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I liked this story The heroine invents herself as a party planner after all her money goes away due to lawsuits against her dad for going bust in the downturn He was accused of criminal activity but found innocent So when the fortune teller she visits sees her at a party with a handsome man, she jumps on the party planning idea The first job she gets is to plan a wake for a man who isn t dead, or dying His nephew doesn t think it s a good idea, and if it is, somebody with experience should plan it The nephew is the hero He falls hard for her She keeps reminding herself that he s temporarily in town There are a few nasty people, only one of whom seems to be redeemable It s a good read. #READ E-PUB ¸ After the Party ä You Re Cordially Invited To In Her Socialite Days, Ella Sanborn Was The Life And Soul Of Every Party Now She S On The Other Side Of The Invitation, Determined To Become New York S Premiere Events Planner If It Kills Her Which Working With Straight Laced New Client Chase Trumbull Could Well Do Chase Has Been Too Busy Saving His Family S Business To Enjoy Much Recently He Might Have Agreed To Throw A Themed Party, But That Doesn T Mean He S Off Duty Just Yet Until He Meets Ella Something About Her Tempts Him To Loosen His Tie, Take Off His Suit Jacket And Finally Have Some Fun I think what really touched me about this was Chase s protective streak Before he even realises that he s falling for Ella, he comes to her defense when faced with the stepmother from hell and almost has a coronary over the fact that the entrance to her building seems to permanently be prompted open with a brick.Chase s protectiveness stemsfrom his burgeoning feelings, and isabout caring for Ella than trying to control what she does The one time he oversteps the line hiring someone to make sure that she doesn t mess up planning his grandfather s party she puts him firmly in his place.Full review here I ve decided I like this author She tells a good story But she also does it tastefully in my opinion There s plenty if passion and sizzle for my taste, but I don t have to read all the step by step details I tremendously appreciate that The characters are great I really liked Chase and how he s giving so much back to the uncle who raised him and showing such concern for his health And Ella is a pleasure to read about as she pulls up her boot straps or in this case, her 4 inch heels and digs in to make life a success for herself She s not afraid to try something new In the end I even liked Owen, who was a bit if a bother at the beginning. Review Posted on HarlequinJunkie.comChase had a lot of things on his mind It d been just over a year since he d come from California to help his uncle Elliot to strengthen his family s struggling toy company Trumbull s Toys had always been a leader in the industry, but lately there had been leaks, and on top of that, his uncle was showing signs of a neurological condition He wasn t expecting the bombshell in the lobby to be heading up to the executive floor with him Just what he needed to be attracted to the woman planning his uncle s wake Read More A quirky start quickly develops into a believable story filled with humor, a dash of corporate intrigue, well drawn characters and a sweet romance RT Book Reviews rated 4 1 2 stars Optimism, out look and outrageously funny at times makes this a fun read. Ella is a free spirit, who has had to learn to readjust after her wealthy family is involved in a financial scandal As if that wasn t enough she also has to deal with a vindictive stepmother and stepsister Cue the Cinderella song.Whilst struggling to carve out a new career for herself she meets Chase, a handsome yet slightly grumpy young man, who has a thing about tight fitting zebra striped skirts Poor lad, must be painful.The two of them are united in their compassion and care for Uncle Elliot the confused old toy maker.What struck me most about Ella was her strength of will No matter what the obstacle she is ready to get on with it She refuses to let life or other people take her down.If she gets kicked she gets right back up again for the next round.Chase is aware of her fighting spirit and yet he still steps in automatically to protect her, even before there is any kind of relationship between them Subconsciously he is already aware that he wants her even before he has acknowledged it consciously.Together their story makes for brief sweet read.I received a copy of this book courtesy of Harlequin UK and MillsBoon.