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Thin plot, shallow characters Even worse is the spanking thing Consensual play is one thing, but when a man strikes a woman, hard, because he disapproves of her behaviour, that s not hot It s assault. @FREE PDF õ Bella Rosa ⚢ This Is The CityMurder And Violence Is All In A Day S Work For Lieutenant Vincent Girardi But There Is Something About This Murder That Doesn T Add Up When A Piece Of Paper With An Address Written On It Is Found At The Crime Scene, Vince Believes That Perhaps This Victim Wasn T The Intended TargetDr Rowan Delaney Is Biding Her Time In Less Than A Week She Will Give Testimony That Will Rid Her Of A Painful Past Once And For All, And Grant Her And Her Two Children The Freedom She Has Been Seeking For Years When Lieutenant Vincent Girardi And His Partner Show Up At Her Door To Question Her About The Murdered Woman Across The Street, And Then Suggest That She May Have Been The Intended Target, She Refuses All Help Or Protection, Intending To Fulfill Her Obligation In Front Of The Grand Jury Without Interference From Anyone Including The Handsome Cop Darkening Her DoorstepBut The Lieutenant Has Other Plans He Is Convinced The Pretty Doctor Was The Intended Victim, And He Is Determined To Find Out Why, Starting With Rowan S Absentee Husband, Head Of A Notorious Drug Cartel Vince Is Determined To See The Woman And Her Children Safe Rowan Is Determined To Start Her Life Over After Her Testimony Can Vince Protect Her Without His Feelings For Her Getting In The Way And Can Rowan Accept His Care, Along With A Heavy Dose Of Hubris And Alpha Dominance, Without Losing Herself In The Process And Will Their Growing Love Be Enough To Save Them From The Evil That Will Not Take No For An Answer THIS BOOK IS A ROMANCE SUSPENSE THAT CONTAINS VIOLENCE AND EXPLICIT SEXUAL CONTENT WITHIN A LOVING RELATIONSHIP, INCLUDING DOMINATION AND THE NON CONSENSUAL SPANKING OF AN ADULT FEMALE It was an okay book, I finished reading it in 1 day To me this has the Sins Needles vibe to it then add a bit of domination and spanking.The characters were also mature, the protagonist Rowan is 39 and Vince the male lead is 46 I didn t like it as much as I was hoping tho I had a hard time connecting with the characters and the story but hey that s just me. Good book. Wow I just finished Jade Cary s Bella Rosa a suspense spanking SS it s a new genre and it was a wild ride I was sucked right in from the beginning and swept into the intrigue of Rowan, a smart and sexy surgeon, her drug cartel running ex husband, an FBI agent out for personal vengeance, and Vince, the lieutenant who tries to keep our heroine safe.The sexual tension between Rowan and Vince drives the pacing as much as the suspense thread, which is very well done Vince is all alpha bordering on macho, and the first spanking is non consensual Jade s favorite thing I think non consensual is hot, but I do get itchy with non con in modern day settings In this case, Rowan had just disobeyed Vince and taken a huge security risk, and the cop took her over his knee in anger Jade is an incredible writer, so I had already fully identified with Rowan, and Jade made the situation about as real as it could be Rowan s pride was stung by the spanking, and she was hurt and offended She slinks into her room and starts packing her bag and I was cheering for her to leave Of course, if she d left, there would be no book, and Vince wouldn t have had a chance to redeem himself, which he does, although it took me longer to forgive him than it took Rowan.Jade doesn t write spanking fiction per se, it s a suspense romance that happens to have spanking in it You don t get that feeling of the nod and the wink between author and spanko that says, I m writing this to turn you on Rather, she offers a top notch main stream feeling plot with a dominant male who happens to believe in spanking his woman For me, it made the spankings squirm worthy, embarrassing, as I empathized with the heroine and witnessed the characters having real life discussions about whether they were acceptable Still, it was clear that Rowan was turned on by Vince s dominance and the D s sex they had together was smoking hot There s a scene with a blow job and a crop that still has me droolingUltimately, though, it was the development of the full on suspense plot that had me hanging on the edge of my seat, unable to put the book down until it was over, and not even caring whether I got off Five stars for Bella Rosa ARC provided to Spanking Romance Reviews for an honest review Review c www.spankingromance.com This is a brilliant novel It s a crime thriller mixed with romance Slightly saucy in parts, but not overdone It s hard to get a clear thread of romance, sex, and suspense woven alongside violence and crime in a thriller, but Cary does this exceptionally well.I really enjoyed this book, and it had me on the edge of the seat It s paced so that there is enough space to fill in the gaps with relevant description that leads you feeling as though you re there watching the scenes unfold amongst loved friends, hoping, they all come out alive.