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This series is getting better as it goes along after my initial frustration with it and reluctance to read it as a bedtime story. #Download Epub Ç The Knights of Neustria » Team Veritas Are Back At Bletchley Park Where A Secret Message Hidden In A Shakespeare Portfolio Pulls Them Into A New Code Cracking Adventure Their Investigations Lead Them To The Writings Of Sir Francis Bacon Soon, They Uncover The History Of The Knights Of Neustria, A Brotherhood That Goes Back To The Time Of King Arthur Charged With Protecting The Secret Of The Location Of The Legendary Island Of Avalon But Are They Any Closer To Their Goal To Unravel The Secret Behind The Ancient Coded Voynich Manuscript The Stakes Are Getting Higher As Our Young Trio Chase Their Quest From Cambridge To A Terrifying Struggle Along The Currents Of The Surging River Wye Only One Step Behind Them Is The Secret Organisation Who Will Stop At Nothing To Block Them From Discovering The Truth Join The Secret Breakers Team To Crack The Code In This Highly Original Puzzle Solving Series A Da Vinci Code For Kids Another good installment I liked the advance from Elgar to King Arthur but didn t think anything was added to the character development or relationships. This book kept up with the style and mystery of the rest of the series, and Dennis keeps the adventure going without it getting clich or too predictable Another good book in this series It was an alright book There were moments when it looked like it would be better, but it never quite achieved them There was a lot going on and I m not sure I enjoyed the villain point of views I don t think it would have bothered me if that was removed At the moment, they just don t seem that fearsome The climax was a bit of a letdown too and with three books to go, I m not sure how I can maintain interest. This was okay but not brilliant The predictability is really annoying, the bad guys are still a bit understated and lame but I still have to read the next book to find out what happens Hopefully it will get better