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The book arrived in a plain brown wrapper a former grocery bag, the best kind of mailer.It was a gift from the sister in law who is usually the recipient of books I send I sat down to read it and didn t get up until I had finished it seriously.Anna Bolles, 5 years after the onset of Multiple Sclerosis has stopped her athletic life in its tracks, stops to study a photograph in an exhibition The photographer unknown to her stops to study her The rest is history Very well written history.In romance novels there are always bumps between boy meets girl and they get married Those bumps are where the artistry is displayed Anna s early refusal to acknowledge that she has feelings for Joe, her reactions to Joe s mother s behavior, her appreciation for Joe s father I won t go further , and most of all her refusal to see that the MS is not the most important part of the equation, make her part of the story engaging Joe and Anna s mother s relationship is another delightfully colorful aspect of the book In fact not only their relationship, but their own personae and those of the several other important people in the novel make the reader a silent participant in a group of people who become very human. I was sorry to finish reading this book.This is a seriously good read. A girl with M.S falls for a guy and after arguing about whether they should start a relationship they end up getting married The guy s argument was that since he used to change his grandma s soiled diapers when she became incontinent, he s ready for any M.S relapse his future wife has Yesa romantic proposal Full of cliches and themes that are often repeated in romance novels. EPUB ♷ Out of the Blue ♳ A Poignant And Provocative Romance About A Remarkable Leap Of Faith From New York Times Bestselling Author Sally Mandel Funny, Sad, Tender, And Triumphant Kristin Hannah, Author Of Fly Away And Summer IslandAnna Bolles Is A Born Athlete Whose Life Was Irrevocably Changed After A Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Five Years Ago Anna Fills Her Days With The Vibrancy Of Life In New York City, Teaching At A Private School, But Shutting The Door On Any Possible Romance Until Joe Malone Enters Her LifeA Businessman, Pilot, And Amateur Photographer, Joe Malone Has It All Except Happiness He Sees Far In Anna Than Just Her MS Diagnosis, And Takes Anna On A Roller Coaster Of Love, Hope, And Hanging On A Novel Of Soaring Spirit, Steadfast Love, And The Willingness To Reach For DreamsA Wonderful Bookfilled With Hope And Faith Luanne Rice, Author Of The Lemon Orchard Treat Yourself To OUT OF THE BLUE, A Joyful Roller Coaster Of A Story About Love And Hope And Hanging On A Wonderful Read Jennifer Crusie, Author Of Welcome To Temptation Anna Bolles used to be a superb athlete skiing, tennis, backpacking, swimming etc until MS hits her in her 20 s She s now teaching English at a private high school in NYC and living with her long divorced mom At a photo exhibit, she s entranced by a picture and then the photographer airline exec Joe Malone They share one wonderful afternoon together.Months later their paths cross again and their relationship blooms into a love affair that Anna keeps trying to deny because of her MS The relationship grows or shrinks depending on her relapses until she finally comes to terms with it after Joe s dad is killed in a small plane crash The book revolves mainly around Anna s MS problems and her point of view way too much Interesting story but too focused on MS Lots of language, some sex. God That was so beautiful, reading this book I couldn t stop crying during the last part of it It was just awesome. Sweet love story with the main character coming to terms with M.S Very good information about M.S. I read this years ago in high school and remember liking it a lotFor some reason this second reading was difficult I didn t really understand why Anna and Joe loved each other I suppose they had strong physical chemistry because many of their conversations felt flat Joe s emotionally closed off character was frustrating and I didn t feel like I got to know him Anna also annoyed me with her frequent episodes of I m thinking something but I m not going to say it I struggled with the mother going on vacation for over 2 weeks right after her daughter had returned from the hospital Very unlike the caring character Mandel had established Many sub plots were left undeveloped like why Joe and his father no longer spoke, why Celeste shut Gus out, Frank and Joe s relationship, etc Towards the end of the book, Joe and Anna go to a sushi restaurant and Anna reminisces about the time she expanded Joe s horizons by encouraging him to try sushi I didn t understand why Mandel withheld this scene from us when the book had thus far been establishing their relationship It s weird to be reading a romance novel and then have the main character reminisce about something you should have read 50 pages back Aren t we following Anna on this journey But if the book wasabout MS than anything else, Mandel did a great job presenting the disease in all of its ugly glory There s no sugar coating Anna s disability and I thought Mandel did a great job here Overall, this is a book you take with you to the beach Not for readers looking for a bitsubstance. First I thought the title was appropriate for the story because Anna suddenly found she couldn t run one day, later her attacks of MS symptoms came from Out of the Blue and she met Joe, the photographer on several occasions in New York City by chance, Out of the Blue.Anna had MS for five years when the story starts and she meets Joe I enjoyed her humor, found her stress with life from a wheel chair added to her character and not always in a positive manner and her passion for teaching is something I can understand after teaching foryears than I want to admit Although she was twenty nine in many ways she was immature and very dependent on her mother You had to love her rough talking mother that was devoted to helping her daughter and had a heart of gold Joe is a successful pilot, part owner in a family air charter service where he works to build the company into a successful charter service He finds what is missing in his life when he meets Anna and after careful consideration he makes his move to be part of her life being fully aware of the problems they will face with her MS I think he faced every one of Anna s MS problems with understanding, which made him pretty special.I don t expect characters in stories to always be strong but I do appreciate when their human short comings are presented and dealt with in a respectful manner, which was done excellently in Out of the Blue. This book was so gawd awful, I made it one chapter and one page before tossing it aside And that was FORCING myself to read it.Page 5 I set my brake in front of the photograph..knew I was going to be a while looking at it.Page 6 He grabbed the handles of my chair and pushed me.out the doors WHAT ABOUT THE BRAKE, IDIOT Page 9 I could hear Ma buzzing in my ear Whoa, there, Annie you re in deep doo doo except she wouldn t have said doo doo I suppose it s my form of rebellion I never use what I consider to be vulgar curse words, except to quote Ma Only you just quoted Ma and DIDN T use the curse word, now did you And wouldn t Ma s VOICE be buzzing in your ear, not Ma, herself Page 11 It wasn t until we d left the restaurant for the part that I got him to open up I use the term advisedly since he imparted information in such a detached manner First, you didn t use the term advisedly Second, what the HELL is advisedly , anyhow And third, YOU are imparting information in a detached manner I hated this pretentious, horribly disconnected, uninteresting and terribly written book I ve never in my LIFE stopped on page 15, completely sure that something was so bad that it didn t deserveof a chance than that But here it is The first deemed worthless within a mere dozen pages book.Do Not Bother. A Teacher with multiple schlerosis and her sassy mother live in NYC The girl falls in love with an airline businessman Very good.