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Another awesome book by this new author Loved how it started off in the past and then carried on into the present without seeming to be awkward.The paranormal parts were befitting to this novel and i found myself being pulled into each scene the attention to detail was very good and I liked how I was brought on a journey after all was said and done in Louisiana The continuation into New England, was right on and I loved the additional characters Especially Sterling His mannerisms and words were once again, right on I liked being brought further into a book I didn t want it to end Great Book This author is a fast fav of mine. I did not finish this I couldn t Living with a grammar Nazi has assured me I am not one but this bookegads Every other sentence started with a conjunction The narrative was all over the place, jumping from one idea to another and then back again without feeling like it completed either thought I really wanted to like this but instead, I kept having to reread sentences I didediting in my mind than I did seeing the story I loved the idea of this but not the execution so much Maybe some polishing would help Ready for a good ghost story Really great ghost story..just enough spookiness within going overboard Then, just when you think everything is going smoothly, a littleparanormal activity to even things out I really enjoyed reading this novel The paranormal aspect of this book was just perfect What I really liked though was that after all is said and done, we re taken on a journey into New England where the story continues.Excellent Read This novel was a very good read for me Loved the dialogue too The slave journal entries just felt right I really felt as if I was there, looking at things through her eyes I look forward to readingof her work. This book started off okay I liked the paranormal historical romance that was included especially about slavery But, the story had multiple endings and too many evil protagonists Toward the endit was like a bad run on sentence. Great book Five stars I love the characters that are presented in this book, and the setting of the book is really divergent It has a little bit of this and that especially the suspense Great book. Fun readAlways like a good ghost story especially one about the bayou and the characters were good Just wish there had been a proofreader involved. (EBOOK) á Echoes in the Bayou õ Located Deep In The Bayous Of Louisiana, Montieu Plantation Pulsates With Natural Beauty And The Rebellious, Raucous Spirits Of Ghosts From The Past The MomentYear Old Interior Designer, Ava Montgomery Sets Foot Onto The Montieu Plantation, Things In The Bayou Begin To Stir Including The Feelings Of The Plantation S New Owner, Best Selling Author, Magnus DuPonte He D Purchased The Plantation For He And His Fianc But When She Abruptly Broke Things Off With Him, He Decided To Stay The Isolation Of The Half Empty Mansion Is Beginning To Take Its Toll On Him, But When Ava Arrives Things Begin To Change And As The Two Unexpectedly Start To Fall In Love, The Memory Of The Plantations Bloody History, Along With Its Curse Comes Heavily Into Play Ava And Magnus Soon Discover That Both Have A Strong Connection To The Old Place But For One The Connection Is A Lot Stronger And It Is That Connection They Hope Will Uncover Secrets That Have Been Buried For Over One Hundred Twenty Years