, thinks they are all investment managers, and that even though most are not crooks, they aren t worthwhile since a few have been That s like saying it s not worth hiring a personal trainer because that one guy didn t workThere are severalexamples of less importance, but I don t think this is a great companion to the Adulting book since that author is writing for a young audience and she herself is young andcareful to say when things might not apply, and this author makes himself sound like he s yelling get off my lawn every day. EPUB ♴ Why Didnt They Teach Me This in School? ♋ BestsellingStar Graduation Gift For Both College And High School Grads Recommended By EBay, Forbes, Lifehack, Elite Daily, Real Simple And Bustle Why Do High Schools And Colleges Require Students To Take Courses In English, Math And Science, Yet Have Absolutely No Requirements For Students To Learn About Personal Money Management Why Didn T They Teach Me This In SchoolPersonal Money Management Lessons To Live By Was Initially Developed By The Author To Pass On To His Five Children As They Entered Adulthood As It Developed, The Author Realized That Personal Money Management Skills Were Rarely Taught In High Schools, Colleges And Even In MBA Programs Unfortunately, Books On The Subject Tend To Be Complicated, Lengthy Reads The Book Includes Eight Important Lessons Focusing OnPrinciples That Will Quickly And Memorably Enhance Any Individual S Money Management Acumen Unlike Many Of The Personal Money Management Books Out There, This Book Is A Quick, Easily Digested Read That Focuses On The Qualitative Side Than The Quantitative Side Of Personal Money Management The Principles Are Not From A Text Book Rather, They Are Practical Principles Learned By The Author As He Navigated Through His Financial Life Many Are Unorthodox In Order To Be Memorable And Provoke Deeper Thought By The Reader Not Only An Excellent Graduation Gift For High School And College Students But Also A Great Read For Any Adult ALSO AVAILABLE IN SPANISH POR QUE NO ME ENSENARON ESTO EN LA ESCUELA Some very important points about discipline, decision making and managing one s finances A book that you probably need to own and refer to many times over because of the no B.S way Cary Siegel delivers the points and advice. amazing book talk about money and how to manage it and other hacks to bypass debt situation and a lot of advice to warn you about sequences of the credit card and and how to save hundreds of dollars by simple tips and his private strategy over all his years of experience in managing his own money all that in just one little book you can finish it in one or two sessions i really love the book it teach me a lot and tech what my parents didn t teach me i think everyone need this book thanks for reading I was expecting some really amazing info in this book but there wasn t anything which I didn t know before Maybe because this book was written while keeping American s spending habit in mind For someone like me, who s an Indian, the tips mentioned in the book are what we are brought up with. Lots of practical tips, tricks, and advice to help you live a financially responsible and stress free life A lot of it is basic common sense, but it helps to demystify the general principles of personal finance written out and described in a tangible way that is easy to implement It s a quick, easy read that I would recommend to anyone looking for a simple guide. I read this book a couple of months ago and I found it again in one of my folders Let me start with the good parts of this book.The structure is great, because you can just go to the table of contents and jump into one of the tips right away Thus, reading this book is freaking easy.As a result, it will take maximum 3 4 days to finish it.Now, the fucking bad parts of this book.It is awful I expectedfrom the title and the table of contents.Instead I started reading a book with many duhhh moments The opening is really bad The author assumes that we are getting married since chapter 1.Like WTF, wait a second Why do you have to dive that deep I just started reading this book Most of the people that would read this book, I assume are college students, because of the title BUT NO YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED, THUS GET A NICE NO EXPENSES WIFE The principles are fucking small Take a look at principle 83, literally 4 lines YES, 4 I found myself skimming a lot of material, which I hate doing, but I just could not help myself Really bad book 2 stars only because I liked 4 5 principles. basic but straight to the point and very practical Has a lots of tips that are, i have to say it, common sense but it s good to hear them again once in a while especially if you re trying to get out of debt That s not my case But i m no better i m a broke student While most of my highschool friends are getting a job and going on vacations, while most of my classmates are financially fully looked after by their parents, i have to be really cautious with my expenses so that they fit in my budget, put every single dollar to work and save whatever i can When i talk with my peers, i look stingy because i don t have the same lifestyle as them, i feel frustrated also so when i read this type of books, it gives me a reminder that i m doing the right thing and that i m being financially responsible I know that i can t afford to waste money and i refuse to take a loan to live a lifestyle that i can t pay for in cash Anyway, back to the book, there was lot of tips specific to the US the whole investment part, the one about credit cards, and some i know i won t use for a very long time home investment, car payments, but it s good to have heard them at least once now, it ll be useful later It felt a bit redundant on some part the ones about saving, and the ones about not buying random expensive stuff I was particularly bored when reading the part about shopping carefully because i never buy on impulse and i very seldom buy high tickets items Mostly, i loved tip 13 develop a written budget and evaluate it every month I used to do it when i first moved to uni, but then got lazy I had a negative balance earlier this year so I created a new excel sheet it gave me headaches, cold sweats and took me a week end but it was worth it By making minor changes in my habits, i was back within budget and increased my savings.One tip i never heard anywhere before was the live an emergency month every january where you act as if you have no income, leading to review your priorities I don t think i ll ever do something like that mostly because every month is an emergency month for me but that s interesting to see what other people do to stay on track My top 5 money management habits pay everything in cash or debit i m surprised anything else is even allowed in foreign countries make your budget sheet and check it either bi weekly or monthly it s hard at first, but then it takes you only a couple of minutes each month to know your financial health shopping isn t a hobby don t buy stuff to make you feel better don t buy stuff because you re bored don t fall for marketing strategies deals and bargains are never in your favor save up i do 2 types of saving long term emergency that i keep for later but would spend if there s a sudden, unexpected major problem health, car, family, and short term personal use that i have something in mind for next vacation, new laptop, car check up, learn about finance on a micro and a macro level teach yourself, don t be the puppet of anyone be knowledgeable, be responsible. Good book on financial planning Regret this information is not taught in schools as told by the author.One principle which I will implement in my life is the 30% hra mentioned It makes a lot sense A good starting place for financial literacy.