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@Download Book ð Doctor Who, The Eleventh Hour Á During , Doctor Who, The World S Longest Running Science Fiction Show, Celebrates Its Th Birthday Published To Celebrate The Doctor S Anniversary, This Book Provides A Valuable Record Of The Matt Smith Doctor, Who Arrived InAnd Is Set To Bow Out In This Year S Christmas SpecialThis First Book Devoted Solely To The Steven Moffat Matt Smith Era Is Written By Experts On The Doctor It Is Wide Ranging And Varied In Viewpoint And Explores Such Issues As The Performance Of The Doctor, The Gothic And Fairy Tale Genres, The Portrayal Of History On Screen, Gender And Sexuality, The Phenomenon Of Christmas Television, The Transatlantic Dimensions Of The Programme, Its Look And Sound, Promotional Culture And Audience Response Also Discussed Are Doctor Who Interactive Games And The Spin Off The Sarah Jane Adventures Written In Accessible Style, The Book Will Be A Valuable Contribution To The Expanding Literature On Doctor Who, For Fans, Watchers Of Sci Fi TV And Students Alike A pretty good selection of essays focusing solely on the Moffat Smith era. A celebration, yes, but not really all that critical The first couple of essays outline Matt Smith s portrayal and Steven Moffat s storytelling techniques There is a bit of critique in regards to how Moffat mess with history and uses very stereotypical caricatures for important historical figures I was mostly interested in the Amy s Boys essay as I really care about how Moffat writes women The essay really missed a great opportunity There is so so so muchto be said about gender and women in Moffat s Who Basically the author concludes with something along the lines of if you pay attention then there is a lot to criticize, but if you d rather see Amy as a strong female character then you ll be satisfied I ve readinsightful takes on gender and traditional values in Doctor Who on Tumblr I skimmed the last few essays and concluded that I probably didn t miss much If you re passionate about exploring Moffat s Doctor Who through a media studies lens then the book will be fine, but I ve read articles and blog posts that go further in depth on issues of gender, conservative values, and the differences between RTD and Moffat in other places on the internet.