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~EPUB ♝ For the First Time ♣ Being A Father Shouldn T Feel This Risky There S Not A Lot Former CIA Agent Mark Sharpe Hasn T Done Yet Suddenly He S In A World Of Firsts First Time Being A Father, First Time Being Self Employed And First Time Being Attracted To His Employee JoJo Hatcher, With Her Attitude, Her Tattoos And Her Investigative Talents, Tempts Him In Ways He Can T Explain With Each Day She Becomes Irresistible How Is He Supposed To Function In This Messed Up Situation Then His Teenage Daughter, Sophie, Is Threatened There S Only One Person He Trusts To Help Him JoJo As They Work To Untangle The Mystery, Mark Imagines A Future Together That Includes Another First Family Former CIA agent Mark Sharpe is the best at what he doesjust ask him Having decided to leave the Agency in order to be a full time dad to his reluctant teenage daughter, Mark has set up as a private investigator specializing in cold cases Now, one of those cases seem to have come back to haunt him, forcing him to bite the bullet and hire on a brilliant partner who simply rubs him the wrong way.JoJo Hatcher is a non conformist If someone can t tell that from her attitude, her tattoos will leave them in no doubt She knows no amount of camouflage will work on Mark, but she finds herself oddly drawn to the idea of working with this genius of observation Can she keep her growing attraction from distracting her from her job Especially now that Mark s daughter has been threatened and he needs her so desperately.The main characters are transparent Sometimes this can be a good thing, other timesnot so much In this case it is a mixed blessing Mark s transparency worked great in the previous book, where he acted as the foil to the main character, Ben Tyler In this book, his transparency is a hindrance because there are only so many believable ways he can react to a situation, and none of them are very complimentary to him JoJo s transparency works in a way that is unexpected The reader knows that JoJo is motivated by her past, and as such will do what ever it takes to keep history from repeating itself This works because the reader does not get all of the backstory all at once, so we are kept guessing as to what really happened to her to make her the way that she is.Once again, the supporting characters save the day Greg s story is intriguing, and as we are only given a morsel of it, we find ourselves salivating forSophie is a typical teen with an atypical life We can relate to her angst, but also marvel at her strength while she deals with stuff that most adults will never even deal with.Overall, this is a good read I really enjoyed the story, but often found myself distracted by Mark being somewhat unlikable. I thought, Ok, a decent read Not great literature but a nice escape for a couple of hours Then he said I m going to take your virginity Just to help her through the trauma of her earlier life and to help her be a full person able to have relationships not with him because he doesn t have relationships because a woman in his past tricked him but she ll be better off and happier when he leaves her.Such bull hockey Why do the men in these books think they have the answer to all of women s problems Why do the women let them I don t ask why the authors continue to use this antiquated, anti female plot I do ask why we continue to read them I will say in my own defense, I didn t know about it and quit reading when I did. this is my favorite of Stephanie s books The hero and heroine are super well matched Very sexy, very emotional and very funny The hero is really delicious and the heroine is really tortured It s a win all the way around Pre order My first read by Stephanie Doyle definitely won t be my last.A kind of bad boy hero trying to clean up his act for his daughter, who s forced to live with him now that her mom s died An unconventional heroine who s smart and independent and who s determined not to show her soft underbelly And his daughter s a tough cookie who s easy to like in spite of her obvious teen ness Well written characters, a plot that kept me turning pages Will definitely look forby Ms Doyle. A story that grabbed me by the throat and hung until through the last page The hints as to who was trying to harm former CIA agent Mark s hugely talented daughter are offered throughout the story, but not in such a way that they were obvious Thus, I kept looking for other clues as I kept reading JoJo s backstory has horrifying elements and her character reflects those horrors even as she attempts to move past them She can t do that without Mark s help, but he also needs her to protect his daughter Who knew she would help him, too, in ways he never expected or thought he wanted The looming crisis occurs, but then the tension is accelerated when JoJo confronts the perpetrator and does what Mark could not A great read. Goodreads seems to have eaten review I wrote last night, but bottom line this was probably my favorite of the Tyler group books I liked a lot of things about this book, especially that Sophie never falls into cliche teenage daughter territory and does something stupid to put her in danger I liked that JoJo s past was particularly difficult and no shiny red bow of perfection was put on that at the end. Great ideas, very sweet moments but a bit too rushed at times Plus I didn t like what Jojo did in the end to prove that she had gotten over her fears Still, very nice read, loved Mark and Sophie together I liked some aspects of this story but overall, not that much, especially the romance development Probably why I mostly stay away from category stories Loved the characters Good believeable plot Nice how the author took the main characters previous troubles and used them in the story and showed how the characters changed in spite of their previous problems.