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It takes a certain type of man to love a strong woman, and that s what I liked most about John His unwillingness to let go of her, and the future he saw between them They had their bumps in the road, but I always knew where he stood, and the end game he wanted The sparks that flew between them made their connection electric, but there were a few times they got burned from the intensity In my mind that s what made it real.http thetbrpile.weebly.com reviews Upon starting this book, one of my first thoughts was how refreshingly different the plot and setting seemed No standard office romance to be found here Instead you are thrown into the thrill of the fairground, one that s been taken in a rather seedy direction, and given criminals, drugs, murder and romance all in one small but mighty package.Sasha, our protagonist, is highly driven and I really like that in a lead character She s holding onto the one thing she thinks will right the wrongs in her life, determined to claw back a sense of normality, and it s this that drives the story forward For entirely different reasons, John is equally as determined He s a powerful character, whose presence leapt off the page, and because of this the pair created the perfect chemistry.Both John s and Sasha s back stories are emotional and riveting There s no way I could ve put the book down without finding out the final conclusions for all involved Rachel Brimble does a great job of keeping the sizzle running throughout the pages, giving the reader the benefit of both the male and female narrative as they struggle to keep themselves in check With everything wrapped up nicely, the ending was just what I needed and gave me that nice satisfied glow that comes with an enjoyable read review by Charlotte Foreman on behalf of BestChickLit.com #Free E-pub ⚷ What Belongs to Her ⚝ She S Ready To Take Back What S Hers Since The Moment A Local Crime Boss Claimed Ownership Of Her Family S Fairground, Sasha Todd Has Dreamed Of Righting The Wrong Now It S Time To Act, And Backing Down From The Man S Estranged Son Is Definitely Not An Option After All, Giving Up Her Legacy To Hot Blooded John Jordon Means Losing The Chance To Finally Heal The Wounds In Her Past Stopping John In His Tracks And Resisting The Sizzle Between Them Is Sasha S Best Defense But There S To Him Than She Thought, Which Changes Everything With What Matters Most At Stake, She Ll Have To Risk A Brand New Future With John, Or Walk Away From The Man Whose Heart Belongs To Her Originally reviewed at My Devastating ReadsI really enjoyed this novel Actually, that s a bit of an understatement I loved it From the opening pages right till the end, I was drawn in by the setting and the irresistible pull between the hero and heroine Both of them delighted me, and the story unravels not only their emotions for one another, but each of their pasts, the hurt they carry inside of them, and the crimes of John s father, Kyle But best of all, the novel did a wonderful job in bringing both John and Sasha closure to old hurts I was a bit surprised to find this novel was something of a romantic suspense Throughout the book, we find out the secrets that surround the fairground and Sasha, and also the parts that both Sasha s mother, and John s father played in stealing Sasha s inheritance from her Sasha s determination to get the fairground back into the hands of her family, and John s determination to ensure that no money made from illegal businesses run at the fairground remain in undeserving hands, unravel both the secrets in this novel, and propel the sizzling attraction between John and Sasha forward And oh my, but do these two sizzle From the opening the pages, the attraction is clear So is the fact that these two are somewhat at odds but both want nothing to do with Kyle and his illegal operations Both John and Sasha recognize that they can trust each other with whatever is going on, and as they learn to let down their guard, the sparks set these two aflame with desire and love for one another I loved how connected they were, how they helped one another heal old wounds and how sweetly and perfectly they fit together It left me all le sigh and that s what I love to have in romance Rachel Brimble is definitely an author I ll be readingof The wonderful writing, vivid characters and beautifully drawn emotions glittered and shone throughout the book making it a truly wonderful read.I would like to thank the author for providing me with a copy of the novel, in exchange for an honest review. REVIEW Back at Templeton CoveJohn Jordan, son of Kyle Jordan and Sasha Todd both feel that Funland, which was once owned by Sasha s family is their answer Now John has inherited it from Sasha s grandfather almost seven years ago Funland is important to both Sasha and John, only for different reasons As a reader I could almost cut the air with a knife You could sense the discord between them Sasha was her own person, not afraid to face things She had grit and strength.They would constantly mad at each other but didn t try hard to solve their differences Neither trusted the other It surprised me that there was this sexual bond between them It happened all at once You didn t know from one page to the next what was going to happen between the two.Between all the anger, Ms Brimble included a little romance, trust and talking to each other It s surprising what a little calm conversation can do Putting aside the anger and distrust, Sasha and John start to communicate.Ms Brimble s characters all have something in common They all have something that is hurting them, emotionally They seem to be leery of closeness, relationships, trust issues and ghosts in their lives.So will the two get together in their personal lives What about the Funland Will there be a compromise Ms Brimble writes such descriptions of her characters and scenes You can almost place Sasha and John at Funland battling against each other The author keeps you riveted from page one You can t help but turn those pages This book is definitely a keeper So grab a copy and follow Sasha and John in their rivalry and see what happens You won t be sorry.I was given a complimentary copy of What Belongs To Her by Rachel Brimble from Fiction Addiction Book Tours for my personal opinion No other compensation took place. Review also posted on my blog loved the plot for What Belongs to Her it felt like something a bit different than a typical romance and the book itself proved that Sasha and John were two fab characters and their stories were very entertaining.I was instantly drawn into the book the moment Sasha met John the sexual chemistry oozed off them and it was fun to read What Belongs to Her was muchthan a fun read though, as Rachel Brimble wrote a great book with high tension, emotion and a wonderful romance.From hurt to pain and anger to family loyalty and love, this book had it all The character development was brilliant and the changes in both Sasha and John throughout the book worked really well The setting of the book was great too I could just picture myself being there and if John was there, even better and this made the story muchmemorable than many others.I loved What Belongs to Her brilliant characters, a great setting and great writing made this book a must read for me I didn t want to put it down and was disappointed when it ended This was a wonderful romance book 5 5 I received a copy of this book in exchange for my honest review. This book sizzled from almost the first page as the heat ebbed and flowed between Sasha and John Funland, the fair once owned by Sasha Todd s family holds the key to her future happiness or so she thinks This is also true for John Jordan, estranged, son of Kyle Jordan who acquired the funfair from Saha s grandfather some seven years previous.Both have their reasons for keeping their cards close to their chests and this added to the tension that literally lifted off the pages Both, also had reasons to mistrust each other so constantly tried to keep their cards close to their chests and went head to head in anger but The sexual chemistry between the pair was there from their very first meeting, when John turned up at the fair unexpectedly sent by his father to take over the funfair whilst he was vacationing at Her Majesties pleasure Despite or perhaps because of the initial mistrust and stubborn anger of the pair the sexual tension fizzed and intensified with each page turn It s not difficult to see where this relationship is heading.Emotions and past history can give us tunnel vision, particularly so in this story Both Sasha and John have ghosts to exorcise and the funfair is important to them both, but for different reasons Rachel, insightfully wove love, trust, compromise and communication in amongst the anger, upset and determination to avenge the past As is often the case in real life once you get past the anger and start to communicate things are never quite as bad as they seemed.A very enjoyable book, that theI read, theI wanted to read Highly recommend to all romance readers, an author I shall be seeking out again. In this read we have Sasha who believes that the family fairground holds the key to her happiness Sasha also reckons she needs to strike when the time is hot to reclaim her families fairground back from the local crime boss Part of her master plan is to use the help of the lowlife crime boss s estranged son John So yes I am sure here is where you re going to start thinking, Ah so she gets all close and personal with the son to get the ball rolling You would be right but there is a whole other side to it She discovers that there is so muchto John that meets the eye, and soon loses her heart to him But John wants forever in a new space and Sasha is so not going to walk away from the fairground Nor is he planning on letting her hurt anyone or hide the pain she feels I loved this book, the author took me on a journey showing both characters what happiness really is and just where it is The characters of both John and Sasha were remarkable It takes a lot of courage to do exactly what you say you are going to do, and to still be standing, ready to face what ever comes around when the bomb drops Both characters keeping their plans to themselves really added to the phenomenal tension on this read.It was as if I was inside a dream where I knew exactly what who was up to, but could not do anything about it, but read to see when does who slip up and what happens to tear them apart, very gripping Hiding in the mist of all the tension of mystery and secrets being kept, there was this truly amazing romance taking flight and building to such an amazing passionate, heartfelt love it brought me to tears and tugged on each and every one of my romantic heartstrings The author gave me a valuable lesson in this read, communication is always vital in life, if you hold back all your cards in hand, you will yes be playing the game right, but when your heart starts speaking to you instead of just the cards in your hand, then it s the time to listen The cards are either to be played or thrown away, a chance is sometimes all it takes to win And most importantly, happiness is not a place, love is where ever the person who loves you for you is found, it could be in Siberia or outer space no matter, if that person is there then that is where you are meant to be 4.5 star review It s all fun and games at the funfair, till loves takes away her heart and walks out the door Since the moment a local crime boss claimed ownership of her family s fairground, Sasha Todd has dreamed of righting the wrong Now it s time to act, and backing down from the man s estranged son is definitely not an option After all, giving up her legacy to hot blooded John Jordon means losing the chance to finally heal the wounds in her past Stopping John in his tracks and resisting the sizzle between them is Sasha s best defense But there sto him than she thought, which changes everything With what matters most at stake, she ll have to risk a brand new future with John, or walk away from the man whose heart belongs to her.A copy of this book was sent to me for an honest review This is the first Rachel Brimble book I have read and I was not disappointed It was a completely different plot than most romance novels but it was so interesting, it is not just meeting and falling in love and there is no guy being a hero and rescuing the girl I love that the relationship between Sasha and John isn t perfect, it makes the novel so muchreal and helps you to really connect with the characters There was lots of suspense built up in this novel which made the plot different to other romance novels as it makes itthan just a love story We see secrets emerge surrounding the fairground that belonged to Sasha s family in the past I loved the characters and really felt like I could connect to them, Sasha is not the typical woman we find in romance novels She is a heroine that is tough and preferred to fight for what she wants Her being this way makes her so muchlikeable as she is not just a girl falling for a guy, she does not want to like John, but there is a chemistry between them that she cannot escape I loved the way Rachel developed Sasha and John throughout the book, the changes in both of them worked really well This book covered every emotion you could possibly feel and it was so so good I don t really want too give much about this book away as it was so great and I think you should just read it without knowing much about it, that s what I did and I loved it What makes this book so great is that you can actually picture yourself in the novel and as Sasha, it is just the way Rachel writes, she makes you feel so connected with the story that you feel like you are the story I will definitely be looking out forRachel Brimble novels and I would recommend them to anybody that likes a good romance with a bit of a twist. Please note that I received this book with the author s autograph and annotation amazing in a giveaway on Goodreads and would like to offer my fair review in exchange I read some of the other reviews and whatcan I say this book is great and I really, really loved it It is well written, the characters are full of life, and it has some dark moments, but when the sparks fly it oozes sex appeal Maybe I m a sucker for dark brooding men, but when John Jordon shows up at the fair that Sasha Todd works at, but hopes to buy back from the current jailed gangster owner, shivers ran down my spine the atmosphere between them is charged with eroticism, and their feelings get deeper the longer he stays in Templeton Cove.I thoroughly enjoyed reading it, and would recommend it to any adult reader that likes to lose themselves in a romantic and racy story